L'Épreuve❂ [EPUB] ✺ L'Épreuve By Béatrice Saubin ➛ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Abandoned by her parents brought up by her strict maternal grandmother in a small backwater town young Beatrice Saubin always dreamed of visiting warm climes and exotic places As a teenager she hitchh Abandoned by her parents brought up by her strict maternal grandmother in a small backwater town young Beatrice Saubin always dreamed of visiting warm climes and exotic places As a teenager she hitchhiked to India and later to Afghanistan and Thailand In Malaysia at age nineteen she fell in love with Eddy Tan Kim Soo a handsome wealthy Chinese man They planned to meet in Europe and later marry But at the airport on her way home her spanking new Samsonite suitcase a gift from Eddy was ripped apart by customs officials Beatrice was horrified to see that it contained several kilos of heroin Clearly she had been set up by Eddy who it turned out was a member of a powerful drug cartel Arrested she languished in prison for two years before she was tried Her sentence death by hanging On appeal her sentence was reduced to life in prison Efforts on the part of her grandmother and an impassioned attorney managed to stir up public opinion finally leading to Beatrice's release after ten years But however terrible these years were not lost While in prison her spirits were never broken she taught herself Malaysian and Cantonese; she became a model prisoner and a leader as well as a medical supervisor caring for her fellow inmates Here is her own odyssey always gripping often terrifying but ultimately a story of courage and inspiration. This is a heartbreaking story but also a story about survival and finding the positive in life no matter what A truly great story I did som research after reading the book because this person and her story really got to me i tried to search her up and find out what has happened in her and I did Beatrice Saubin spent ages 20 31 in a Malaysian prison for a crime she didn't commit Despite her initial horror and despair Beatrice eventually became resigned to her circumstances and committed herself to positive action She learned Malay and Cantonese; she was entrusted with medical care of prisoners she received some privileges that others didn't Make no mistake this was no easy life The conditions of the prison and behavior of guards were horrific She tells her tale with brutal honesty and infusing it with the deep despair she felt at times It is not an easy story to read but there are many redeeming moments Невероятна история за силата на инстинкта за оцеляване за свободата на човешкия дух макар и контрастираща с тази на тялото за надеждата в очакване на по светъл ден дори в условията на непрекъснат страх и мизерия Свободолюбие наивност страх тревога влияние на семейството обич и презрение са една малка частичка от всички елементи засегнати във вдъхновяващата история на човек опознал традициите на различни народи и несправедливо изгубил години от живота си A wonderful readthe story of Beatrice's life is a remarkable and heart wrenching story of one incident going terribly wrong and changing a young innocent's life for the absolute worst but without the feeling of dread looming over it like most autobiographies of this nature I felt as though I really knew Beatrice and was awaiting anxiously for her freedom The reason I have this book only 4 stars was due to a few grammatical errors which I'm assuming happened in translation since the book was originally written in French I loved this book and highly recommend Auch wenn das Buch ja überhaupt nicht in meine bevorzugten Genres fällt habe ich es ziemlich verschlungen Béas Geschichte lässt sich schnell und flüssig lesen und fesselt auf eine traurige Art und Weise Natürlich stellt man sich die Frage ob sie wirklich so naiv war und tatsächlich so unschuldig ist wie sie immer beteuert aber etwas anderes zuzugeben wäre vermutlich auch ziemlich unklug Ob ich den zweiten Teil noch lesen möchte weiß ich allerdings noch nicht so recht This is an amazing story of this poor girls life I can't even imagine This young woman's courage is incredible and the determination of her grandmother Her personal story is one of my favorite reads

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  • 04 October 2015
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