Deep➢ [Epub] ➜ Deep By Kylie Scott ➬ – Don't miss a beat with the fourth and final novel in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Stage Dive series from Kylie ScottPositive With two little lines on a pregnancy test everything in Liz Don't miss a beat with the fourth and final novel in the New York Times and USA Today bestselling Stage Dive series from Kylie ScottPositive With two little lines on a pregnancy test everything in Lizzy Rollins' ordinary life is about to change forever And all because of one big mistake in Vegas with Ben Nicholson the irresistibly sexy bass player for Stage Dive So what if Ben's the only man she's ever met who can make her feel completely safe cherished and out of control with desire at the same time Lizzy knows the gorgeous rock star isn't looking for anything permanent than a good time no matter how much she wishes differently Ben knows Lizzy is off limits Completely and utterly She's his best friend's little sister now and no matter how hot the chemistry is between them no matter how sweet and sexy she is he's not going to go there But when Ben is forced to keep the one girl he's always had a weakness for out of trouble in Sin City he uickly learns that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay there Now he and Lizzie are connected in the Deepest way possiblebut will it lead to a connection of the heart. 45 STARS 333 One of the best series I have ever read I can't believe that this is the last book I'm going to miss all the characters I don't know how but Kylie Scott managed to make me feel so connected with these characters and I'll always have them in my heart I really enjoyed this one I started it and I couldn't put it down So good This was a sexy and funny romanceI honestly couldn't wait for Ben's storyHe was a mystery to me and I wanted to know about himLizzy is Anne's sister and Mal's sister in law so for Ben she is off limitsBut Lizzy can't resist the irresistible sexy drummerShe has a crush on him and she will not stop until she had himSo when she finds the opportunity she gets his number and start texting messages with himThrough the texts they develop a friendship with sexual tensionBut Ben insists that they must stay friends and nothing One night in Vegas will change their livesLizzy is now pregnant and when Ben learning about this at the beginning he freaks outLizzy doesn't expect a lot from him but she hopes that maybe something can changeBen wants her near him to know she is ok so she follows the group on their tour Can they manage to find a way to be together as friends or as something ?I loved LizzyShe is sassy funny and strongDefinitely one of the best in the seriesAnd Ben this sexy mystery guy I loved himI loved his concern for Lizzy especially since he never wanted to be a father because he liked the way he wasAnd I can understand it however in the beginning he was a little jerkBut when he clearly saw what he wanted he become sweet and protectedI loved how the story set up with us see how things are now and before how Ben and Lizzy metOne thing that I loved this book is that we still can see the others and believe it was so niceMal is still the same amazing guy that I fell in love in PlayHe and Anne are hilariousAnd I loved that he cared for Lizzy his little sister in law And Jimmy with Lenawow it was nice to see them and they have a surprise But apart from them we see Ev and David and Marthayes yes she is back I'm officially a groupie of Stage Dive and I highly recommend this series to anyone who wants to read funny and sexy booksNow I'm eager for the new series Dive BarThe sexy redhead Vaughn intrigued me and now I want to know about him 4 stars I love the Stage Dive series I love how this band is like a family I think Kylie’s writing is fresh and fun and I love the characters she comes up with This is the fourth and final book of the Stage Dive series and honestly I’m sad to see i it end These books make me laugh out loud but they also have many heartwarming and steamy moments They really are the total package Lizzy Rollin’s older sister is hopelessly in love with Stage Dive member Mal So Lizzy has got to know the band pretty well And she has fallen herself for the sexy bearded bass player Ben Ben tries to stay away from Lizzy These two just ‘click’ but he’s been warned off Mal is one of his best friends and Lizzy is like a little sister to him He can only fight her so long One night it happens One time But one time is all it takes So thats where the story starts Lizzy is pregnant and the baby is Ben’s I really wish I could say that there story was sweet romantic and easy but it’s not It’s complicated It’s a rough road Ben isn’t sure if he’s ready for all this He’s never wanted this for his life Lizzy isn’t sure if she’s ready either but she doesn't’ have much of a choice There is a lot of push and pull between Ben and Lizzy A lot of back and forth and I have to say there were lots and lots of moments that Ben really peeved me off Did I love him by the end of course I did but during not so much I wanted to but every time I would get close to getting