Jinxed✤ Jinxed Download ➸ Author Carol Higgins Clark – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Carol Higgins Clark bestselling author of Fleeced and co author with Mary Higgins Clark of He Sees You When You're Sleeping returns in top form in her new Regan Reilly mystery blending her talent for Carol Higgins Clark bestselling author of Fleeced and co author with Mary Higgins Clark of He Sees You When You're Sleeping returns in top form in her new Regan Reilly mystery blending her talent for intriguing locales eccentric characters and fast paced suspense laced with humor In Jinxed smart saucy sleuth Regan Reilly faces a new challenge the case of the missing wedding guest Regan an LA based private detective returns to her office after a vacation with her beau Jack no relation Reilly Their tour of the wineries in Napa Valley and Santa Barbara County is cut short when Jack has to fly back to New York City where he is the head of the Major Case Suad of the NYPD Their last stop had been at Altered States a run down winery owned by three siblings who are all former hippies Lilac Earl and Leon Weldon Not knowing how soon it would be put to use Regan leaves her business card behind Within minutes of being back to work Regan gets an excited call from Lilac The Weldon family has been invited to the wedding of ninety three year old Lucretia Standish a former silent screen star who made a killing in a dot com before it went bankrupt Lucretia had been married to the Weldons' Uncle Haskell and had invested the money she inherited from Haskell in the dot com Lucretia's maid Phyllis clues Lilac in on the fact that Lucretia plans to give the Weldons million each if they all show up at the wedding The wedding is two days away and there is only one problem Lilac's daughter Whitney aka Freshness a young actress has taken off on one of her go with the flow weekends Whitney is out of touch and goes where the wind blows If itdoesn't blow her back into town by Sunday morning the Weldon family will be out million Regan's job is to find Whitney But unbeknownst to Regan there's someone else on the hunt Lucretia's fiance the much younger Edward Fields has hired an accomplice in crime to locate Whitney and keep her away from the wedding Edward knows Whitney will recognize him as the con man she'd met in acting class in New York He wants to say I do to Lucretia and her millions before Whitney can protest When Edward finds out that Regan Reilly has been hired to find the missing Whitney he gives the order to get rid of her as well Meanwhile Lucretia is befriended by a gang of bikers the story of her upcoming nuptials is featured on national television news and wildfires are threatening to consume the barn where Whitney is being held captive As in her previous novels. The Regan Reilly books get a little better each time I don't like the reviews that compare her books to her mother's work criticizing it as not as suspenseful Of course it's not as suspenseful Mary writes suspense novels Carol writes mysteries That's like hating the movie Philadelphia because Tom Hanks wasn't as endearing in that as he was in Forrest Gump Same general genre different subgenre This definitely falls in the cozy mystery category Great for a rainy day or an extra long bus ride while your car is in the shop A feel good mystery with a happy ending I liked it The character Regan gets a little human and likable with every book What a charming story with lots of uirky characters Even the bad guys were inept bumbling idiots so this was a mystery without a grusome mudrer to solve i love this book so much it has very good storyline and a great ending to the book i started reading 930 and had to keep reading till i finished the book this by far the best book that she has written so far i can't wait to read the next book in the series Boring We have a private detective who is hired by this family of hippies who need to find their daughter so they can all attend to the wedding of a 93 year old millionairess actress who happens to be marrying for the 6th time and who's 5th husband used to be their uncle If they attend to this wedding they get 2 million dollars each just for being there because this old lady is kind and giving I guess The lady of course is marrying a younger guy who only wants her for the money And our lovely detective has to find the girl and of course find out who this guy is because she feels something wrong about himThe plot is WAY TOO PREDICTABLE and also non believable The coincidences had me rolling my eyes during the whole book saying Oh but of course that is going to happen So so real rolls eyesAlso way too many characters like for real WAY TOO MANY It was hard to keep up with who is who and just when I thought I had it all on my mind buuum 5 characters Just nope please stopI didn't completely hate it but Carol Higgins Clark dear your mother's books are better In the 6th installment of Carol Higgins Clark's Regan Reilly PI series Jinxed Regan returned in this new cozy mystery to solve another puzzling mystery This time we found her in Los Angeles when Lilac Weldon reuested her to find her daughter Whitney to attend her aunt's wedding If she did she would inherit a boatload of money But Lilac's soon to be uncle in law is a con artist who would do anything to prevent Whitney from showing up in the wedding It was now up to Regan to foil the plans and to stop the wedding from happening Regan Reilly is off on a rollicking romp through California wine country trying to track down a missing actress The crazy cast of characters includes a former movie star from the silent film era her much MUCH younger and suspiciously shady husband to be hippie winery owners and a motorcycle gang The Road’s Scholars Hilarious sometimes almost slapsticky antics keep our attention to the exciting end amid wildfires and buried treasure Waaaay too many characters for me I'm not sure what is going on when you have blow by blow details about where people are walking what they are thinking what they are eating come on Tell the story we can infer and we are smart enough to know how some things work without being told it in such great detail This was another great book in the Regan Reilly series I enjoyed this story with Higgins Clark's humor uirky characters I adore the entire Regan Reilly series They read so uickly I don't think it's taken me a day to read any of them

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  • 264 pages
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  • 18 December 2015
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