The Dynamite Room

The Dynamite Room❴Ebook❵ ➡ The Dynamite Room Author Jason Hewitt – July 1940 Eleven year old Lydia walks through a village in rural Suffolk on a baking hot day She is wearing a gas mask The shops and houses are empty windows boarded up and sandbags green with mildew July Eleven year old Lydia walks through a village in rural Suffolk on a baking hot day She is wearing a gas mask The shops and houses are empty windows boarded up and sandbags green with mildew the village seemingly deserted Leaving it behind she strikes The Dynamite MOBI :¼ off down a country lane through the salt marshes to a large Edwardian house the house she grew up in Lydia finds it empty too the windows covered in black out blinds Her family is goneLate that night he comes a soldier gun in hand and heralding a full blown German invasion There are he explains to her certain rules she must now abide by He won't hurt Lydia but she cannot leave the houseIs he telling the truth What is he looking for Why is he so familiar And how does he already know Lydia's nameEerie thrilling and piercingly sad The Dynamite Room evokes the great tradition of war classics yet achieves a strikingly original and contemporary resonance Hypnotically compelling it explores in the most extreme of circumstances the bonds we share that make us human. the opening chapter of this book could have come from any post apocalyptic novel as an eleven year old girl wanders alone with her gas mask through a deserted town with boarded up windows wondering where everyone has gonebut this is 1940 suffolk and lydia has just run away from her temporary shelter in wales where she had been evacuated with several other children until her family could come for her bullied and homesick she decides to return to greyfriars her family home only to find the village empty the house abandoned with nowhere else to go lydia settles into the comfort of familiar surroundings convinced her mother will return for her instead in the middle of the night a wounded german soldier named heiden arrives telling her he is part of the first wave of an imminent german occupation he promises not to hurt her but he will not allow her to leave the house claiming it is for her own safety over the course of six claustrophobic days the two of them will form an uneasy alliance despite lydia's initial fear and the cracks that keep appearing in heiden's story as it becomes clear he knows about her family than he shouldit's a uietly told and subtle story that moves slowly but is nonetheless engrossing as we are taken from the present to the past and given backstory both for heiden and for lydia's family and the pivotal place where those stories overlap in the dynamite room the shelves are full of war stories that recount the effects of war on civilians on children on soldiers; books about how innocence is tarnished and idealism crushed about the things people do in war that they could never see themselves doing in ordinary times how turning away is as big a sin as participation etc all the usual themes of wartime novels particularly WWII novels but it's the writing in this book that sets it apart it's deliberate and lyrical and the unusual situation gives the story a fairytale cast as these two characters come to know each other in an ever changing dynamicstrugglepower play it's one of those haunting novels that makes for a beautiful reading experience even though the themes may be familiar and it's another exceptional debut for 2015come to my blog Lydia twelve years old runs away from the home in Wales where she was evacuated and expected to stay until the War is over Hating her treatment there she decides to walk home to Greyfriars which is located in a village in the remote English countryside Arriving home she is surprised to see her town boarded up no people at all on the streets and when she reaches her home she finds her mother gone During the night a German soldier arrives he is wounded and shows his gun to Lydian threatening to kill her if she leaves the houseThis is a very different type of WWII story a uiet one but one with a great deal of feeling An intricate balance act was reuired of the author as there are very few characters active in this novel We learn in flashbacks about the life of the German soldier what brought him here and what he hopes to accomplish Especially chilling were the times he and a few fellow soldiers spent in Denmark and is one of the reasons he arrived in this English village Lydia is a very imaginative child she does not understand the war nor does she know what happened to her mother Her brother and father are also fighting in the war Slowly the answers to all these uestions are revealed and both Lydia and the soldier begin to changeI love the way the tension in this novel slowly began to rise we could understand what each character was feeling at each moment The writing was wonderful and the plot tightly woven For those looking for a different take on this War they will not be disappointed in this one Makes very clear that war changes everything and everyone People do things they would not normally do and sometimes they just get stuck The Dynamite Room by Jason Hewitt is an historical fiction set during World War II War fiction is plentiful but this one comes at the reader from a totally different angle Lydia is an 11 year old evacuee who runs away from her caretaker and returns to her abandoned home Not long after she arrives her