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I have gotten to where I do not like vampire books I read a ton of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books and completely loved their cheesiness at the time but I grew bored of them I probably would not have reuested this one from Netgalley if I had realized that one of the main characters was a vampire or Revenant as he had rather be called I would have lost out on a book series that I think I'm going to love The main character Marnie is twice gifted forensic psychic She had been working with the FBI helping them to solve crimes until she and one of the FBI guys did the horizontal mambo and she was shot by a Revenant in the line of duty She uitThe case of a dead twelve year old brings her hot FBI guy Mark Batten and his boss back to her door asking for help The girl's head ends up in Marnie's mailbox and another psychic witch decides she wants Marnie dead She also happens to want Marnie's Cold Companion Harry Harry is Marnie's Revenant she functions as his day sitter supplying him with his blood supply It sounds so full of shit doesn't it? I thought so too but danged if this book doesn't grab you and keep you entertainedMarnie's skills come from psi energy from Harry so she can craft up a few witchy spells tooThose come in handy when a ghoul is now on her ass Marnie is pretty kick ass during the whole book She is snarky and has a gift for always getting everything she attempts to do wrong No Mary Sue's allowed for this character She does let a ton of her personal drama effect how she handles problems as they pop up That did annoy me at times but then she would threaten to beat the crap outta someone and my attention would returnNow there is the dreaded love triangle that happens in the story and the weird thing isfor this book it works Maybe the love triangle works in this one because Marnie knows if they both get on her nerves she still has Mr Buzz her 9 inch purple vibratorI honestly couldn't decide which one I wanted her to be with the most Mark Batten the hot FBI guy he was snarky and he was an asshole most of the time I wanted to bang him Something about the way Batten stood legs spread wide and sturdy owning his space with a military bearing shoulders back jaw tight made me wanna hit him with a hammer then sit in his lap and suck his tongue a littleThen Harry I can't believe I liked a vampirerevenant character I did though English perfect manners a bit of a receding hairline I kept picturing him as this guy Totally bangable in a weird place in my headI'm totally rambling about hot guys head desk I'll turn into one of those vampie fangirls before we know it and then we will all be doomedAnyways read this book if you want a different type of urbanparanormal fiction There were a few problems with it but not enough that I wanted to shoot anyone Harry's calling Marnie his only love a few too many times His weird English sayingsShe's an everyday person relatable touchableHear that? Carrie teased You're touchable Like uilted toilet paperSpendid I said sourly Must be why the world wipes its ass with meKids know Pulling your blankets up over your head fools some monsters If they can't see you they give up and stumble off down the hall to eat your parentsWhat are you a James Bond villain? I said The least hot Bond girl ever? Pussy NoMore? All 3 of these books are on Netgalley August 2 2015 NEW FAVORITE ALERTHoly shit this was brilliant I can't even Ok I may be a little biased because I do love a good vampire novel But this is not your average cheesy typical vampire book Some of it is recognizable needing an invitation to come in your house holy water etc but the little extras and world building is fantabulousMarnie is a psychic who used to work for the police but screwed up a job well it wasn't entirely her fault so she uit and became a hermit and her self esteem took a big hit But the bureauagencywhatever they are won't leave her alone so she gets sucked back in to work on a case And she lives with a vampire called a Revenant in this world vampire is considered a derogatory label The relationship between psychics and vamp I mean Revenants is really cool I won't go into it because the less you know the betterThere's kind of a love triangle which I usually DETEST but it's honestly not annoying here I like both of the guys really but of course I'm TEAM HARRY This is my HarryThe other romantic interest is one of the agency guys named Batten He's also a Revenant hunter with over a hundred kills This is my BattenI don't want to say too much about this book because it's just so awesome you should read it It's a decent sized book and there's not constant action going on although there is plenty of it but the writing and world building and HUMOR is just fantastic I am so reading all of this series One thing I do hope is that as the series continues Marnie gets a little bit bad ass I love her magic skills but she does a few dumb things It's forgivable in a first book I would love to see her able to be stronger She is hilarious though There are several LOL lines in this I can't really figure out how I picture Marnie but something like a younger Helen Slater from The Legend of Billie Jean 80s outfit not includedSigh Harry 3 I received a copy of this from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I love it when you score a winner from Netgalley 4 stars Minor spoilers aheadThis