Het gouden ei

Het gouden ei❃ Het gouden ei kindle Epub ❧ Author Tim Krabbé – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Rex stond weer op en liep naar de auto Hij pakte het polaroidtoestel uit Saskia's mand en maakte een foto van het benzinestation Een grapje voor zo meteen maar hij zag ook de blikken al voor zich die Rex stond weer op en liep naar de auto Hij pakte het polaroidtoestel uit Saskia's mand en maakte een foto van het benzinestation Een grapje voor zo meteen Het gouden PDF/EPUB ² maar hij zag ook de blikken al voor zich die kennissen Saskia en hijzelf elkaar nog jaren later zouden toewerpen als ze het onderschrift in het album zagen total tankstation met daarin Saskia enkele minuten voordat zij voor het eerst op de Autoroute zal chaufferen De foto aan een punt houdend keek hij hoe het total station en de geparkeerde auto's haast of ze even leefden uit de chemicaliën opdoemdenHet Gouden Ei de klassieker van Tim Krabbé werd tweemaal verfilmd in Nederland als Spoorloos en in de Verenigde Staten als The Vanishing Het boek werd in talen vertaald en er werden meer dan exemplaren van verkocht. According to wwwEthnologuecom Dutch is one of 6808 languages that I can not readOuch Now I've mostly learned to cope with my multilingual illiteracy but every so often it returns to haunt me Case in pointI'm sure the original version of Tim Krabbe's cult novel is wonderful Unfortunately as a stupid American I was forced to read the English conversion which I found stilted and unnatural and made for a distracting read The first day there could be nothing but Rex still went to look On foot and without an umbrella even though it was raining softly Passages like the above which for me lacked flow were one of the chief culprits responsible for my viewing this as a fairly tepid “like” The other was some WTF hold the phone reactions to the choicesthoughtsfeeling of the main character which I found incredible not the good kind Both of these issues conspired to periodically rip me away from the narrative leaving me all too aware that I was reading Still despite its flaws the middle third of this very short novelnovella during which we experience the POV of the psycho du jour was exceptionally well done Disturbing doesn’t begin to cover it but on that below PLOT SUMMARYWhile on holiday a young man and his girlfriend stop at a convenience store and the girlfriend “vanishes” No trace no clues no answers Eight years later Rex Hofman has become obsessed with what happened to Saskia on that fateful day He’s doesn’t really care whether she’s alive or not he just needsto know what happened By the way you can pencil this in as one of the those “not uite passing the smell test” character depictions because Rex’s obsession without the concomitant sense of loss just doesn’t hold water After establishing Rex’s preternatural curiosity the POV switches to that of Raymond Lemorne the man who abducted Saskia Here we learn who he is and why and how he did it all of which is unsettling because of the blending of the unassuming everyday normality of the man’s existence with his diabolical machinations This is the gold of the story that really makes this worth reading The story then converges towards the final expression of the exploration of dark obsession Unfortunately the climax involves the most inexplicable character choice since Laura Dern agreed to be Rocky Dennis’s sueeze in the movie Mask I cried bullshit and the narrative lost all vestiges of believability at that point I was left shaking my head in “you can't be serious” disappointment THOUGHTSAs far as I know the translation I read ie the Sam Garrett version is the most popular and I don't believe there is one that is considered superior In other words I think this is as good as it gets unless you can read it in the original Dutch While most of the time it was fine there were enough jarring clanky moments to bother me ‘The local color changes to red everytime we get there ‘ Rex had thought but to his own surprise he hand’t said it But it was hot and far and during the last hour the mood had become a little testy There’s nothing really wrong with the above but my eyes didn’t slide across the pagethey kept hitting speed bumps and something felt a bit off This may just be me so if you see nothing troubling about either of the two uotes I’ve included so far you may have less of an issue than me This brings me to my other gripemain character Rex He's supposed to be the emotionalpsychological anchor of this story and yet his thoughts and actions left me feeling no sympathy for him whatsoever I never connected with him even in the most tangential of manners He just left me either scratching me head or wanting to throw him through a wall Example His girlfriend has been missing for an hour An hour This is the girlfriend he will obsess over for the next 8 years After acknowledging to himself that she is probably being raped and thinking it is likely after all the raping and other violence is done that she will be dropped off on the side of the road he ponders and I uote “All things considered that was the likeliest It didn’t even have to mean the end of their vacation” Nowif you are like me you will want to do a full stop and immediately reread that last sentence Girlfriend you love being raped by kidnapper and your thoughts go to salvaging the holiday Hmm?I wanted to uit the book right there and count to 500 until the angry voices in my head stopped screaming obscenities about the ridiculousness of that thought I reluctantly continued with the book and I’m glad I did because the saving grace of the story is Raymond Lamorne Ray is a psycho unlike any I’ve ever encountered He’s a highly intelligent professor and family man who lives a completely normal life No raving no chronic masturbation nothing indicating he finger paints with his poo or speaks to his dead momma He is just an empty shell completely detached from humanity A man devoid of empathy who gets an “idea” in his head a uestion and becomes “obsessed” with knowing if he can do it Now I could get all poindexter at this point and talk about the deeper meaning of the piece The vagaries of fate the destructive nature of obsession the transmutation of grief into “the need to know” The problem is except for the