those feels for Ben he would do something or say something that just pushed my buttons But I did love the beard I am a sucker for the beards and the tattoos and the jerky guys so Even though I obviously had my Ben issues I completely and utterly ADORED Lizzy In fact Lizzy may be her best heroine yet I can’t tell you how many times she made me laugh She was understanding with Ben but she also didn’t put up with his crap She had a backbone and she was doing what she had to do with or without him Lizzy’s heart wants him and she’s obviously crazy attracted to him Ben is irresistible to her You can just feel the attraction between them No matter where they were in their story you could always feel that connection they had I absolutely loved catching up with the rest of the Stage Dive crew Jimmy is and will always be my favorite man in this series I love him so hard but I have to say Mal kind of stole the show in this book He’s up to all his crazy antics and kept me rolling with laughter I loved how much he loves Annie and Lizzy and seeing him as a big brother figure was just a treat Deep had a bit of a forbidden love aspect it had some drama laughs and tears The ending was everything I hoped for and love from a Stage Dive novel I loved catching up with the band and really enjoyed the epilogue I'm Gonna Go With 3 Stars SpoileryI find myself struggling on my rating with this one Now that might just be due to the fact that I cracked this baby open at 12amand finished it at 3amwhen I had to be up at 4am butWHATEVSI liked it don't get me wrong But it felt a little formulaic in the sense that I felt like I was reading a mash up of all the installments preceding this one Ben who I uite honestly felt like I never really got to know seriously he was barely a blip on the pages of the previous books and uite frankly we didn't get to know him any better in this one was like a watered down version of Jimmy But without the drugalcohol addiction and an interesting back story And a personality in general really And Lizzy?She was like a watered down version of Mal But female And pregnant And with seemingly no purpose but to uit school and follow the band around while waiting for Ben towhat exactly? Oh yeah decide he really loves her and wants to be with herbased on one car ride one slam bam thank you ma'am and a long string of text messages interspersed with the occasional phone call Now don't get me wrong I thought their little textual relationship was cute and all I just would have preferred a little relationship building in between the OMG I'm Pregnant and the OMG I love you a run around which by the way seemed to take FOR fucking EVER despite the fact that nothing much seemed to happen in the interim Oh and Martha the plot device Ben's heinous sister bitch makes an appearanceBecause DRAMALike I said I liked this book well enough I just would have loved it if we got to know Ben a little maybe his and Lizzy's relationship and thus the story might of felt a little developed then too Needless to say I was a little disappointedbut I still love this series This was just probably my least favorite ”So I’d been knocked up by a rock star Big deal” image error 3 Wandering Stars Ben lives for music He doesn’t want commitment he doesn’t a family and he doesn’t want to settle He just want to travel the world without chains with his music The first girl that ever leaves a mark on him is Lizzy but since she is the sister in law of his friend and band mate he keeps her at arm’s length Until one night in Vegas changes everything and this time what happened in Vegas doesn't stay there Despite being in love with Ben for a while an expected pregnancy from a one night stand isn’t exactly news that Lizzy welcomes easily Especially because she believes Ben will never feel the same for her as she feels for him But now together on tour and with the prospect of a child together they are forced to acknowledge the feelings between themBut how does Lizzy shows Ben that sometimes what you need is right in front of you? I’ve said before that this is probably one of the best rock star series of the moment The storylines are strong and we have sexy heroes and nice heroines Unfortunately for me this was the weakest book of the series I normally love the “unexpected pregnancy” plot so I was rather anxious to reading this but in the end of it I just felt underwhelmed It was sweet sexy and engaging It had its funny remarks It was very well written But something just didn't click for me Not only it was the main couple see below but also the way their relationship progressed they basically went from texts to one night stand to pregnancy to texts again to ‘I love you’ Despite the texts had been sweet the process of them falling in love especially Ben didn't felt completely real for me I needed dynamic between them a slightly realistic approach to the pregnancy issue But this is probably just an itch of mine so don't take it too serious However if you love a good rock stars book you can’t miss this series Rating 3 Stars Characters Development My main problem with this book was