is the kind of book that grips you from the first few sentences with excellent world building action and snarkiness in eual measures Unfortunately for me it also has one of my most dreaded pet peeves A triangle And I didn't know it till I was about 25% in that that was the direction it was taking I should have clued in sooner I hate triangles Veryvery few books have made me read them and actually enjoy them and sympathize with the h Usually we're stuck trying to pick one of the Heroes which sucks because either one of them turns badnot good enough for the heroine or whatever bullshit reason the author comes up with Typically it's the one you're rooting for because heaven forbid any heroine that picks the sensible choice And this is my problem here We have Agent Batten human FBI and former vampire hunter Who has insane chemistry with our Marnie Baranuik Insanely hot chemistry like break the door you're having sex against hot Every time Marnie looks at Batten they fight bicker sass each other while secretly thinking of boinking each others brains out Naturally while reading this and since he was mentioned first I sort of got attached to Agent Kill Notch Imagine my surprise when after I've settled in and looking forward to Marnie's and Batten's explosive meetings a wrench is thrown in all my yummy fantasies Specifically a wrench called Harry And it's no small wrench either It's shaped like a vampire excuse me revenant in this book Lord Dreppenstedt aka Harry a British peer that lives with Marnie He is her Cold Companion and irrevocably connected to her Not only that he is the reason Marnie has powers to begin with She feeds Harry and in return Harry shares his powers with her through their Bond He's British takes care of her in a million little ways and tries to protect her So you see now I'm in a conundrum and don't know who to pick or root for Which I loathe This isn't even the main plot of the book The triangle is there in full effect with each of Marnie's interactions with either man but there's so much going on that you soon lose sight of the triangle as such and focus on the intricacies of the world building The powers the do's and don't's the twists that keep popping up out of nowhere A deranged starlet a rampaging ghoul and so much This was one action packed book with a heroine that's less than inept constantly failing but not in an aggravating way I did get a tad annoyed with how much Marnie runs her mouth though towards the end and that along with the infernal triangle did deduct a star from this Even so I really want to know what happens next which is annoying me even as I still can't pick who she should end up with ➽ Jan 2 2018 FREE todayMay 30 2015➽ Sh3lly seems to think this is a pretty fantastic book Hahahaha We'll see if it passes the Sarah Hates Everything Test SHET™ Awesome Loved this Yay I have found a new urban fantasy series to love Excuse me a moment while I do my best fan girl suee The Marnie Baranuik Files combines humor magic and some scary monsters for a laugh out loud exhilarating read And because I loved it I had to share the love and spread the world This is truly a hidden gem Don’t miss this bookOK Fan girl moment overThe first book of The Marnie Baranuik Files Touched focuses on Marnie Baranuik a retired forensic psychic for the FBI’s Preternatural Crime Unit Marnie is uite talented not only is she an empath Feeler she can also read objects just by touch Groper Marnie also holds degrees in Preternatural Biology and she is also a practitioner of witchcraft I adored Marnie She has an amazing sense of humor and she loves her junk food so the sugar addict in me can easily relate to her especially for her love of cookies Marnie’s inner voice cracked me up and her knowledge of all things paranormal was impressive Marnie tends to be a walking disaster unintentionally wreaking havoc and reuiring rescue I didn’t see her as “too stupid to live” however there were moments when I uestioned her motives The men in Marnie’s life were uite interesting It’s hard to decide if I’m on Team Harry or Team Mark Marnie is a Day Sitter for her Cold Comfort and housemate Harry who she “inherited” from her grandmother Harry is a vampire although in this book all vampires are referred to as revenants Marnie is to keep Harry safe in the daytime while he “sleeps” and to supply him with blood hers Marnie and Harry share a bond though in this book the bond is a little wonky Harry is very fastidious and he likes the finer things in life Harry is such an interesting character He’s over 400 years old and loves to speak with archaic and obscure language Harry cares a great deal for Marnie and even bakes her cookies and brownies Personally I think I’d be Team Mark Mark is an ex vampire hunter He is an imposing character all man and muscle and broodiness Marnie has fond memories of a stakeout tryst with Mark and those memories form a constant part of her inner dialogue The sexual tension between these two is electric and even though Marnie “hates” Mark her body remembersThe world building is fascinating Touched takes place in Boulder Colorado This is a world where vampires or revenants are followed by debt vultures that wait for the vampire to die The debt vultures attract other scary critters like flesh eating beetles and carrion spiders – eww The author’s sense of humor cracked me up There are some really funny lines in the book“What are you