house is taken over by a German soldier The plot is a slow burn that is kindled with great insight into the human psyche and heart Although primarily character driven there are still mysteries to be solved Why did Lydia run away and how does she come to treat the soldier with kindness? What atrocities has this soldier faced and how has this shaped him as a man? A delicate examination of who we become during war The Dynamite Room is a thought provoking debut Special thanks to Lance from The Life of a Book Addict book club for picking this book for meNote for those of you debating between the audio or print version of the book Consider that the book is formatted into 6 lengthy chapters each covering one day The narration between Lydia and Heiden are divided only by paragraphs At times I had to back up a sentence or two to see if it were Lydia talking or Heiden recalling times with Eva Personally I found these switches between characters to be further muddled with the audio I am not sure if this was due simply to the formatting of the book the narrator's British accent or the tone of his voice I just found it easier to read the print version Wonderful to read three outstanding books in a row I loved the way this book was structured; time is layered in flashbacks between two different characters a German soldier and an English girl in the last days of WW2 It's a balancing act of desperation lies grief loss regret and guilt It shows what war can make average regular people do when they are pushed too far outside the realm of being human The narrative was thrilling scary and sad I want this author to write and soon A really great read This stunning debut novel is set during WWII and takes place during a few days during a sweltering July summer in 1940 Schoolgirl Lydia has run away from Wales where she has been evacuated and is heading back to her home in Suffolk However when she arrives it is to find that her village seems to have been abandoned the houses deserted Making it to her home Lydia finds her mother gone and an injured German soldier in her placeOver the next few days we gradually learn about Lydia’s family – her brother Alfie parents and the traumatised refugee boy Button who Lydia was entrusted to care for We also have the unfolding memories of the soldier Heider his time spent fighting in Poland and Norway why he has ended up in Lydia’s home and how he knows her name You sense from the first that unseen forces have driven these two characters together although you never feel that the situation is anything other than believable Much of this what is wonderful about this novel is the fact that things are often inferred rather than spelt out The author sets the scene wonderfully giving his readers the benefit of assuming they are with him in the story and perfectly capturing that time when the threat of invasion was very real I found the characters of both Heider and Lydia extremely sympathetic and found the novel compelling tense and extremely well written This is an engaging read from an author who has shown from his first novel that he has much to offer I look forward to reading his future work with great interestI received a copy of this book from the publisher for review Suffolk July 1940 In terms of choosing a place and time to set his debut novel Jason Hewitt is off to a scintillating start Suffolk is a county of diverse landscapes rich in myth and fascinating histories that includes a wild man green children a buried Anglo Saxon ship UFOs and an abundance of rumours concerning thwarted German landings The Second World War is of course much written about but Hewitt’s angle is well chosen for this is Britain in the early throes of war with no end in sight and without a key ally the United States to tip the balance The Channel Islands have just been occupied by the Nazis and an invasion of the British mainland seems entirely plausible even imminentIn ‘The Dynamite Room’ Hewitt tells the story of a Suffolk girl the sole occupant of a house in an isolated village who comes face to face with a Nazi soldier; the soldier takes her as his hostage Whether this tale has any basis in fact whatsoever whether it was propaganda designed to needle the conscience of our American cousins or just a product of wartime paranoia and too many pints of Adnams may never be known But that doesn’t matter because Hewitt’s version gives us a fleshed out psychological drama between two extraordinary characters Heiden the first of a German invasion party to reach dry land and Lydia 11 years old and utterly aloneBoth Lydia and Heiden are resilient in their way Both are afraid of – and dependent upon – one another The book provides an explanation of how such a meeting may’ve occurred and plays out the intriguing conseuences Domestic challenges such as trying to get the water running sharing a dinner with one’s captor or prisoner and procuring maps from hiding places are magnified into emotional battlegrounds Each character probes the other for information while trying to conceal their troubled past and the anxieties of the presentThis is WWII fiction as apocrypha and alternative reality as opposed to researched to the nth degree realism Hewitt delves into his two lead characters’ points of view in essence switching the protagonistantagonist roles Some of the flashback scenes are ambitious and perhaps uneven as a result because this writer is trying to explore human feeling in extremis Not wishing to detract