The Life and Times of Jamie Lee Coleman

The Life and Times of Jamie Lee Coleman➸ [Reading] ➺ The Life and Times of Jamie Lee Coleman By Michael E. Glasscock III ➭ – An act of violence compelled him to leave all he’d ever known A promise to the woman he adored brought him home againWhen the elderly widow Miss Frances Washington rescued the ten year old Jamie Lee An act of violence and Times ePUB ↠ compelled him to leave all he’d ever known A promise to the woman he adored brought him home againWhen the elderly widow Miss Frances Washington rescued the ten year old Jamie Lee Coleman from his tarpaper shack in Beulah Land after the boy’s father slapped him one time too many people told her that she was too old to raise another child—especially a Coleman But under her tutelage young Jamie Lee realizes that he has a The Life PDF/EPUB or prodigious talent for performing and he takes his first steps on a journey that will lead him to perform his uniue blend of Southern music in the jazz clubs of New Orleans in the honky tonks and bars of Nashville and on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry—and countless venues beyondA remarkable guitarist singer and songwriter Jamie Lee is determined to become a star But can he escape his Coleman dependency on the bottle—especially when his climb to reach fortune Life and Times PDF/EPUB ê fame and love keeps tossing him back on the ground The Life and Times of Life and Times of Jamie PDF/EPUB or Jamie Lee Coleman is the third novel in Michael Glasscock’s four part series that vividly portrays the people and traditions of Round Rock Tennessee Though each story stands alone readers who liked Little Joe and The Trial of Dr Kate will be pleased to see some of their favorite characters in this tale. The first half of this book? FabulousThe second half? MehWritten as an autobiography from the main character the story of Jamie Lee Coleman’s childhood and the battles that came with it was intriguing Character development was spot on The story and pacing were where they needed to be Four stars for that first halfAround halfway through the story stalls There’s very little development despite events that are supposed to be huge and have a tremendous impact When Jamie faces opportunities for growth and internal battles it’s not explored and Jamie just moves on to the next stage in his career There aren’t many conseuences faced for the decisions he’s made Once he becomes successful everything simply falls into place for the next twenty five years all nice and tidy Jamie never makes a bad decision never gets knocked back down until he’s about forty five years old and suffers a major loss Loss and death are running themes in the book but the grief that comes with that isn’t really explored until that later major lossI would’ve liked to see character development for the adult version of Jamie There was too much “this is the way I said it’s going to be so deal with it” In reality that would never work in any sort of group structure much less a band full of artistsI wasn’t impressed with the ending We’re taught throughout the entire book that Jamie is someone who overcomes his troubles and the decisions made at the end completely abandon that aspectThe overall idea could work brilliantly but falls flat halfway through After a while the reader no longer cares that much about Jamie and his bit of self righteousness that he carries around with him through his life Maybe it was the first person point of view or maybe it was the preachy feel at certain parts of the book but probably it was just that this story was unrealistic but pretending to be realistic I liked Jamie Lee Coleman as a boy but I found his ability to easily leave his family and abusive father behind to become a part of another family pretty out of touch I've been a foster parent and I've worked with many kids who for various reasons are separated from their parents and they all have one thing in common they want to live with their parents The story becomes even outlandish when the boy runs away from home at 16 but is able to land a job and a guitar playing gig that leads to an amazingly successful career in the country music world Yeah Isn't that the way it always happens? All the people who made it big were musical savants and doors just opened up for them If you don't believe that then you won't believe this story either In the end I just didn't really like Jamie Lee Coleman He talked too much He wanted me to feel sorry for having bad things happen to him And he wasted too much of my time explaining how every single bit of his life played out I received this book from NetGalley for my honest review The Life and Times of Jamie Lee Coleman is a lovely rags to riches novel about the meteoric rise of Jamie Lee Coleman from his dirt poor and abusive beginnings to his incredible success as a country singer This third installment in Michael E Glasscock III's series set in Round Rock TN can be read as a standalone but fans will be delighted with a few guest appearances by characters from previous books in the seriesWritten as an autobiography in first person from Jamie Lee's perspective the novel begins in 1962 when Jamie Lee is ten years and follows him as he escapes his poverty stricken and abusive childhood through his wildly successful career It is a wonderfully heartwarming story about Jamie Lee making the most of the opportunities he has been given and his gratitude for the people who have helped him along the way While his success comes relatively easily Jamie Lee also has his share of heartache and loss and this is when the seeds sown in his dysfunctional past come back to haunt himJamie Lee is an only child whose alcoholic father regularly abuses him and his poor downtrodden mother Following a particularly bad beating Jamie Lee crosses paths with Miss Frances Washington and she uickly becomes his legal guardian Miss Frances is strict but loving and Jamie Lee flourishes both academically and musically under her careful guidance With a few notable exceptions Jamie Lee's life is mostly carefree until he is sixteen and a series of unfortunate events forces