precisely the heroes In fact except for the last book where I loved Jimmy I had trouble with all the MC’s Lizzie was a little immature and I get it you’re a college girl who just found out to be pregnant and that can be shocking But you’re definitely old enough to have a little self respect than to wait for a guy to change his mind about commitment Even if said guy is your baby’s daddy And Ben? Well after the 70% mark I started to really like him but until that point he was either an asshole or he was just there At some moments it almost looked like he was a supporting character rather than the hero I didn’t understand all the need for Ben’s sister drama opening a plot for the next book maybe? However it was nice to see of the others and how their lives have been progressing Steam Some hot scenes Sensible Subjects view spoilerNo hide spoiler 4 Stars So I'd been knocked up by a rock star Big deal Nothing can ruin a dinner party uicker than a random pregnancy announcementespecially when it's yoursand the guy that knocked you up is the sexy bearded bassist for a rock band that also happens to be a commitment phobe Oh and said pregnancy is the result of one stolen night together that really wasn't supposed to happen and said bassist hasn't talked to you since Suffice it to say that Lizzy Rollins is having one hell of a week Also wow if this was the result of having great sex then I was so never going there again Not even for mediocre sex Nothing I might even rule out masturbation just in case You couldn't be too careful Random attack sperm could be anywhere just waiting to get a girl in trouble Got your attention now don't I? Good I've been a huge fan of this series since the very first book Whenever I need a feel good lighthearted sexy and laugh out loud rockstar romance this has been my go to Every book has been uniue in it's own right and I just knew that Ben's story was going to be a good one ever since we first met him in Lick If you've read Lick you don't get the best impression of him there I gotta warn you he will have even bigger dick moments in this book But boy oh boy you will also find yourself falling hard for the bearded sex machine right along Lizzy Dreamy dark eyes pinned me in place owning me He licked his lips Every time he did that my hormones erupted into the song of joy a full orchestra plus heavenly choir accompanying The whole shebang It was ridiculous While the situation in this book and the back and forth between Lizzy and Ben may have driven me crazy in any other book the saving grace here is the laugh out loud humor I couldn't get enough of Lizzy's inner monologue Between Mal's random appearances and the rest of the Stage Dive crew it was non stop fun Ultimately I have to say it was really Lizzy that stole the show here though Goodness did he look angry Between the beard and the expression on his face he looked downright barbaric He might as well be dressed in furs and carrying a spear presenting me with the boar he'd caught for dinner Ah good old fashioned Stone Age romance Lizzy is Anne's younger sister and ever since she met Ben through her relationship with Mal Lizzy has been enraptured with him But Ben also knows that Lizzy is hands off for him Not only did he get warned off by Mal he's not the relationship type and knows he can't give her what she wants But that doesn't stop Lizzy's feelings or her pursuing of him What begins as innocent texting soon begins to turn into something much Until one night where they both throw caution to the wind and finally give into the inevitableUnfortunately for Lizzy Ben seems to have some super sperm So what should have been one night comes with much bigger repercussions Now they're forced to deal with a pregnancy a rock star that never sees himself getting married raging pregnancy hormones and did I mention the raging pregnancy hormones? A wounded heart was apparently no competition for an overeager vagina The urge for sperm made no sense I already had a baby on board My tart attention seeking nipples stood out loud and proud beneath my top just begging for his lips The situation between my legs wasn't any better I can't tell you how much I loved the banter between Lizzy and pretty much every other character including Ben Even though I did find myself wanting to reach through my kindle and beat the neanderthal with a blunt object at times Lizzy's inner thoughts really lightened that up The chemistry between her and Ben was electric I couldn't get enough of it Without comment he sat up grabbing the back of his button down shirt and pulling it over his head His chest was so pretty So hard and big and stuff it made my I drop to my shoe size Everything about him did The bearded sex machine turned me into a stuttering fool Sad but true This was such a bittersweet book for me to read because as much as I enjoyed it I was so sad to see it come to an end I really hope that Kylie will give us a spin off and hopefully we won't be seeing the last of VaughnThis was a sexy laugh out loud and entertaining as all get out romance I definitely recommend it for all fans of rockstar