Pets (Touch Feel)

Pets (Touch Feel)❮Read❯ ➫ Pets (Touch Feel) Author Nicola Deschamps – Popular Kindle, Pets (Touch Feel) Author Nicola Deschamps There are many interesting things in this book format Board Book and others isbn 9780789479334 12 pages and has a text language like English Popular Kindle, Pets Touch Feel Author Nicola Deschamps There are many interesting things in this book format Board Book and others isbn pages and has a text language like English. Typical of the series The one complaint I do have with this touch and feel book series is that normally the animals or objects don't feel even remotely close to what they are supposed to be representing You might as well just bring your child to a farm or a petting zoo if you really want your child to experience touching different animals Great book to rent from the library but not one I would buy for my kids This is a fun book with different textures and colors for babies to explore I only wish there were even things to touch in the book One of the first books we started reading at 3 months She would just stare at the pictures and I would read and take her hand and guide it over the different textures saying how it feels soft scaly wirey etc I would name the animals and the sounds they make It's pretty much me just talking right now but I'm hoping later she will know the animals their sounds and how they feel Here's hoping This book isn't nearly as engaging as Touch and Feel Puppy It didn't garner near the rapt attention or interest of that book Read our review An absolutely wonderful book Large pictures bring the familiar pets to lifeThe ability to touch the baby bunny's coat and tail the dog's fur the cat's whiskers etc makes this an excellent book for little readers It takes no time at all to read this book and let the children touch and feel the different textures of fabric and cellophane but it is interesting to see that they go back to this book themselves and feel the different animals themselves For my 20 mo old this has been a favorite She loves the cat's wiry whiskers best Same book wrong edition A touch and feel book about pets that kids will enjoy A baby and up touch and feel book where differnt parts of standard pets can be felt Cute

Pets Epub ¼ Board Book
  • Board Book
  • 12 pages
  • Pets (Touch Feel)
  • Nicola Deschamps
  • English
  • 14 April 2015
  • 9780789479334