a James Bond villain?” I said “The least hot Bond girl ever? Pussy No More?”The ongoing jokes between the characters were funny Marnie collects things with frogs – and suddenly all the frogs had little black marker fangs If you are looking for a new urban fantasy series with a snarky heroine and some manly men then look no further Touched by AJ Aalto is a great addition to the urban fantasy genre I can’t wait to read by this author Thank you to the publisher for a review copy of this bookReview posted on Badass Book Reviews The easiest way to explain Touched If Janet Evanovich and Charlaine Harris had a book baby with a side of Darynda JonesTouched is a uirky paranormal romance love triangle with a snarky well meaning gal who has waaaaay to many paranormal beings and issues vying for her attentionIt was funny and engrossing I liked the uick wit and the mystery that surrounded Marnie Her vamp and the seriously sexy FBI guy both want her to help each of them in different ways We are left constantly wanting to know about why that isFor the frugal reader Touched is a great deal as far as cost and book length Currently it’s free on Kindle Unlimited Did I love this read? Yes although it could become a tad monotonous here and there prompting some skim reading Did I like the characters? Yes All were good solid characters I became invested in Did I like the love tri angle? Yes and no I was torn and still am I like both guys but felt like Marnie was using them both too Will I continue with the series? I am not sure Why? Well it was a very long read and like I said before I did skim read a bit here and there I don’t feel like Marnie will choose my pick for her either I dunno maybe it’s too soon to say yes or no Maybe will be my answer for that uestion Was it worth the read? YES I have found a new author I am very interested in AJ Alto is going on my watch list for sure45 Star read Follow us on KT Book ReviewsTwitterFacebookPinterest Read for the URR Halloween 2017 Reading Challenge a romance novel with a skull on the coverTouched is a weird book A book of contrasts and opposites masterfully blended toget clashing against each other for something like 450 pages My head hurts I stayed up way too late last night reading it I couldn't put it down andbut it was boring me to death Now I don't know whether to jump on Death Rejoices or drop the series for good I find myself in the awkward position of simultaneously agreeing with a friend who gave the book 5 stars and a rave review and another who DNFed it Awkward I'm telling youBecause I could argue that this was a really fun read and just as easily that it was a boring mess I dunno Like I really do not know So let's see❶ Marnie is hilarious Her character rings true too flawed insecure one minute assertive another confused about where exactly she stands in life and what she wants from it a self centered self conscious little mess Her banters with the other characters were super amusing I actually LOLed a couple of times Marnie's definitely a fun character to spend some time with» Some time being the keyword here because Marnie might be pretty hilarious but 450 pages inside her head are waay too many Also there's being hilarious and then there's being an idiot Marnie is often an idiot A cringeworthy one And I'm tired of reading about women who don't know how to wear skirts or high heels Is it supposed to be endearing? She's a 27 years old FBI consultant for fuk's sake not a female yeti❷ The love triangle works pretty well especially because is not really about love at all these kids are uite the practical types you see so we're spared the angsty cheesy mess we usually have to deal with in pnr Cool I like it when people call things by their names so thumbs up for Aalto» But the relationship between Marnie Harry and Mark really takes up too much space Touched is 75% made of people lusting after each other 20% of description of Marnie eating biscuits Harry's wardrobe and Mark's sculpted ass and 5% of grisly gory fights against feral ghouls Less talk action guys we're all adults here Or you know just less talk ❸ The worldbuilding is cool standard uf ingredients vampires werewolves witches the world just discovered the monsters are real and is still getting used to it stuff all mixed up together in a bizarre orginal blend» But while I enjoyed the fast pace the plot picked up almost immediately half of the time I had no idea what was going on or why There was this weird juxtaposition of too much info not enough info going on that made keeping tracks of things really hard I was disoriented the characters were disoriented and thus kept messing up nothing really gets done besides the lusting obviously until the end of the book❹ I loved Aalto's humor some scenes were deliriously funny» But perhaps if you're going for a screwball comedy type of story you might want to leave out beheaded 12 years old girls whose eyes have been gouged out from their sockets; or nightmarish seuences where rotting ghouls with abnormally long tongues are trying to go down on sleepeng women Just saying The darkest moments of the book don't have any gravitas especially since nobody really gives two shits about anything that's going on except for the lusting of course there's never a bad enough time for thatAlso Touched fails the Bechdel test in the most spectacular fashion I've seen in a while It's like a major flip off to the test really 'kay