Along Came a Wolf (The Yellow Hoods, #1)

Along Came a Wolf (The Yellow Hoods, #1)[Download] ➽ Along Came a Wolf (The Yellow Hoods, #1) Author Adam Dreece – intriguing contraptions appealing characters snide villains humor and an exciting story A very promising series opener featuring a young heroine and her pals that should win fans Kirkus Reviews In a intriguing contraptions appealing characters snide villains humor and an exciting story A very promising series opener featuring a young heroine and her pals that should win fans Kirkus Reviews In a world uietly coming to the brink of war where our fairy tales and rhymes are their real world events and people a critical invention is at hand the steam engine As an agent for a secret society the Fare is dispatched to retrieve the plans three tweens get caught in the middle as they try to protect brilliant inventor Nikolas Klaus Meet Tee Baker granddaughter of Along Came PDF/EPUB ² the baker from secret society The Tub and of Nikolas Klaus and her best friends Elly and Richy as they come together heroically for the first time as the legendary Yellow Hoods Danger intrigue and secrets await and the intense grows as the series builds A hit with those and adults highly recommended Readers' Favorite Star The Yellow Hoods books were finalists for Book of the Year in TeenYoung Adult and Fantasy Independent Authors Network's See the trailer for The Yellow Hoods at AdamDreececombooktrailer This is the first edition cover When the new cover was issued the book was also re edited August . Things I Find While Shelving I received a free ARC via NetGalleyNormally I don’t finish books I don’t like because I see no reason to waste my time reading something that I’m not enjoying for whatever reason But Along Came a Wolf was a super uick read so I figured what the hell my as well see what happens when I finish a book I don’t like uotes taken from an advanced reader copy may differ from finalized versionThis book has it all Stupid Ass NamesThe MC’s name is Tee There is a character named Egelina Marie solely for the joke of “Bakon and Eg” when she starts dating a dude named BakonALSO The MC’s grandfather is named Nikolas Klaus And he’s an inventorand the big bad is named Andre LeLoup Children thrown into dangerous situations and grownups doing jack shit about it even seeming to endorse it He snapped his fingers having almost forgotten he was Tee’s father Good to know who’s in charge here Butwe’re just kids”For a moment Elly felt like that simply stated truth might erase her own courage “No Richy we’re not We were kids” Pretty sure you’re still kids You did not magically age six years in the space of a paragraph I fear the world will need you and the Yellow Hoods sooner than I’d hoped Says Tee’s grandfather Because fuck grownups Twelve year olds are all you need to save the world Adults who justmake stupid ass decisionsGrandpa decides its a great idea to piss off the murderous ass hole when he’s holding a twelve year old girl hostage because he needed every advantage he could get right now Except making someone angry isn’t always an advantage Especially not if they have a hostage When people have hostages you want them CALM not angry But grandpa has no fucks to give for common sense so he decides to belittle the big badMeanwhile in parental land he felt responsible to make sure she understood where the border with being rude was Also known as PARENTING JFC Crappy writing Elly gave Tee the eyebrow treatment I’m assuming this means she raised an eyebrow in disbelief but it sounds like some sort of spa thing He was freaking out This just jarred me because it doesn’t really fit with the feel of the rest of the book Like when Tee packs up her “back pack” and I’m like “why not call it a rucksack or a knapsack?” Another one was the use of “reception desk” the adventurous day slowly retired sunsetI guess? he’s still getting people dropping by this just hurts to say William switched to his dad is telling you something important voice because “stern” is just too much of a mouthful making his best yuck face I’ll just leave that there Weird gender stereotyping shitSeriously This book is all over the map We’ve got twelve year old girls who are allowed to assist in rescue operations against armed and dangerous villians and then we have shit like this Egelina Marie’s mother had wanted her to have a different career anything other than being one of the guardsmenWhat type of career is that for a woman? and That sister of mine is a baby making machine Every time she sneezes out comes another girl and if she coughs a boy So far she’s had six sneezes and two coughs seriously what the every loving fuck? Cartoonish Villains who monologue And are stupidly incompetent the horseman scanned the forest on either side of the road Convinced Nikolas was alone Because having than one guard so one can go and actually check the forest would just make sense Leloup came to the doorstep He held Klaus’ long shocking rod in one hand and straightened his mustache with the other Who is he Snidely fucking Whiplash? He needed to hear defeat in the old man’s voice I don’t see why? I mean The longer you wait around for that shit the less likely you are to actually successfully get away He opened his green eyes wide almost as if they could swallow up the doctor How’s that work? Do his pupils double as black holes and just suck all matter into their inky depths? Annoyingly incompetent adults in positions of powerOn patrol Eg and her commanding officer meet Richy one of Tee’s friends who is looking for a guard to help them because shit is going down This is how Eg’s sergeant reacts to this You can’t trust children Because that’s what I want in my town guard Then he tries to place Eg under arrest when she decides to go with Richy because she’s disobeying her superior officer Who’s being a superior ninny so you knowMeanwhile the captain of the guards First he feels his lieutenant is keeping something from him and instead of pressing the issue he lets it drop His lieutenant is bringing him important information about possible plans of a prison break attempt by a very dangerous person Like Seriously Dude you are his fucking boss And it’s an important situation You should probably figure out what the fuck he’s keeping from you you dumbassAnd in front of the