him to strike out on his own In New Orleans a fortuitous encounter sets him on his path to stardom but a personal loss and a serious accident threaten his burgeoning career He returns to Nashville where he meets the love of his life and with her by his side he finds unimaginable success as a country music star but he also suffers his share of heartbreak as wellJamie Lee is a wonderful character who never forgets his humble beginning or those who helped him on his road to stardom He has seen the devastating effects of alcohol and he refuses to let it ruin the career he has carefully nurtured Jamie Lee loves deeply but his habit of making major decisions on his own is one of his biggest downfalls in his romantic relationships He does manage to avoid many of the pitfalls that befall many musicians drugs alcohol infidelity overspending and his financial acumen provides him with an incredible fortune Jamie Lee makes wise business decisions and he eventually gives back to the local community where he was born and raisedWhile there is little external conflict in the overall storyline Jamie Lee faces his internal demons when facing personal tragedy Jamie Lee overcomes many obstacles throughout his lifetime and by his autobiography's conclusion in 2003 he has weathered the losses of many of his family members friends and mentors Just as he has recovered from a dark period in his life Jamie Lee faces his biggest challenge and while his decision is unexpected it fits his characterThe Life and Times of Jamie Lee Coleman is an engaging novel with a wonderful cast of characters The behind the scenes look at the music industry is uite interesting and never overpowers the unfolding storyline A surprising plot twist late in the story takes the novel to a shocking and poignant conclusionThe Life and Times of Jamie Lee Coleman is a superb addition to Michael E Glasscock III's Round Rock series that old and new fans do not want to miss I am very much looking forward to the next novel in this incredible series I read this as a pre pub offering on Netgallycom I had not read the others in this series so I can't compare it The first third of the story was uite gripping as we follow the hardships of the ten year old son of a brutal drunk in the mountains of East Tennessee When life takes a turn for the better and he comes under the care of a kind and educated woman all the conflict vanishes He always makes the right choice He always astonishes people with his musical talent He never suffers humiliation or defeat Even the tragedies in his life the death of someone important for example only leads to better things for him The last third of the book was padded with details that didn't advance the plot nor add anything to the story In general a disappointing conclusion to the story and my review of the book Given To Me For An Honest ReviewThis book is about a young boy named Jamie Lee Coleman After being abused one too many times by his father he is rescued by an elderly widow He is raised by her Under her care he discovers that he has a talent for performingJamie Lee begins his journey of his music to many areas He is an all round great musician and he is determined to become a star But he seems to be held back He wonders if the Coleman dependency will keep him from achieving his dreamMichael E Glasscock III did an excellent job with this book It will draw you in immediately and you will have trouble putting it down It was a great read and I highly recommend it to all I gave it 5 stars but wish I could have given it I look forward to from Michael Jamie Lee came from a very abusive background His alcoholic dad regularly beat him and his mum After a really bad beating he leaves and an old lady Miss Frances agrees to take him in and look after him despite people telling her she’s too old to take on the responsibility He does really well and enjoys his music He starts to perform and really enjoys itAt 16 he becomes a country and Western singer and enjoys the trappings of success but the demons of his childhood and past experiences come back to haunt him He tries hard to avoid many of the pitfalls that come with fame This was part of a series – but I hadn’t read the previous book Many thanks to Net Galley for the chance to read this one It felt a bit like a mix of Forrest Gump Big Fish and Coal Miner's Daughter to me The storyline was a bit over the top with so much happening to the main character before he even turned 18 And somehow Jamie Lee Coleman also seemed a bit disconnected from events A little like Forrest Gump's And that's all I have to say about that phrase In the oddest moments the author would fixate on the small details of the story; step by step how to fly a plane talking about guns in detail when it wasn't really needed to further the story And the ending was a complete letdown for me I won't spoil it but couldn't believe that was the choice of how to close the bookThe story was relatively well written but just not for me ARC provided by NetgalleyThe book had such a great start and then started to become redundant from about 65% into it the information on flying and planes seemed like unnecessary parts that were not ever relevant to the story Jamie Lee Coleman's success was great and well deserved with the support of random people he encountered from 10 years of age but as in everyone's life he suffers when those he loves die but often has another caring friend standing by to help him healWhile it was nice reading of Jamie's success in the music industry the descriptions of all his wealth and goods from the wealth started to become boring to read The beginning was filled with so many interesting characters and situations but then the end lost it's zeal You are about to read my autobiography All the characters are real events occurred as I describe them You'll learn how all these people are in due time and you'll know why I think they're such remarkable individuals Jamie Lee Coleman August 3 2003That opening kept me from reading any farther back in 2014 For two years this ARC languished in my Kindle unread Now however I'm determined to give feedback on everything