I guess Afterall who needs female characters interaction when you can simply have them try and kill each other?But in the end whether you're going to like this book or not will really depend on your tolerance for Aalto's sense of humor and for Marnie's antics personally I need a break from both It's been a while since I've read an urban fantasy with a female protagonist The last one was two months ago and the one before that was four months ago Both were uite good but I realized I am anxious every time I start an urban fantasy series featuring the same character Sooner or later an author adds something that messes up either the story the world the main character or all the aboveBut I am persistent The rules of this world are interesting The supernatural is neither completely laughed at nor is it accepted by everyone Government agencies use psychics to help them in their cases the world is a couple of steps closer to the supernatural than ours is The source of psychics' talents is always a vampire There is no real psychic without one In exchange for the power and talents a DaySitter takes care of vampire's needs Marnie Baranuik is a white witch and a DaySitter who inherited her grandmother's vampire Harry The less you think about their arrangement especially in regards to the past the better Marnie calls them revenants since the term 'vampire' is not right That doesn't stop her other love interest an FBI agent and a former vampire hunter Mark Batten to call them vampiresThe whole book is setting up stage for various relationships between four or five characters I'm hoping Wes is there to stay since he is an interesting character They do have a case though and it involves lots of magic a dismembered twelve year old girl an insane stalkerish psychic and deaths than Marnie expectedThe book has the weirdest triangle I've ever read I hate them in any form but this one so weird that I ended up wishing both 'love' interests stay I would hardly call it a love triangle since there isn't a lot of love there Lust yes I thought I would hate Mark the agent but in the end I almost felt sorry for the guy In the beginning we find out that Marnie and Mark were together on a case had sex and then she found out about his fiancée I almost stopped reading there since that's one page too many to read about a cheater It's all good though since none of it true which brings me to one of my issues with the book Marnie continues with her hostile lust through the whole book She doesn't have any reason to hate the guy anyAnother one is Marnie is beautiful but she thinks of herself as Plain Jane that one was really annoying Marnie is scatter brained She makes so many mistakes that I wanted to kill her myself She goes alone when she shouldn't she doesn't bring weapons when she should she brings a weapon then she doesn't use it she is lusting after two characters and so on The two FBI agents are nothing special Mark is a good looking former vampire hunter who seems to be in love with Marnie His colleague on the other hand is not very honest about his reasons for wanting to help That part of this story and how it was resolved if you can call it that was not enjoyable to read I expect the issue with agent Chapel to become bigger laterHarry annoyed me most of the time Every time Marnie got an opportunity to tell him about his mistakes he managed to turn what she says against her Every single timeThen there is this ''Second Cannon from Marie Pierrette's journal' 'Seventh Cannon know whom you're dealing with' and this 'don't respect laws and don't adhere to cannons' I didn't mention everything that happens in this book of course Overall it isn't bad it is a decent start of an urban fantasy series It could even be refreshing in having a crazy scatter brained and indecisive character that might grow into a great one instead of a supposedly awesome strong woman that turns into a doormat later in the seriesI may read the next one too For a first book in a series it has just enough to keep me interested if not for the main character alone then for other thingsOh and there are zombies too only they are not calling them that I didn't finish this one because I couldn't bring myself to care what happens to the characters and because it annoyed me in several different and creative ways The writing isn't bad but there were so many things wrong that I couldn't enjoy reading itSpecifically The protagonist is insecure and whiny and foul mouthed and I can't see what her sophisticated vampire buddy sees in her The vampire Harry is constantly a jerk asshole and nobody ever calls him on it including the tough ass FBI vampire hunter For instance he constantly uses precious British slang expressions of his youth despite that he's had a two centuries to learn new idioms in a different country He's not too stupid to learn modern English; it's some sort of superiority game Could not believe that view spoilerMarnie could mistake human eyeballs for newt eyes even if suished This is like mistaking a suished school bus for a Mini Cooper hide spoiler This was some of the best smart ass banter I think I have ever read In saying that though I took a star off because I'm not sure the actual story was anything to rave about It was overshadowed by a whole bunch of curse words that I took careful note of to make sure they end up in my vocabulary Can't wait to see my Mum's face when I call someone a 'fucksock'