romanceIf you loved the rest of this series than you are definitely going to love this one I'd highly recommend reading the series in order to truly appreciate all the characters and really enjoy it though you could read it as a standalone ARC courtesy of publisher in exchange for an honest reviewFor reviews visit 4 the bearded wonder starsKylie Scott's Stage Dive series is probably my favorite rock star series of all time Every time she releases a book for each member of the band I can't help but fall and deeper in love with the characters and their journey to HEA Lizzy Rollins has left her wild teenage years behind Since then she has been nothing but a good and supportive sister to Anne and a good student Then she meets Ben Nicholson Stage Dive's laid back bass player and suddenly Lizzy found herself in the throes of infatuation with Ben Despite being warned against pursuing Lizzy Ben strikes a rapport with her and they started texting each other Then Lizzy found out that Ben wasn't really into her as much as she's into Ben which became one of the sources of angst in the book But the attraction is still there and it all comes to a head during Mal and Anne's wedding A few weeks laterLizzy found out she's pregnantCue angst Just kidding Although I'm not really because yes there is a bit of angst here but it's not overwhelming It's mostly because of Ben who I wanted to hit upside in the head for the better part of the book The humor and characterization balances out the angst perfectly Even during some of the heart wrenching moments Kylie Scott still made me burst out laughing I loved Lizzy This author really writes great heroines and I love her for it Lizzy just like all her other heroines in this series is funny and self deprecating and relatable Don't get me wrong she isn't at all perfect but I really liked her I loved her relationship with Anne and Mal and the rest of the band Benwell let's just say it took me awhile to warm up to him He's as fine as the rest of the guys but his fear and the way he kept reneging on his promise to Lizzy wasn't my favorite part of the book He did get better though and once he got his head out of his ass and got his act together he was as swoony as the rest of the guys I just wanted togetherness between him and Lizzy Despite that I really enjoyed this one And finally we got to see the band in action on the road And that epilogue was really sweet It was wonderful to catch with other couples as well I love love Jimmy and Lena actually I loved all of them that I am begging BEGGING Kylie Scott to write an extended epilogue for all the couples I want Ev and David Mal and Anne Ben and Lizzy and of course Jimmy and Lena Me want Make it happen Ms Scott ARC provided by St Martin's Griffin via NetGalley Deep is book 4 and I believe the final instalment of the Stage Dive series Despite this it works perfectly well as a standalone so don't be worried if you haven't read the first three although I can highly recommend themWhat we've come to expect from a Kylie Scott Stage Dive novel is an entertaining feel good romance loaded with her trademark humour and wit and Deep is most definitely maintaining that trend It's a beautiful contemporary romance to binge read in one sitting with a big ole goofy grin on your faceIt actually reminded me a little of Lick the first book of the series whereby the central couple are thrown together by an unexpected event and work out their relationship from this moment on In Lick it was a drunken marriage in Vegas in Deep we have an unplanned pregnancy after just one night togetherSo it's finally Ben's turn to succumb to his forever girl and he knocks up Lizzy who is Mal's wife's little sister during a one night stand despite promising Mal faithfully to leave her well alone Mal is not going to be a happy hyperactive bunnyI'd been dying to read Ben's story all through the series For me he's been a bit of a challenging soul over the previous books and I was eager to see how he measured up as hero material and he definitely didn't disappoint Despite his scandalous reputation he's actually uite noble and tries to do the right thing by Lizzy at every juncture He's brooding sexy kinda commitment phobic but ultimately very likeable and easy to warm toLizzy also makes for a great heroine someone we the readers can truly identify with She's by no means perfect and her inner thoughts make her feel like a friend rather than a book heroine It's very easy to put yourself in her position and ride the emotional ups and downs right along with herUltimately Deep is a highly entertaining light contemporary romance which I read with a bit of a sappy smile on my face It's frothy funny sweet and sexy without too much angst going on and plenty of feel good moments throughout the bookFor fans of the series we get plenty of our favourite characters with revelations for them all and of course Mal is back in all his hyper active glory mad as a box of cut snakes at Ben for knocking up Lizzy who he sees as his little sisterThere's a lovely epilogue to get you sighing happily that rounds it all off and completes