The Men of Anderas

The Men of Anderas❴PDF❵ ✅ The Men of Anderas Author C.J. Johnson – What would you do to save your dying planet How far would you go to keep extinction at bay just a little longer Those are uestions the men of Anderas live with every dayFor than 2000 years they have b What would you do to save your dying planet How far would you go to keep extinction at bay just a little longer The Men PDF/EPUB or Those are uestions The Men of Anderas live with every dayFor than years they have been unable to produce female children so now they must travel to other planets for their brides. It was a really good romantic sci fi book The only issue I think I had with it was the love at first sight beginning Would still recommend it though It was entertaining and fun to read For me had enough action that you would expect from an alien abduction bookTor Jardan is coming form a dying planet Anderas no women or few women and no female fertility what would these aliens do without our women? JarDan is the crown prince of his planet used to rule and get his wayHe was on a mission to visit Earth to collect abduct human females without family or attachments They were allowed to take as mates only females from an ancient list of planets When JarDan sees a woman in need and decides to save her against all protests from his brother Dak he find his mate He was not an alpha male alien as in other books but I liked him I liked shis sweet and tender side and love for MelodyHe mates Melody without her approval Melody was a little bit irritating She did not want to be there with Jardan or be his wife and instead of making the best of of everything she complained a lot I am not a fan of crying type heroine Eventually the plot thickens we finally meet the villain and Melody manages to redeem herself and save the day so to speakIt was fun to discover a new planet and new civilization In some ways I was reminded of a medieval story but with an alien twistNice ending and I am looking forward to Dak's story Jar dan is not the male hero I hoped for when I started this book in fact he is so far from appealing I wanted to throttle him and scream are you a man or boy The authors builds him up to be a six feet tall alpha male but then it is down hill from there I have nothing against a sensitive guy that cries every once in awhile but all the time and then last straw was near the end with his mommy issues I wanted to stop close the book and setit aside for a day when I was desperately out of options of finding something to read But like a train wreck I couldn't look away The heroine Melodie was annoying and frustrating This country bumpkin does not cease to impart some wise old adage her dearly departed grandpa taught her but does not heed her own advice This book has so much potential to be good but falls flat By the end I wanted to pull out my hair I gave it two stars because it actually starts out with the expectation of a great story then slowly starts to become so tedious that the only reason I finished it was hoping both Jardan and Melodie would be placed in sleep chambers and launched into space never to be heard of again I really liked this book It was entertaining and fun to read Its a sci firomance book and had a good plot and tons of action Melody the heroine was a little bit of the spoiled girl and all she thought of at first was me me me She did not want to be there She had been rescued from a tornado by JarDan and never even thanked him She did finally improve her attitude and things got lots better after that between her and JarDan Felt a bit sorry for JarDan and how he put up with her There was lots of tense moments when she was kidnapped and trying to figure out what was going on and where she was I hope you enjoy it as much as I did reading it Wonderful storyTaken from Earth in the middle of a tornado Beth is drugged and traumatized The story is her trials as she learns to let go of her past and embrace a second chanceA new culture a new man and the acceptance of what is makes for an enthralling story 35 LOVE this book JarDan is a hero to die for I'm Happeeeeeee to be done this bookwasn't the worst but was kinda like flat popthe taste is still bearable but all the fizz is gone