on my NetGalley shelf so I was pleasantly surprised when this novel turned out to well written and engagingIn particular I liked details about the early music scene in mid 20th Century America Most of all I love the enterprising boy in a tar paper shack who uses a razor blade and a discarded home built crystal radio to hear music from local stations Jamie Lee Coleman gets five stars from me for that aloneIt sounds brutal no radio or phone in 1960s America no electricity no indoor plumbing but it's the people in Jamie's life not the impoverished circumstances that make his tale so hard to read Fiction is a great way to illuminate the miseries and injustices of this world and it's also a way we escape reality The poverty the domestic abuse the language the black teeth of this rural Tennessee family had me thinking No no I don't want to read this but this time around I persisted and the fictional world I was immersed in did become a pleasant place to be The abused boy runs away an old woman takes him in and his life takes a Dickensian twist for the better Who doesn't love a good ol' Dickensian tale of misfortune and injustice turning to good fortune through the kindness of others?Something terrible happens This is a recurring pattern throughout the novel At sixteen our hero Jamie Lee Coleman runs away again this time all the way to New Orleans The transition is so abrupt my willing suspension of disbelief the magic that pulls us into a story has me overly aware of the adult narrator What if David Copperfield were rescued from a 20th C tar paper shack in Tennessee and he's a musical prodigy but then he runs away to New Orleans and gets seduced by an older woman or two but he resists the vice of drink he makes the most of his talent and he lives the American Dream until the next tragedyThe hardest thing for me to believe but I'm not saying it didn't happen or couldn't happen back then is the premise of a young unknown jazz musician earning a hundred dollars a night at a gig in a bar back in the 1960s AND getting five and ten dollar tipsEven now in the 21st Century in the Midwest anyway a dollar in the tip jar for live music is about all one can expect How could Jamie Lee Coleman rack up 40000 in earnings in little than a year in the late 1960s without a day job? Was the music scene really like this in New Orleans back in the day? Our son Miles upright jazz bassist moved to Chicago where gigs would be numerous and would pay than the gas to drive his euipment all over town Three years later despite his talent he still needs a day job to pay the rent Maybe technology is part of the reason CDs ear buds illegal music downloads deejays and good sound systems in bars and restaurants have made live music expensive and rare Live music at a wedding costs 5000 I'm told while a deejay is still a few hundred bucks So okay I'm not going to dispute the miracle of Jamie earning 40000 playing jazz in night clubs in the 1960s New OrleansSadly Jamie's savings are wiped out in a car accident leaving Jamie with a massive hospital bill and leaving me wondering why no mention is made of uninsured motorist but the point is Jamie can lose everything than just his savings descend into depression yet pick himself up again and move onJamie's good fortune is a little mind bending even while his misfortunes are never ending It's an odd mix What makes it hard to swallow is the narrator who opens this with the announcement You are about to read my autography dated 2003 so we know we'll be following Jamie across the decades and into the next century Chapter one is set in 1962 We follow the life and times of Jamie from his humble horrific origins to his final chapterUnreliable narrator is a literary device I love but in this case it wasn't endearing The sense of detachment the distance kept me from feeling deeply the events of Jamie's life He loses his family and other loved ones whose demise is much too premature Someone always comes along to help him get his s together againDespite his rough start in life despite tragic mishaps along the way things come too easily for this hero The story arc lacks a certain tension though it did keep me turning pages Jamie often seems detached or apathetic and delinuent about repaying those who save him along the way They're always forgiving of course when he does come around and offer apologiesI love a story with a fairy tale uality if it ends well Frame story is a literary device I've never liked and this is one of the most unsatisfying I've ever seen Then again I'm notorious for my dislike of stories that don't end wellGood dialogue solid writing skills great historical detail on the bright side I do not wish I'd left this one untouched after all but I do see why I set it aside and would not have revisited it if not for that nudge from NetGalley to provide feedback There were many likable things about this book Jamie is an amazing living breathing character and for him I felt compelled to read this book I was also intrigued to see how he would exit and hopefully rise above his woeful and awful childhood As Jamie began his music career and grew into adulthood I felt a strong emotional connection to the story and the characters I loved the descriptions of his relationships the depth of the love he felt how nervous he was at times etc He also just seemed like a really decent person For the most part he wanted to do the right thing for the right reasons The women in this book seemed authentic; strong and beautiful but flawed and vulnerable at times Unfortunately there were a few things that didn't work for me in this book First the language and sexual content were not really my cup of tea Second after a while all the tragedy that Jamie passed through seemed like a cliche or the parody of a country song At first I just felt sorry for himview spoiler He was beaten And then his mentor died then his mom then his dog then he was severely injured and his girlfriend died then his baby died then they couldn't have kids then his wife got cancer then she died then his dog died then he got ALS hide spoiler

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