skin crawling creepiness of Raymond I didn’t feel it Rex was an inadeuate vessel So the writing and the main character left less than liking it but the brilliant Raymond section saved this making it though barely into 3 star territory Still read it for that middle section shiver30 stars Recommended Rex and Saskia a couple are on a road trip in France After stopping at a gas station Saskia goes inside to get drinks while Rex fills the tank Saskia is never seen again She seems to have vanished into thin air Eight years later Rex now in a relationship with Lieneke still can’t help but wonder what happened to Saskia After relaunching a public campaign into her disappearance Saskia’s kidnapper reaches out to Rex He will reveal everything that happened to Saskiaas long as Rex goes through the exact same process “Obsession is the ultimate weapon” Tagline for the 1993 film remake THE VANISHING is a Dutch thriller translated to English It was adapted into a film in 1988 and then remade in America in 1993 The American remake is one of my favorite “classic” movies It stars Kiefer Sutherland and Sandra Bullock as the young couple and Jeff Bridges as the villain Many fans of this novel prefer the original film as well and were not happy with the ending of the American remake This ending is dark disturbing and horrifying I’ve had nightmares about it on and off over the years The remake adds a bit to the climax and even though it’s still disturbing and horrifying it didn’t work for most audiences I guess I’m in the minority I found the original film uite cheesy until the ending As for the bookI’ve had a copy of this for years and am glad I finally got around to it The beginning and ending are gripping but there are some sections in the middle that could’ve been taken out I didn’t need to read 5 pages about a badminton game The translation is a bit clunky as well I’m still glad to have finally read the book that inspired the films My personal opinion Skip this book and skip the 1988 film Watch the 1993 film remake and then google the ending of this book or the 1988 version to see the differences What would you do for love? For knowledge? For understanding? These uestions are asked in THE VANISHING a taut psychological thriller by Dutch author Tim Krabbe I have to admit that at first I thought this book was going to be too sparse; at only 105 pages it didn’t seem long enough for me to believe that the characters and scenes and situations would have much of an affect upon me But I was wrong The style of the writing brought me to a different place a place that can only be best described as that place I go after waking from a nightmare just before the visions fade into obscurity and I am left contemplating what it all meant In fact the mental and linguistic landscapes of this brief novel are so powerful so believable that it has made me rethink how my wife and I will travel from now onThe premise of the story is simple A woman is abducted from a gas station leaving her boyfriend to piece together her disappearance This is an eight year long endeavor for him And he is only given satisfaction at the end when he has agreed to experience exactly what she did at the hands of her killer As I read this I kept asking myself Would I be willing to do this for my wife? I would like to say yes but I’m not so sure My survival instincts perk up a little bit What does this say about me as a husband? These are uestions I would rather ignore than answer For me the most disturbing part of the book was the section detailing the killer’s perfection of his craft through his numerous practice attempts and note taking This is only made creepier by the brief back story and psychological make up of the killer We witness the development of a killer from childhood through his cold blooded murder of two hitchhikers and then to the final enactment of his nefarious plan During this time I kept wondering how many of these types of people I might have conversed with at gas stations or diners or rest stops on my own travels This thought is chilling Regardless of its brevity this book will linger in my mind for many years to come Compared to Borges and King and Hitchcock this book really belongs in a class of its own I will be seeking out titles from this author in the futureHIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION Scary story the dutch film version is even better But you Will need a strong moral it is terrifying I wouldn't normally finish a book I disliked as much as this but it's so short not much than 100 pages and the text isn't exactly tiny There's no way I would have carried on reading if it had been any longer I guess I just hoped something would actually happen to justify its impressive reputation but it didn'tThe premise certainly sounded intriguing Hailed as a modern classic it's supposed to be a tale of obsession and suspense which starts with a young couple Rex and Saskia stopping at a petrol station while travelling through France; Saskia goes to the shop and simply disappears without a trace Eight years later Rex is still haunted by the uestion of what happened to her and is once again prompted to reinvestigate the mystery of her 'vanishing' The story is just completely flat There's no tension no suspense and no reason to be interested in anything that happens The villain's motivations are explored in such a soulless and dull manner that although I found him a disgusting character I wasn't remotely frightened The description of his research and method could have been copied from a Wikipedia page about a serial killer and reading one of those is I know for a fact better and scarier than reading this book Saskia's character isn't really established before she disappears and Rex isn't likeable at all He has a new girlfriend in the post Saskia sections of the book but I have no idea why since he doesn't seem to give a shit about her and considers cheating with a girl he's fleetingly attracted to whose name he then writes down on the 'women's page' of his diary What?? There's an inexplicably lengthy scene describing a game of tennis which serves no purpose at all The denouement has a plodding inevitability about it and I couldn't bring myself to care or feel any horror even though what happens is uite extreme This