Violet Storm (Modi #1)

Violet Storm (Modi #1)❮KINDLE❯ ✿ Violet Storm (Modi #1) Author Anna Soliveres – Aeva Storm is a tenacious athlete with the grisly scars to prove it On the night of her most riveting championship victory a bolt of lightning rips from the sky sealing her fate to becoming humanity Aeva Storm is a tenacious athlete with the grisly scars to prove it On the night of her most riveting championship victory a bolt of lightning rips from the sky sealing her fate to becoming humanity’s newest kind of weapon A Modi Modi’s are humans reconstructed with synthetic parts turning them into invulnerable creatures The innovation was first used as a cure for a fatal disease within the City of Light But the genius behind the invention has gone rogue with his experiments and the Monarchy is determined to shut him down With Aeva's natural athletic abilities she is the prime recruit for his plan to dismantle the Monarchy thrusting Aeva into a fight she must finish to the bitter end If she succeeds she will unleash the deadliest modi’s ever created and threaten all that is left of their crumbling civilization Her choice is simple save the lives of those she loves and doom the fate of thousands or fight back and risk losing it all Filled with political intrigue unbreakable familial bonds and evocative young love VIOLET STORM is a gripping read that will challenge the way we think about our own human limitations. 435 starsebook provided from the author in exchange for an honest review I only recently realized I had received this and oh my All the bad feelings suddenly swirl into a giant mass Time slows the clock ticks deafening But the earth moves Trembles Splits beneath my feet I spin round and round Until it becomes crystal clear When Mary opened her eyes she was standing between the spectators in a weird field watching a game she had never known before She looked hesitant but also with admiration knowing she had probably woken up in another book world like the way she always does She cracked her knuckles Waited And then she saw her Hellstorm The famous Fila Champion Aeva Storm and the main character of Violet Storm the book she was reading A storm was coming She could see the thick clouds gathering in the sky She couldn't imagine what would happen next though And then lighting hit and struck the Hellstorm to the ground Mary screamed her eyes widening in fear This is how her trip started Things I loved about Violet Storm ⚡ The main character Aeva was a uick clever and strong female character full of worries about the future of her kind and love for the people that meant a lot to her⚡ Karth one of the love interests His strength and sass his wit and his fearlessness⚡ Ruven the other love interest and my personally favorite character and his mysterious and adventurous nature⚡ Fila this brutal but uniue game I am sure I would die if I tried to play but I would have liked to watch probably⚡ The fast paced plot and the amount of twists that blew my mind and left me itching to find out what would happen next⚡ The point behind the dystopian world a universe where people turn every day into immortal machines and whether humanity can fight the unsatiable urge of humans to feel like gods⚡ The beautiful writing that captivated me and made me feel a part of the story although that was not very good considering that danger lurked in every corner xD⚡ The excellent portrayal of feelings twisted thoughts unsettling worries terrifying secrets and basically the never ending feeling that something is terribly terribly wrong a feeling I usually expect and even search for in dystopian novelsThe only thing that held me from giving this book 5 out of 5 stars was some dystopian cliches that made me realize the genre may be getting a little bit repetitive Other than that the story sucked me in and made me enjoy every part of itPS I want Aeva to end up with Karth although Ruven is my favorite I believe it is the right wayOverall I totally recommend this for fans of a uick sci fi dystopian universe and a story of a girl who was trying to find who her world was when she wasn't even sure about herself a story of struggles and betrayal and above all a story of how humans sometimes just cross the limitHighly RecommendedMary So what is Violet Storm?HmmmLet me think about itOuch my brainOuch my brainViolet Storm is a perfectly paced adrenaline rush not only breathless but uniue Anna Soliveres' debut novel grabs anyone brave enough to pick it up from the very first word and treats them to a twisty turny topsy turvy young adult dystopian sci fi that could best be described as The Bourne Identity meets Blade Runner meets Red ueen plus or minus certain key elements of each That said it really stands on its own as extremely gripping enjoyable fun and readers can pick it up comforted to know the seuel Crimson Earth is ready and waiting to give readers just as much if not of an unforgettable roller coaster thrill ride as Violet StormFirst our feisty and I mean tough Like really tough protagonist Aeva Storm gets shocked by lightning And then the blurb will tell you there's been some experimental surgery and some slight modifications to her person but view spoilernot her personality hide spoiler I Finally finished Thank you Anna for giving me the chance to read Violet Storm and experience the journey It was a wonderful read it took me some time but I took a little time out to read and I am very happy that I got a chance to read the book This started out a little odd because Aeva was struck by lightening while playing sports and then wakes up miles from home with no memory of how she got there Then it goes onto her finding out her village has been decimated and her desire for revenge etc I thought that the author had forgotten about explaining about the lightening but no it all comes together in the end and what a story it is I loved Aeva She is kick ass at her chosen sport Fila and is top of her game When she wakes up from the lightening it's to find not only her village and family gone but that she has been modified Her life is turned totally upside down yet Aeva rolls with it and does what's needed She doesn't forget who she is though and stays strong and determined no matter what The plot of this was really fast paced and extremely addictive Once started I couldn't stop There is so much mystery and intrigue throughout that I flew through it I loved the world and characters the author has created and particularly the modi element of the plot It's well written and developed and I can't wait to read in this series In all this was a surprisingly entertaining and engaging read and one I'm so glad I took a chance on Richly detailed and captivating Violet Storm is a must read I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review Thankyou AnnaI ended up actually really enjoying this book The story had me hooked from the first page and another thing that impressed me throughout the course of this book was how uniue it was I've read uite a lot of young adult books but can't say that I've read one like this The concept was really interesting and the story was easy to follow and get caught up in And can I just say that I really loved Aeva I mean like I really really loved her character She was tough as nails but not so guarded that I couldn't feel for her Her athletic side was probably one of my favorite parts of this book Speaking of that