Angels 101 An Introduction to Connecting Working and Healing with the Angels

Angels 101 An Introduction to Connecting Working and Healing with the Angels❴BOOKS❵ ⚣ Angels 101 An Introduction to Connecting Working and Healing with the Angels Author Doreen Virtue – Doreen Virtue freuently hears this uestion at her workshops and usually points them to her book Healing with the Angels Yet even that book is a bit advanced for newcomers One morning she clearly saw a Doreen Virtue freuently An Introduction PDF/EPUB ê hears this uestion at her workshops and usually points them to her book Healing with the Angels Yet even that book is a bit advanced for newcomers Angels 101 PDF/EPUB or One morning she clearly saw and heard the title Angels and Doreen knew that the angels wanted her to write a very basic and elementary book  Angels is a 101 An Introduction Epub á nondenominational overview of who the angels are; their role in various spiritual texts and religions; the ways that angels help us and how to call upon them; information on guardian angels 101 An Introduction to Connecting PDF/EPUB or archangels and departed loved ones; and freuently asked uestions about the angels No matter where you are on a spiritual or religious path this book is sure to deepen your understanding and love of the angels—and it makes the perfect gift for someone new to 101 An Introduction to Connecting PDF/EPUB or these concepts. I liked Angels 101 I think Virtue's write was precise and simple very easy to understand as is her message Doreen tells us that angels are everywhere and that they are eager to help we just need to connect with them in some wayThroughout her book she explores the main realms of the angels and how they can help us She gives tips and advisements A very cute and practical book for those who believe in angels A short but concise introductory book to the realm of angels and archangerls Doreen conveys her beliefs without making them the final true creedbut rather inspires by believing immensely in her cause inviting people to take a leap of faith and give the angels a chance to manifest in our lives I will definitely be reading from this author I read this book in 2 3 days as it was very easy to read and very positive I like Doreen's writing style her loving and encouraging voice will guide to discover how angels can be of help to people Very easy to read and the examples are often very cute The next book to read if you liked this one would be Archangels 101 Though it's uite short I found this book so insightful and informative I found the stories inside very inspiring and made me feel safe in the knowledge that angels are looking out for us I recommend this book to anyone who's curious about Angels AngelsI considered it very uplifting I recommended it to someone else who looking for answers about our angels I couldn't put it down They’re here They’re there They’re everywhere A clairvoyant from an early age from Christian Science background Doreen Virtue once a psychotherapist says than 30% of the adult population has seen angels and than 70% believe in them She has enough titles on to choke a horse This example does not have one bad review on until this one Virtue also conducts seminars and can be heard on Hay House radio According to the author angels look after us especially our one or guardian angels and all angels are interdenominational Angels have many powers such as healing but only if you want them to Not content merely to heal people angels may also be implored to heal your pets They even watch you when you you know what The descriptions and nomenclature of angels is multitudinous and Virtue explains it all in alphabetical order without footnotes Even though angels empower relationships the soul mate the author has been divorced at least four times The fourth husband Steven Farmer claims to be a shamanic practitioner psychotherapist and professional healer He also is a prolific author of Hay House titles as listed on You name it Angels can help you improve the situation They also leave many signs including numbers which might explain the 666 imbedded in my library card And feathers They leave feathers And I always thought feathers meant some poor bird had met up with a predator So why do bad things happen to a majority of living things? Beats me Included are several undocumented anecdotes of angels protecting many mortals who only have a first name Angels even improve the author’s travels ensuring she has a nice flight attendant avoids lines at the check in receives room upgrades and that her luggage arrives promptly Angels help believers find lost things get a good job nice home and swell friends I am not making that up Total bullshitMoral of the story If you say something a few times many people will believe you and even send you moneyKeywords Faith healing angels numerology This is an inspirational self help book that is intended to give pointers to people who are looking for ways to improve themselves The author shares her perspectives on her 15 favorite archangels I was not aware that there are fifteen archangels My studies on angelology identifies on seven but I guess opinions varyWhat I found most enjoyable about this book were the stories that Doreen Virtue included by others who have had experiences with direct contacts with angels events that include miraculous healings protection from harm such as car accidents and sometimes useful advice Many of us have a fondness for angels a hopeful belief in their existance and of course they are mentioned in the Christian bible and in the Koran among other religious books This book is an encouraging piece that shares that perspective I enjoyed the book It was extremely informational interesting and very easy to understand I would highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to learn or have a better understanding on angels The book is a very easy read but educational Who better to learn the material than Doreen Virtue the author of the book There were some interesting parts to the book but God was used a little too freuently and some aspects to the Archangels was a little limiting especially that they had to have specific colours and that ancestors couldn't be Guardian Angels and possibly of no real help at all Accessible Easy to read

Angels 101 An Introduction to Connecting Working and
  • Hardcover
  • 144 pages
  • Angels 101 An Introduction to Connecting Working and Healing with the Angels
  • Doreen Virtue
  • English
  • 07 August 2015
  • 9781401907594