isn't anything to do with the reasons I disliked the book itself but it also annoyed me that the blurb is misleading view spoilerThe writing on the car doesn't say 'Rex you're so sweet' it says 'Rex you're sweet Sandra' Not a big difference but the blurb version conveniently invites the reader to wonder whether the writing is Saskia's work when in fact it's immediately clear that it isn't And seeing it doesn't cause Rex's obsession with Saskia's disappearance to reignite he's already put out a new appeal for information on her at this point hide spoiler A great little scary story The Dutch movie haunted me for years so I had to read the book finally Even though the book doesn't have many pages the story was written well and the characters are built great A great read for an evening This is one of those books I chased for years trying to find a copy of it It's actually a novella Slim and compact It's a tale of obsession as told by two men Many readers will be put off by the unlikeable protagonists both of the men here are definitely not super nice although one of them is a sociopath and the other is not but noir is built on characters that make you suirm The premise as you might guess by the title is the mysterious vanishing of a young woman during a vacation Her boyfriend is haunted by her disappearance and eventually we get to discover what happened to her Obviously the 'what happened' is the part that keeps you turning the pages and keeps the boyfriend in thrall but ultimately the answer is not as important as the psychological portrait it paints of both a monster and a man the man has in common with the monsters than he thinks It all has a very European noir lit vibe by which I mean it's a bit slow and uiet and not meant for people who love explosions or nice people Those are both in short supply Very difficult to review in a meaningful or helpful manner – that is my first response to Tim Krabbé’s The Vanishing It is not that Krabbé’s style is difficult or daunting; rather the Dutch language original has been translated by Claire Nicolas White into a smooth and flowing English style that makes for a fast and suspenseful read And it is not that the action of The Vanishing is difficult to understand; instead the novel’s plotline while rendered from a variety of points of view is terrifyingly simple And the novel is amazingly short – only 108 pages in the translation I readWhat makes it difficult to review Tim Krabbé’s The Vanishing rather is that the novel’s action is difficult to discuss without revealing key plot points – indeed without giving away the whole show For any book on Goodreads one will see reviews that say This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers Not having looked at any of the other reviews of this book I venture a humble prediction that I will see a number of reviews that say just thatSo to try to review The Vanishing without spoiling everything here goes The book is divided into 5 parts In Part 1 we meet a young Dutch couple Rex and Saskia as they drive south toward a vacation destination in Burgundy Their relationship is not perfect – they tend to suabble over small things – but they seem happy enough Rex even speculates on how happy he is to be with Saskia They stop at a Total petrol station to gas up; Saskia goes into the station to pick up a couple of cold drinks –and vanishes without a trace The police are called and all they can do is certify that Saskia is indeed missingPart 2 takes place years later; Rex is in a new relationship with a woman named Lieneke but he is still haunted by Saskia’s disappearance He awakens from nightmares in which he re experiences a recurring dream that Saskia had described to him – a dream of being trapped inside a golden egg that is hurtling through space Indeed when the book was first published in Amsterdam in 1984 its title was Het Gouden Ei The Golden Egg That nightmare of being trapped inside a golden egg has significance in terms of the ultimate fate of two of the book's charactersIn Part 3 we meet Raymond Lemorne a chemistry teacher whose seemingly ordinary exterior conceals very complex depths He has a connection to the events previously described – a connection that I will not describe here Why not? This review has been hidden because it contains spoilersPart 4 begins by showing Rex back at home in Amsterdam still in the midst of his years long uest to solve the mystery of Saskia’s disappearance He is contacted by the person who is responsible for the vanishing and told that he can learn what happened to Saskia – but only by experiencing what happened to her And he senses that if he agrees to these conditions he will dieWhat happens after that I will not say This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers Indeed I have a hunch that many of the secrets of this novella are already known to many readers because The Vanishing has been filmed twice George Sluizer’s 1988 film a Dutch French co production originally titled Spoorloos won widespread critical praise for its creation of tension and suspense Five years later Sluizer did an American remake of his own European film but that version of The Vanishing with Jeff Bridges Sandra Bullock Kiefer Sutherland and Nancy Travis was generally seen as a standard issue 1990’s Hollywood thriller Either way if you have seen either film you already know a great deal about the surprises that Krabbé’s original The Vanishing offersThe book reminded me of William Shakespeare’s Othello and Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Cask of Amontillado” in its presentation of how absolute evil can hide behind the most ordinary and even placid façade “The Cask of Amontillado” also came to mind for additional reasons that I will not reveal here This review has been hidden because it contains spoilersRead Tim Krabbé’s The Vanishing It is a terrifying little book actual rating 35 stars I liked it it was short and exciting I also liked the aspect of a killer's point of view I just watched the movie and it was almost exactly what I pictured while I read it This is a good book to read if you tend to be the gullible type A nasty little reality check about blindly trusting a stranger in need and following that a suspenseful story about a compelled and determined lover