Wendy[PDF / Epub] ☆ Wendy By Walter K. Scott – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Wendy is trendy and has dreams of art stardom—but our young urban protagonist is perpetually derailed by the temptations of punk music drugs alcohol parties and boys Hegemonies and hearts are broken Wendy is trendy and has dreams of art stardom—but our young urban protagonist is perpetually derailed by the temptations of punk music drugs alcohol parties and boys Hegemonies and hearts are broken in this droll and iconoclastic look at the worlds of art and twentysomethingsWalter Scott is an artist from Montréal His work has been exhibited across Canada and Wendy has been serialized on Random House Canada's literary digital magazine Hazlitt. 1 It creeped me out a bit when I realized this story about a young girl was written by a young guy1b But the characterization of Wendy is dead on so I stopped caring nearly immediately that this story about a young girl was written by a young guy I've known this girl I've dated this girl I've been this girl2 It also creeps me out that I still haven't totally left Wendy's lifestyle which is nothing but precarity cynical abandonment of that precarity through paaarrrtaays bitches some despair a healthy dose of delusion a sprinkle of treachery and some tenacity to keep on I mean I no longer party like I'm 22 or like my roommate who is a bartender and is constantly bringing home new people I'm sedate and secure and less interested in getting wasted omg wtv But yeah this book gets that OMG want to die; wil nvr drink again OMG lets get hammurt tonight2b The book is filled with the precarity of being young AND nails what it's like to be a wannabe Artist surrounded by others who want roughly same thing or at least want to fuck people who are Doing That Thing or are at least talking about Doing That Thing yet everyone isn't doing much other than so getting so really wasted and like so trying to get some Go read Sentimental Education That book nails this same bohemia hipster shit and in 18693 And the art? It's fast and shitty and totally awesome There's this style that the kids are doing which is half manga and half sloppy underground comix let's draw really fast and fuck all that professional bullshit from the majors But it works Seriously The drawings are simple enough to completely project your identity yet different enough to recognize individual characters eg one of Wendy's bffs is a party boy named Screamo who is a cartoon version of Munch's The Scream but a punk hipster version wearing black and constantly drinking or fucking hot guys All the cartoon boys or girls Scott draws look roughly the same so hot really doesn't mean much to the reader3b One great thing Scott does is switch drawing styles for Wendy panel to panel It's a wonderful techniue and it works well to get that whole 'early 20s mercurial—hell nearly bi polar—emotional state' Check out a few of the faces of Wendy This straight up roast of the art scene in Montreal is one of the funniest comics I’ve ever read Wendy is a total hot mess but I still found myself rooting for her somehow She has an optimistic outlook paired with a tendency to over indulge in self destructive behaviour She has grandiose ambitions but very little focus or perseverance She is surrounded by toxic people aside from Winona but she can’t stand being alone This all sounds depressing when I think about it but Scott’s illustration choices such as bizarre facial expressions and extreme shifts in emotion add so much hilarity to the story This book was hilarious and cathartic Almost like a high brow meme that's actually funny Wendy's manic peppiness then subseuent embarrassmentsadnesswhatever feels so true to real life as well as the fact that u never rlly see her work or her working just the partying and gossip and uglier stuff One of my fav parts was this page that's almost like from a high school yearbook except it's for an artist residency that Wendy is a part of and as she looks around the room at all of the diff artists she guesses their mediums They're all spot on net art noise witch and reminds one of the hierarchies groups classifications wtvr that are everywhere even in an elite ? art community Lol idrk It would be easy to dismiss this book as a misogynist portrait of a shallow girl artist but basically everyone in the book is shallow mean manipulative self centered and cruel There are little sparks of generosity and empathy but usually they're later shown to be hollow or simple ruses It's a pretty relentlessly brutal depiction of arts communities that seems to argue that they're ultimately a trap in which a few lucky and self serving people succeed and most everyone else gets chewed up and spit out into the gutters of late capitalism Which yeah I'm so relieved I don't have people like the characters in this book in my life If Wendy were to be turned into a movie character she would be played by Greta Gerwig I had such a strong sense of this and Gerwig's recent ish film Frances Ha when I read this that I feel like it's almost crazy this hasn't actually happened yet Wendy is kind of a train wreck but also kind of fabulous She's an artist and dreamer who falls for the wrong guys and makes poor life choices but manages to hold on to her authenticity in the art community cloud of artifice and pretention She is ridiculous; she is completely real You root for her to figure it out even as you watch it all go pear shaped A great companion for fans of Greta Gerwig's films I'm not letting this go or fans if Girls Well it's a uick 30 minute read I will say that for Wendy And I learned some Canadian Hipster things from reading it like WTV stands for whatever; NDG stands for Notre Dame de Grâce a not cool place to live in Montreal; and SNF in this case is not an acronym for Senior Nursing Facility but the sound one makes when one snorts coke But other than that I can't think of anything nice to say about the hipster art world or Wendy their ersatz representative Wendy is a 20 something art school party girl living in a city similar to Montreal She makes a lot of terrible decisions eats a lot of pizza and watches a lot of Netflix On the outside she is blonde wears trendy clothing and has a close group of friends This traditional image is contrasted by her poor life choices the amount she goes out and her egocentrism She is trying to make it in the art world without actually putting in any work Instead of trying to better herself in any way she just hangs out at punk shows lurks on boy tries to avoid malicious girls and generally makes a complete mess of her life Walter Scott’s illustrations are uncomplicated loopy and animated He is able to express when Wendy is in a pit of self loathing and despair by simply and effectively blacking out her eyes and mouth Scott’s text is filled with slang and abbreviations which further leads to the believability of Wendy This graphic novel provides a humorous and self deprecating look into the lives of millennials trying to survive in the Canadian art scene I stumbled upon this in a bookshop and decided to buy it for fun I was constantly laughing out of humility because she reminds me a lot of myself especially my impulsive party girl self The prologue completely nails the mindset of so many half committed post college young people I'm going to reward and this tiny ounce of legitimate self actualization by yet another episode of self destruction This graphic novel has its weaknesses I would have appreciated a bit introspection from Wendy perhaps through smaller panels with text My biggest complaint is Screamo He was too static of a character to take up such a large portion of this graphic novel I understood his character very early on and I rolled my eyes whenever I had to endure him thereafter All in all I liked this book a lot and I'd like to read about Wendy Sympathetic parodic and razor sharp deep dive into the hypocritical self involved art world We are all Wendy

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