their story and fans of the series will I think adore this one4 entertaining stars ARC courtesy of St Martins Press via NetGalley with thanks 4 stars These books are hands down my favorite rock star series I'm so bummed it's over This last installment cries is the story of the Stage Dive bass player Ben and Mal’s sister in law Lizzy Lizzy is a young college student who worked hard to get where she is at along with her sister Anne’s help When Anne and Mal began seeing each other Lizzy met Ben and developed an immediate crush on him Ben has been warned away from Lizzy by Mal but this doesn’t stop Lizzy from pursuing Ben on her own Obtaining his cell phone number Lizzy and Ben strike up a friendly rapport with sexual tension in the subtext but Ben insists that they must remain friends Over time feelings develop and grow stronger until one night between them changes everythingThis book begins with Lizzy discovering she is pregnant and shows us their story in flashbacks Once Ben discovers he is about to be a father he completely freaks out claiming that he never expected to have a family and that he was too ingrained in the rock and roll lifestyle to be a good father Lizzy having chased him around for months doesn’t expect much from Ben but hopes that he can open himself up to her Ben invites Lizzy on tour with him so she can be near while she’s pregnant but it leads to uncomfortable situations for everyone I love the Stage Dive series Kylie Scott has done an amazing job as an author delivering to us original uniue stories with different plot lines in each installment Lick was very serious and angsty Play was funny and playful Lead was about fighting your demons and Deep is about accepting what comes to you and knowing you deserve to be loved I honestly love the books the most in the order in which they were released First book is my favorite and so on making Deep my least favorite of the series but still a fantastic ending for these characters I guess the reason I didn’t love it as much as the others was I had a difficult time with Ben and where he was coming from There was so much frickin whiplash from him towards Lizzy and there were times I wanted to reach in the book smack him and tell him to wake up and see the amazing woman he landed Lizzy is what saved their romance for me because she saw Ben for who he was and she never wanted to change him She just wanted a spot in his life and to love him for himI loved that we got a taste of all of the couple in this one like Jimmy and Lena and a glimpse at their future Anne being the sister meant that we got a bit Mal in this book yay and a little bit of Eve and David too There was a surprise plot bomb dropped in this book was Martha and I’d really like to get some answers on that Maybe a novella or a spin off book please? I also wished this book was longer than it was But maybe I’m just selfish Arc was provided in exchange for an honest review 45 Stars Good girls don't fall for rock stars Oh man These rock stars rock my world Deep is the last installment of Stage Dive series and I couldn't help but feel a little bit sad because all the characters David Ev Mal Anne Jimmy Lena Ben and Lizzy have grown on me How can I not? In Deep we finally get to have the story of Ben Nicholson Stage Dive's bass player and Elizabeth Lizzy Rollins Anne's sister Ever since Lizzy set her eyes on Ben she has been crushing and sort of 'obsessing' over him To the point where she texted him and basically flirted with him Much as Ben tried he wasn't able to resist Lizzy so he flirted her back in secret But because Mal warned him to stay away from Lizzy and because there was a huge gap between their age he tried to ignore her to no avail One night in Vegas though the two of them had a drunken sex which later on resulted to Lizzy's pregnancy So I'd been knocked up by a rock star Big time I love unexpected pregnancy love stories These tropes are my weakness so I wasn't surprised when I found myself so smitten with this book Apart from Lizzy's entertaining POV which made me crack up every time I also enjoyed the push and pull relationship between her and Ben It was sweet in a way that swoons and sort of frustrates you at the same Their story wasn't built to be perfect as each of them has flaws especially Ben who acted immaturely in the first half of the book But I loved how both of them became well developed characters in the end Especially how Ben's principles in life slowly changed as he got to know Liz and shared a complicated relationship with herYes there were lots of bumps in the road for them but those things gave them the opportunity to explore their feelings I also loved how the other Stage Dive characters helped them figure out their issues Let's not forget Sam who's always been there haha These characters are literally SUAD GOALSThe ending was of course a joy to read All of them have their piece of happy endings and I loved it I just felt kind of emotional because the series already ended I am looking forward to reading Kylie Scott books though

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