scene towards the end where Aeva threatened the castle guards to play a REAL game of Fila with her or else she would dress them up in her cousins' dresses yeah PERFECT The history intrigued me and I'm looking forward to learning about the world and how it came to be Overall a very rich story and I definitely think I'll be picking up the next one Thank you to Xpresso Book Tours and author Anna Soliveres for allowing me to read this in exchange for an honest reviewFind this review and on my blog The Rest Is Still UnwrittenAnna Soliveres’s debut novel Violet Storm is a rich and descriptive forward moving dystopian novel that is deeply entertaining and blends together elements of sci fi with danger intrigue and betrayal Told through the eyes of Aeva Storm a tough as nails athlete Violet Storm is a futuristic dystopian that sees Aeva’s world turned upside down when her village is destroyed and she is kidnapped and modified into something than human Now struggling with her newfound abilities and the loss of time between when she was playing a Fila game to when she woke up drastically altered with her family presumed dead Aeva finds herself at the centre of diabolical plan to overthrow her kingdom’s Monarch Forced to play the role of someone she is not in order to get close to those in power Aeva slowly discovers that she is the perfect weapon to bring about a new era where everyone are transformed into Modi’s modified human beings and only by making hard decisions will Aeva been able to save her people I’ll be honest here; I went into this novel not sure what to expect The premise sounded promising but at the same time didn’t give too much away I had hopes I would enjoy it but didn’t expect too much I was ecstatic to discover from the opening chapter of the novel that the story was completely captivating Violet Storm was a rich dystopian read that follows a strong heroine and has an exciting storyline I was entertained by its fast moving storyline and really enjoyed the character dynamic seen throughout the story There were plenty of surprises and developments that altered the storyline from time to time and kept things moving in unpredictable directions As the main character I very much liked Aeva She’s clever and daring and has a lot of fight in her That being said Aeva really finds herself caught between a rock and a hard place in this novel; an unwilling pawn in a horrible plan to over throw her nations monarch With those she loves threatened Aeva doesn’t have a lot of choice except to go along with a plan to assassinate her king An athlete through and through Aeva has a lot of fire in her and her modified body combines perfectly with her brave heart to see her fight to make the right choices so matter how badly she wishes she didn’t have to Author Anna Soliveres introduces Aeva to two very different possible love interests over the course of the book although there isn’t any real romance within the story at this point in time Personally I think there’s possibility with both guys and like them both although I think the one Aeva meets first may just have a nose on the other guy in my mind Lush and exciting Violet Storm races towards a thrilling ending that sees out heroine make a startling choice and surprises be revealed Featuring a great ending that opens up a world of possibilities for Soliveres to develop the story further I’m super excited to read the next book as soon as it’s released Check out the book tour with a giveaway at my blog also read an excerpt too This book is very different than any i had read in awhile It's a great blend of dystopian and scifi I really enjoyed itI like the strong character that is Aeva she has a tough type personality I found her a great main character I had a hard time putting it down that is for sureIn this book we get detailed descriptions of a world in a crisis There are decaying woods desperate cannibals with uniue cities and towns with lots of descriptive details I felt like I was there experiencing it right along with herThe whole concept for the Modi's is pretty uniue and very interesting This is a very uniue concept that I really enjoyedI really need book 2 now I didn't want to leave this uniue world that the author createdGreat read that I highly recommend I give it 5 out of 5 starsThe cover is awesome and is what drew me to read about the book As I have said before the cover is one of the most important parts of the book At least for me anywayI was given this book for my honest review Hey All I'm going to start this Goodreads author adventure right and be the first to review my debut novel Violet Storm I hope it isn't ridiculous that I've done so and that I've humbly given it five stars My purpose is to give context to new readers who want to learn about why this book is worth their time What I love most about this story is the protagonist Aeva herself There are few things she loves in this post apocalyptic world her family and Fila a sport where her skill and talent is unrivaled I wanted her to come across obstacles she really had no way of coming out the winner There were bigger stronger badder opponents than she and still she remained brutally if not naively confident But somehowthere's a chance A chance that all the things that had gone wrong might be righted Will she find it? Beyond a sport or competition what does it really mean to win in this mind game she's been thrust into? Will she succeed? Or will she learn an even valuable lesson? The world she lives in is savage and cold blooded and the stakes are very high Her choice is simple one life to save thousands But can she do what's demanded of her and take an innocent life? Or will she unleash an even greater monster? Violet Storm is a fast paced YA Sci Fi adventure So hang on to your seats I stumbled across Anna's blog shortly before her release and was immediately captivated by the cover and sound of her novel It was different fascinating and well I knew I had to read it And after getting my hands on it I was even blown away by how awesome it was Witnessing the world in a completely different state with some technology and procedures that are incredibly horrific as well as interesting left me sitting up to the early morning hours because I had to finish just one chapter Aeva's a strong character inside and out and I appreciated the way that she looked at the world The fact that she'd been an athlete in a brutal game was a cool twist and suited her well And what she's thrown into? It's just nuts And definitely leaves you wanting I'm definitely trying to not be impatient for the next book because I know I'll be reading it as soon as I can I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review I loved Violet Storm and could not put it down It is fast paced with an original plot great world building adventure and lots of twists I would characterize this book as sci fi dystopian YA It takes place in the future in a troubled society on a dying planet The heroine Aeva Storm is a really admirable character who faces complex moral choices while trying to figure what has happened to her There is a love triangle but it is not an overwhelming feature of the book Aeva Storm has bigger goals and problems than finding a boyfriend which seems to be the main focus of so many YA novels I am so glad there is a seuel because I don't want to stop reading

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