Finder of Lost Objects

Finder of Lost Objects[KINDLE] ❅ Finder of Lost Objects By Susie Hara – Sadie García Miller—Jewish Latina sleuth—finds lost treasured objects for her clients but she’s not always so good at finding what she herself is missing When Grace Valdez walks into Sadie’s Sadie García Miller—Jewish Latina sleuth—finds lost treasured objects for her clients but she’s not always so good at finding what she herself is missing When Grace Valdez walks into Sadie’s office it seems like a straightforward enough job locate Grace’s brother to find her lost book a talisman of sorts and a gift from her long dead mamá In Sadie’s hunt for the book she travels from San Francisco’s Mission District to the Latino communities of the Finder of MOBI :¼ Central Valley and south to Hollywood Along the way she discovers an elusive actress stumbles on a murder investigation and is besieged by surfacing memories of her union organizer father’s death As she gropes her way fueled by her own obsessions she meets Molly—a voluptuous dream girl on a motorcycle—and reconnects with her old flame Rob a community activist with killer green eyes But when the person she loves most goes missing she must use her sharpest skills for the most important search of her life. Finder of Lost Objects is a character driven novel as Sadie is the force that propels the events and sucks us into her eclectic world Her memories and uestions about her past mesh well with the flow of the mystery I'd sum her up as a curious observer who sits just at the sidelines of mainstream life and it's from that position that the uirky bits of the story flourish Sadie demonstrates tenacity and daring choices regarding the search for the lost book; cleverness in dealing with the different personalities who help cover up or reveal the mystery; confidence with one lover and crazy nervousness with another; and love and admiration for her family and friends to the point of self sacrifice She needs to appreciate herself as well as most everyone else does including the readerMinor characters were well drawn out and presented a nice balance of lovable and fun versus threats to the balance in Sadie's world I liked the realistic mix of ethnicity sexual orientation and gender identity political activism religion and traditionalist values among the characters As a foodie my mouth watered at the references to the melting pot of Sadie's comfort food tooThere is romance with both sweet scenes and hot attraction including non explicit sexuality Readers sensitive to same sex matches may want to skip one brief scene The bad guy was truly bad My one disappointment was that I wish the person would have played a slightly larger role instead of being a convenient villain plucked from the sidelines This part of the story was one of many scenes with dramatic tension so it's not a huge complaint in the big pictureThe Young Adult story within a story was one of the best parts of the novel The secondary story scenes were doled out with precision keeping the reader absorbed in the novel as they wondered where this was going The climax of each was a perfect match and left the reader with a huge gasp on both countsThe majority of the novel is in first person from Sadie's point of view and it works well The secondary story is narrative A few short chapters from Grace's point of view in third person threw me for a loop at first Yet I think the writer chose well in using them for certain exposé and was frugal in changing to this POV so it worked in the endThe first half of this novel was a bit slower than the second which took off and became a can't put down obsession for me The mystery itself is light yet it's not predictable It's the rest of the story that's complexI'd recommend Finder of Lost Objects to anyone who likes dramatic fiction with a strong female protagonist You don't have to be a mystery reader to love it nor a romance reader But if you love stories of the tapestry of life you'll find it here I hope Susie Hara has novels in the future as she's a gifted story teller With the wit and charm of a Raymond Chandler novel talented author Susie Hara takes the reader on a suspenseful mystery ride that traverses not only San Francisco Los Angeles and Bakersfield but the geography of the heart; lost and found connections with those we love and have loved When Sadie the sensual finder of lost objects is hired to locate a book something passed down from mother to daughter we soon realize the object symbolizes much than the sum of its pages and can unravel the mis steps in an estranged brother sister relationship in a transgender world Sadie Garcia Miller Hara's protagonist is a bisexual Jewish Latina whose lusty abandon and panicked longing resonate with readers who can appreciate a complex Who done it? plot laced with rich characters speaking truth to emotional power On top of all that the writing sizzles As I went through the door out of the corner of my eye I caught his gaze fastened firmly on my ass Loved the candor This is a fun and easy read lighthearted in a California consciousness way and at the same time with deep layers of metaphor and poignant meaning Sadie is a most unconventional sleuth who loves cigarettes and sex and flits between San Francisco and LA looking to solve a mystery that has multiple dimensions and layers of meaning Is it about a lost book? a lost relationship? a who done it murder? or Sadie’s uest to find love? It’s all of these and Delightful characters and a wonderful portrait of an extended Latino family including mouth watering descriptions of the Mexican food one of the tias always has available The story has great sex scenes and includes a symbolic book within a book a children’s fantasy story about a lost father I loved this book The story got moving from page one when Grace Valdez blows across town into the office of Sadie Garcia Miller the finder of the title Of course she has a mission for Sadie a totally winning character who it always a delight to spend time with as she goes up and down California on her uestThis book has all the strong characters and compelling story you could ask for but for me a hugely welcome bonus was its setting in San Francisco specifically the Mission Every bit of it rings true I don't often get to read books set in neighborhoods I've lived in so that was uite a treat I look forward to the seuel which I hear is in the works Can't wait Enjoyable mystery with a bisexual main character yay The long passages from the lost book a Wrinkle in Time rip off were unnecessary and I mainly skimmed them

Finder of Lost Objects eBook ☆ Finder of  MOBI
  • Paperback
  • 205 pages
  • Finder of Lost Objects
  • Susie Hara
  • English
  • 05 April 2015
  • 9780983579168