from the Nazi character whose conflicting motives drive the story forward Lydia is the one who steals the show She’s vulnerable without being passive and at a precarious age where innocence is ebbing away and full maturity has yet to blossom Her thoughts and reactions are the soul of this novelIt’s interesting to note that Hewitt is an actor and playwright because his work undoubtedly has the dramatic elements of a play Claustrophobic touching character driven and told in lovely prose this novel has great crossover appeal Readers who loved ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ by John Boyne and ‘The Separation’ by Christopher Priest will have a strong affinity with ‘The Dynamite Room’ The Dynamite Room explores a huge 'what if' of the Second World War What if German soldiers had reached British shores? What if there had been an invasion? The novel begins with an 11 year old girl called Lydia making her way home to the house she grew up in in rural Suffolk after escaping from her temporary evacuee home in Wales She is shocked and scared to find the village and her house eerily empty and sets up home willing for her mother to return That evening while she is trying to sleep she hears noises downstairs and finds a wounded soldier He speaks with a German accent tells her that there is an invasion on its way and gives her a list of rules to live by she must not leave the house and she must do as he says or he will kill herAs Lydia and the soldier get used to each other's presence in the house we learn of each of their experiences during the war and the heartbreak which they are both recovering from With a sense of desperation and claustrophobia these two characters begin to interact with each other and The Dynamite Room becomes a disturbing compelling and moving story of two unlikely residents of a village houseThe Dynamite Room is a stunning debut novel It is gripping and compelling with an almost poetic touch with the garden blooms and Lydia's young innocence in stark contrast to the brutality of war and the soldier's experiences There are eual amounts of beautiful and shocking imagery as the solider almost cannot believe the sights that he has seen and been involved with His memories have a sense of detachment to them and Lydia's actions and thoughts feel very authentic of a scared 11 year old girl The pair's relationship as they prepare the house for expected guests as a result of the invasion and the complexity of everyday chores such as providing food for each other feel very genuine I have loved WWI and WWII literature since doing A Level coursework on the subject and The Dynamite Room succeeds in being a uniue take on the Second World War using rumour propaganda of Germans arriving on British shores and the little known conflict in Norway at the battle for Narvik This feels like a very well researched and accomplished novel I was gripped throughout and the final scenes had my heart pounding I hadn't had a reaction like that to the end of a book since reading ML Steadman's excelling The Light Between Oceans Ultimately The Dynamite Room explores human bonds in even the worse of situations and these are two characters that will certainly stay in my mind for a while Superb debut novel Not a conventional World War II novel but a brilliant fresh approach to the narrative of this conflict It is about the casualties of war seen through relationships How war changes people attitudes and lives Set predominately in a Suffolk house isolated due to the fear of invasion it is the story of a 12 year old hostage and a German commando Their interaction has the potential to change their lives forever However the war has already done that and it is a story of them coming to terms with this new reality Beautifully told smart dialogue and locations; through back stories we gain insights into various aspects of this time from evacuees to the Berlin home front I liked the tension built from confined locations a Berlin garret room the dynamite room and where the drama unfolds Greyfriars A joy to read tense with mystery and thrills I liked the slow reveals if the various plot lines and the generosity of the author not to hide things other than in plain sight However the plot did have a few twists and turns I didn't fully see or understand until laterOther themes I see are trying to escape and seeking forgiveness for those left behind or used to achieve that endThis would be a great book group read and is a must read for 2014 This is about how war changes people relationships lives It takes place in the sweltering days of summer and for me the story was as slow and sluggish as those summer daysWe find out about Lydia and Heiden and why they are at the house together through flashbacks I felt that some of the flashbacks were disjointed I had to double check to see if I missed somethingIt did have some good scenes but overall I just couldn't connect to the characters There was a bit emotion between them at the end of course but I didn't feel the tension or mystery that perhaps others felt I'm not sure if I would read this author againThank you to Goodreads First Reads and LittleBrown for the book in exchange for an honest review Found pace slow and i couldn't engageGreat premise for a story and flashbacks were good

The Dynamite Room MOBI í The Dynamite  MOBI :¼
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  • The Dynamite Room
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