The Wrong Kind of Blood

The Wrong Kind of Blood❰PDF / Epub❯ ☁ The Wrong Kind of Blood Author Declan Hughes – Ed Loy hasn't been back to Dublin for 20 years but his mother is dead and he has returned home to bury her He soon realises that the city waiting for him is very different from the one he left behind Ed Loy hasn't Kind of PDF Ê been back to Dublin for years but his mother is dead and The Wrong PDF \ he has returned home to bury her He soon realises that the city waiting for him is Wrong Kind of MOBI õ very different from the one he left behind all those years ago Loy finds himself thrown into a world of organised crime corruption and violence. A dnf for me Nothing much happens in the first 100 pages and I cared neither for the MC or any of the other characters A man returns from LA to his home country Ireland to attend his mother's funeral There he gets involved in the livesproblemspossible criminal activities of some of his old friends But It's one of those he goes there; he goes here; he talks to her and him and him and then there's a body Wait another body And his old pal is a policeman Of course he is Another pal is sort of shifty and caught up in shifty doings Of course he is An old flame takes him to bed What else is she supposed to do? She's sort of flat and one dimensional Now the writer CAN write and his descriptions of Ireland streets and sights the weather etc are very well done But there's not enough story for me to go on Seriously I fell asleep on page 99 and the book fell on the floor This has happened to me before; it's not a good sign What woke me up? A thunderstorm followed by an intense desire to read something that will drag me in and refuse to let me goThis wasn't it No rating I can’t remember now where I heard about Declan Hughes but he is the real McCoyan Irish writer with a depth of knowledge about human decency and failure crime and motivations His canvas is local—there is a known ya a long time intimacy to Irish novels that are uite unlike anything coming out of America and families pass on curses and debts and deep knowledge of their community Before turning to crime novels Hughes was a theatre director and playwright so he has the goods knowledge of how to use conversation structure tension to make a novel workIn this first of a series Hughes wrote before the great economic downturn—the implosion it was in Ireland with its inflated housing market and ballooning wealth Since 2007 we have seen many follow on novels that tell us how the aftermath of the financial crisis played out in Ireland eg Tana French Broken Harbor and Ian Rankin The Impossible Dead but this comes before the end when the crazy changes in living standards made one feel wildly giddy as though one were looking in a funhouse mirror It is fascinating now to look back at that time and wonder how everyone really thought it would end or if it would endThe main character is Ed Loy transplanted for years to sunny California where he escaped for a while his Irish roots Come back to bury his mother from whom he was estranged he found himself seeking the fate of his father who had disappeared without a trace many years before Nothing is finished until we decide it is so and Ed finds old friends and enemies just about where he left them years beforeThe story may become a bit unwieldy in its convolutions by the end but the skill is sufficient to make us curious to look for of Declan Hughes Irish son that he is 3 starsVery enjoyable well written mystery Only real flaw was a what? moment in the middle highly improbable but easily forgiven I wanted to find out what was going to happen view spoilerAnd the body count was a bit high for my taste hide spoiler I really enjoyed The City of Lost Girls which is the 5th in this series so I thought I'd go back and read the othersSo far this has been a disappointing experiment Maybe this book suffers in comparison to the later one and it probably isn't helping things that I read it after finishing The Whisperers by John Connolly which I absolutely adored but the fact is that finishing this was a struggleMr Hughes writes and plots well but overall the book is sort of gray and cold and drab than grim if it had been grim it might've been compelling It reminds me of the feeling I used to get when I lived in Seattle when February rolled around and days were short gray cold and indescribably dreary and had been that way for the past 350 years or soNot a terrible book but not a great one either A solid private eye story Nothing revolutionary but well plotted with good characters and a strong sense of atmosphereMy only issue was the half dozen times that the author chose to flash forward or back It felt like a device that added little to the story but rather took away some of the surprise and discovery that the story would have if it was told linearly A very small gripeI would definitely read the next in the series A very confident and strong addition to the private eye genre Pretty good book not a classic crime noir but close to it Takes place in Dublin and the protagonist is an Irishman living in Los Angeles that returns home for mother's funeral It has lots of action dead bodies and family ties Parts of it are a little verbose and in sections it drags but maybe it has to do with it being the author's first book and he is trying to set backgrounds for his next book there are two There is also a lot of characters and they are in some places hard to keep track of Overall a good story in the mold of the new Irish crime writers You will enjoy it I really like the way the author paints a picture of contemporary Ireland throughout his books This is the second one I've read I didn't give the book than three stars because the mystery wasn't that interesting to me I did like the main character who is a private detective with a penchant for getting in trouble Sound familiar? Good writing and an easy read It took me awhile to get through THE WRONG KIND OF BLOOD and I don't know why In most ways Declan Hughes has written a very good but typical hard boiled detective novel albeit one enhanced by an evocative sense of place and time as with many novels written by Irish authors Ireland or rather Irishness is an important actor in the story But there is something about this book that is far than the typical The protagonist Ed Loy is a prodigal son come home too late Like many a dark hero before him he has a tragic past on several counts Like Sam Spade and Lew Archer and a host of others women fall for him uickly and he can out tough the toughest bad guys and the cops Loy however often gets as good as he gives in these tough guy encounters Ultimately what separates THE WRONG KIND OF BLOOD from the typical and what makes the book than a very good detective story is the author's sly and clever use of language Don't skim Read carefully and thoroughly so you don't miss any of the artfulness Declan Hughes knows how to turn a phrase and sometimes it sneaks up on you The book is certainly a keeper and I look forward to reading of this author's workEd Loy is back homeFleeing emotional shockPuts the past to bed PROTAGONIST PI Ed LoySETTING DublinSERIES #1RATING 325WHY PI Ed Loy has been living in LA for a long time when he returns to Ireland after the death of his mother He has every intention of returning to the US upon settling his mother’s affairs He’s the proverbial stranger in a known land There are many things that he is very familiar with and as many others that are completely unknown to him Although not officially a PI he acts as one when he looks for the missing husband of a friend Linda Dawson and then her murdered father in law At the same time he is always searching for what happened to his father who went missing many years earlier There’s some beautiful writing but things get overly complicated and confusing as the book progresses He relies on the device of one character filling in a lot of the blanks Flawed but shows lots of promise Hardboiled noir style crime fiction set in modern day Dublin The book features a semi Superman type PI he can be knocked over but only for a minute due to his amazing combative skills and recuperative powers The book has a complex and sometimes confusing plot a fair amount of drinking and sex a pile of dead bodies and a few situations reuiring suspension of disbelief Just an OK read for me I’m a fan of the Adrian McKinty and Ken Bruen books for my Irish crime fix

The Wrong Kind of Blood PDF Ç The Wrong  PDF \ Kind
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  • 08 September 2016
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