prisoner he says things like Can you believe him? Acting like we’re taking him out for breakfast with the ueen Because being professional is for the lower ranks am I right?Let’s not even start with the guard who told the prisoner that the guard who shot him Eg will be going on a date with the guy who beat him up Bakon He also informs him of where said date will probably take placeLike What the fuck? He’s not some dude on the barstool next to you He’s a prisoner YOU DON’T JUST GIVE HIM INFORMATION Also why are you having a chat with him? Mysterious shitThere’s a tree house in the middle of the woods that appeared mysteriously Tee Elly and Richy use it as a sort of base Shit keeps showing up there Like shock sticks If the text is to be believed there is no magic in this world yet the constant repetition that magical elves are responsible does make me wonder There’s also the dreaded “SOMETHING” coupled with feels I feel like there’s something evil out there and I feel like our fate is somehow tied to it Something Somehow I get them not knowing what’s going on but why does it have to be something bigger than this one dude trying to strong arm her grandpa? They don’t know about the guy who hired LeLoup Simon St Malo so why are they so sure of this vague something that is tied to their fate?It might not bother me because you know twelve year olds except grandpa seems to think the same thing Something big is coming; I can feel it The vague something just bothers me because it stinks of authorial handSo yeah Super uick read if you want to give it a go I like the idea behind it but omg it was horrendousI may need to watch Hoodwinked to cleanse my brain of this Along Came a Wolf combines fairy tale elements with a steampunk setting to create an action packed adventure that children and adults can enjoy The story is centered around a young girl named Tee and her two best friends Elly and Richy They are the Yellow Hoods and they are brave daring adventure seekers Tee's grandfather Nikolas is an inventor who encourages Tee to be the explorer that she is Tee and Nikolas's relationship was a strong theme in this book which I really appreciated since young adult novels usually lack a strong family presence The big bad wolf in this story is Andre Leloup who is after one of Nikolas's inventions His character is a wonderful villain with a huge ego The Yellow Hoods are put to the test when faced with Leloup and his men Tee and her friends face their enemy with bravery and wisdom well beyond their years I enjoyed how well written the characters were and how they worked together I had a lot of fun reading this book reliving parts of my childhood through Tee Elly and Richy I look forward to reading this story to my son in the coming years and have a feeling that it will become a classic in my house I received this book in exchange for an honest review Ohmigod meant to do this a while ago and just kept forgetting My mind is like a steel sieve Like steampunk? Like YA? You'll love Along Came a Wolf The MC Tee is okay she isn't deeply irritating like a lot of YA heroines but the show stealers here are the loveable but enigmatic grandfather Klaus and the charismatically crazy assassin LeLoup I'm hoping there's a future sidestory somewhere dedicated specifically to LeLoup in fact I don't want to spoil anything but there's an escape scene in here with some serious FLAIRThe steampunk elements presented the 'inventions' of Tee and her grandfather are played out just right too neo Victorian and a little clunky and just plain believable for the setting and the timeframe espoused by the storyline Some of them would make excellent movie scenes as well Well edited clear moving and gripping Along Came A Wolf is delightful YA adventure that pays uniue tribute to some classic fairy tales—with a clever steampunk twist It tells the story of Tee a spirited teen who along with her friends Elly and Richy attempt to stop antagonist Andrea Leloup from stealing the inventions of Tee’s grandfather Nikolas Despite the threat of danger to Tee and her friends the book had a light positive feel A strong sense of family could be felt throughout the book as shown in Tee’s happy healthy relationship with her parents and grandfather Tee as a protagonist is loyal brave happy energetic and enthusiastic While this lends itself to a nice upbeat mood which personally I think is important for a YA as is a strong female character I did find myself wanting a bit depth from her and several other characters As this is the first in a series I have no doubt the author will show us other sides of their personalities in subseuent novels The plot is entertaining and doesn’t slow down but I hope for some complexities to emerge as there is so much potential for the world he’s created The ending alludes to a possible darker turn for the next book and I’m anxious to see where the plot goes and what trouble Tee and her friends find themselves in next Mr Dreece has created a well written inventive and charming tale full of action heartwarming friendship cool gadgets and even a secret society Along Came a Wolf is a fun read for all ages and a modern fairy tale in its own right Great work A delightful book with a heroine that is normal The story is about a young girl caught up in a creative situation with a plot that moves along uickly Finally a lead that is not from a dysfunctional family not living in hardship and not someone we feel sorry for And the book is not about magic There are things used to help fight 'the bad guys' but they are based on simple science physics and ingenuity The heroine is living in the country with her parents with her grandfather and friends nearby She isn't preoccupied with Facebook Twitter nor Instagram She isn't using a cell phone an iPad nor a PC She has energy likes the outdoors and respects others By accident she gets herself into an adventure that is much bigger than her This is a book I highly recommend for readers of all ages Absolutely give it to your children to read or read it with them so you can discuss the concepts a normal family the 'tools' are not magic the relationships are healthy the story is simple but intriguing For sure I'm going to read the next book This was a fun and upbeat book that definitely had a uniue style to it The story centers around three kids Tee