Best of the South

Best of the South[PDF / Epub] ☁ Best of the South By Anne Tyler – Since 1986 New Stories from the South has brought the best short fiction of the year to the attention of a national audience The series has been called “the collection others should use as a model Since New Stories from the South has brought the best short fiction of the year to the attention of a national audience The series has been called “the collection others should use as a model” the Charlotte Observer and for twenty years Best of PDF/EPUB ² it has held to that standard When Anne Tyler helped us celebrate the first ten years of the series in Best of the South – the reviews were ecstatic “A triumph of authentic voices and unforgettable characters” said Southern Living “An introduction to some of the best writers in the world today” raved the Northwest Arkansas Times Now that the anthology has reached its twentieth birthday Anne Tyler has done it again From the stories found in the ten volumes from to she has picked her favorites and introduced them with warmth insight and her own brand of uiet literary authority Once again her choices reflect her love of the kind of generous fiction she has called “spendthrift”Here are twenty stories—by both famous and first time writers from Lee Smith and Max Steele to Gregory Sanders and Stephanie Soileau—that hold nothing back. Another good collection in this series which much to my chagrin seems to have been discontinued after 2011 Kit’s book she left in Cayucos for meIntroduction and selections by Anne Tyler Edited by Shannon Ravenel Best of the South Second Decade Chapel Hill Algonuin Books 2005There was only one story that I didn’t read “Sheep” I couldn’t read it because it was about our justice system and I just wasn’t up to it There is a lot about the South that is disuieting and very foreign to a Northerner In these stories you feel the author’s love and recognition of its flaws – the deep flaws that can’t be rationalized away but are accepted by one of the family a fellow Southerner The stories reminded me of Antonya Nelson’s writing – they are modern sad troubling and likeable There wasn’t a poorly written story in the collection and that is truly remarkableHere is a sampling of things that struck me while reading the stories There was so much that I liked that it was difficult to choose`“Ramone”Page 43 44 The commonness and drama of dying This passage reminded me of Alan’s last words to his parents as they were to leave Los Angeles for their home in Phoenix “Drive carefully”Even thought the brother and sister knew their old father was dying they still in his last moments busied themselves with trying to find water to give him taking his pulse hovering with the need to do something The young girl step grandchild stood close and hears her step father tell his father that he loves him “Then it was over Emerson’s breathing grew regular; he looked less scared; and he didn’t die – not for another six months and it was in his bed during the night while he was asleep”I just discussed with Jules this morning April 21 2009 that people die at their own speed Dying like illness is very inconvenient “Gravity”An older daughter takes care of her old mother – a demanding not a comfortable woman Page 59 – “On the floor of the bathroom that night propped up against the toilet with her mother’s slack weight resting against her she’d felt old all over as though age were something she was swamped in as if she were curing in it like the nineteenth century Hilliard Madeira and peach brandy still curing in barrels down in the cellar Both of them herself and the liuor steeped in time which caused the collapse of one and deepened the flavor and value of the other And she wept for the two old women they’d become two old women with their stains and flows Two old women not able to keep up with the laundry any and the younger who was herself unable to help the older who was her own mother up from the bathroom floor or even to pull her nightgown out from under her body and cover the underpants and slack thighs and ugly slippers that the ambulance attendants would notice”Page 60 – “the news of her mother’s death had gone into her and started growing pushing everything else out until it was just a big spinning hollow place inside like the swirling cloud of wind on a hurricane tracking map and she was in danger of dropping into this fact of death without another soul to know it with her” Page 64 – “Sitting beside her mother’s body Louisa felt she’d entered another world of silence and stillness that lapped out from the body on the bed and surrounded her It was the stillness the vacancy that she could not bend her mind around She almost said ‘Mother?’ the way she used to do to wake herwhatever life is she saw it visits the body then goes taking nothing you could catch store in a bottle or press and keep under glass Taking nothing visible and taking everything” Her mother was the “last person who knew her before she knew herself the last one who could say ‘When you were a baby ’ and hand her a piece of her life that had existed before she even knew herself to be in it”“Birdland” – This is a marvelous story – so good so wistful These are the words I wrote but I can’t remember the story I did note though what I learned from the story that a parrot is a category for several types of birds – macaw cockatoo lory and budgerigar 91“FLA BOYS” 107 The fourteen year old daughter says about her father who couldn’t talk about her mother who left them “I didn’t ask him never about her He’d left her and taken me with him and he had what he called mixed feelings This always made me thank of cement Mixed feelings Our lives the products of mixed feelings” “The Unripe Heart” 207 This is an endearing story about an eight year old boy who mixes up stories he has heard about the kidnapping of the Lindbergh baby and the rumors that it might have been the parents The little boy in the story begins to think that his own mother’s shrillness – caused by menopause – and behavior meant that she might kill him “The Faith Healer” was a surprising intensely moving story about assisted suicide and the love by a crude guy for his ex wife Just rereading a few words from the story made me tear up “Second Hand” I loved this story A scrappy women living with another guy decides to pawn her prized ostrich skin cowboy boots to give her “boyfriend’s” eight year old daughter a bike All these stories were sadly wonderful or sad and wonderful Not over the top Try to find the First Decade Best of the South I love reading about the South and I love reading short stories so I binged on this book for days I found it in a little book shop while on vacation in Ouray Colorado Anne Tyler did a great job of selecting exceptional stories It must be a daunting task Bought this for school Read it one or two stories at a time over the past year Definitely don't regret it I wish I had taken notes on each story but alas I was too busy enjoying it Gives me something to aspire to Love the Jill McCorkle and the William Gay stories and of course the Lee Smith and Clyde Edgerton Thomas McNeely's Sheep was disturbing but fascinating This is a collection of short stories by some of the best southern authors This was a good collection of short stories It varied uite a bit in time and place but I enjoyed them all Old age death race relations poverty Don't read it straight through lest you start to cry

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