Elly and Richy known as The Yellow Hoods They end up on an adventure fighting off a group of armed thugs who are trying to steal plans for a secret invention from Tee's grandfather This gives the story a bit of a Goonies style of action as these three kids have to fight off a group of armed grown men using their wits and a variety of special inventions like sail powered carts electric shock sticks and zip lines crossing the mountains and valleys There was a touch of steampunk style among the inventions showing hints of advanced technology among a society that is otherwise limited to flintlock pistols and horse drawn wagonsThere's also a subtle trace of tribute to Little Red Riding Hood among the Yellow Hoods if Little Red raced to her grandfather's house in a sail cart and electrocuted the wolf with a shock rod All in all there was a lot of fun and energy throughoutThe only downsides to the story were a few places where the pacing could have been smoothed out such as in the transition between chapters There were also a few subplots and side characters that didn't get much attention For example there was a small bit of romance between a brigand and the guard captain's daughter but since they were ultimately minor characters there wasn't a lot of development of that plot thread I also felt like the story slipped tense a bit at times seeming to be in third person limited focused on the main characters while at other times seeming omniscient and moving from one character's thoughts to another These slips didn't detract from the fun and adventure of the story but they're the main reason I didn't assign a fifth star to the ratingI definitely enjoyed this book and I'll be checking out the seuel as well In Along Came a Wolf Adam Dreece has written a great children's book full of adventure high jinx and bravery in the very best traditions of the Famous Five and the books of Roald Dahl The story is set in a very believable fictional world where the technology many science fiction fans would recognise as Steampunk is in its infancy and inventors are kingThe story is very loosely based around the three little pigs only instead of a wolf we have the dastardly Andre Leloup who has come to steal top secret plans from the master inventor Nicholas Klaus only to be confronted by the Yellow Hoods Klaus's granddaughter Tee and her friends Richy and Elly who decide to do something about itThis is a cleverly written rich children's story interweaving classic fairy tales into this uniue setting to deliver something both recognisable and very very new For those of us a little older it's great fun seeing Dreece subtly reveal the various inspirations for his characters until you find yourself second guessing whenever a new character appearsIn Tee Dreece has created a clever stubborn and ingenious lead character who beats her enemies using uick thinking and the help of her friends The Yellowhoods face their foes with optimism and excitement and always believe they will win and throughout the book there is a feeling of excitement and adventure taking those of us a little older than we once were back to the fun and games of our youth whether in the thrill of riding a sail cart or the joy in developing plans to bring down our enemiesI would recommend this book to anyone who likes their their adventures innocent their heroes plucky and their villains just the right side of scary Let me start by giving some background For most of my life I have been a reader of science fiction Hard scifi Space Opera Post Apocalypse and Dystopian have been my normal fare for over three decades In a nutshell this review is by a reader of the hard stuff who took a chance and was pleasantly surprisedI have never read any Steampunk before and had heard about a new series that was being billed as Emergent Steampunk A story that was good at introducing the reader into the Steampunk genre I also was attracted to the fact that while being Young Adult it was layered for a mature audience as wellIt was fantastic Everything about it was just wonderful The characters the storyline the fact that I was slapped in the face by an epiphany sometimes a little late but that made it even fun when I found out that a character hailed back to a fairy tale I had read as a child It was just really fun and brought out the child in me WonderfulIt is a cliche but it really grabs the reader and doesn't let go Every time I had to put the book down I could not wait to get back to it It was one of those rare stories that just consumes you I see that the series is already into its third book with to come as well as a short story coming out soonI can honestly say that this literary tribalist cannot wait to get started on Breadcrumb Trail This book marks my introduction to the steampunk genre and I thoroughly enjoyed it Along Came a Wolf is the first book in the Yellow Hoods series by Adam Dreece and takes readers on a perilous adventure with some innocent yet cunning members of a secret society I enjoyed getting to know the story’s characters who ranged from uirky and heroic to dastardly and sinister Dreece does an excellent job of conveying the depth of familial relationships without overtly describing them and his ability to build suspense is expert I was also grateful that his descriptions of various gadgetry were easy to follow without being overly dumbed down for those of us who are less mechanically inclined Although I was left with one or two uestions about the extended plot I anticipate being pleasantly enlightened as I continue the series Dreece has built an entertaining and intriguing foundation for this tale of right versus might and I am eager to follow the continued escapades of the Yellow Hoods Along Came a Wolf is Book One of a YA series that is a fun read for all ages Adam Dreece's characters are so ALIVE and ENGAGING you want to keep reading to find out what happens next The villain LeLoup really makes you root for the Yellow Hoods to win We could all use a guy like Nikolas Klaus a Nikola TeslaSanta Claus like character in our lives to help us out of jams The titular Yellow Hoods Tee Elly and Richy are feisty funny and make a great team I'm looking forward to seeing what kinds of trouble they get themselves into and out of in future installments of the series I thoroughly enjoyed this book Thanks Adam