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Mr Gilfil's Love Story (Hesperus Classics)❮EPUB❯ ❀ Mr Gilfil's Love Story (Hesperus Classics) ✻ Author George Eliot – Caterina Sarti is the orphaned daughter of an Italian music master who has been brought up by the aristocratic Cheverel family In love with the Cheverel heir Anthony Wybrow her hopes of marrying him a Caterina Sarti is the orphaned daughter of an Italian music master who has been brought up by the aristocratic Cheverel family In love with the Cheverel heir Anthony Wybrow her hopes of marrying him are frustrated by the discovery that not only has Anthony merely been playing with her affections but his family will never accept her as their eual Mr Gilfil the faithful vicar rescues Caterina from her despair but not before she has been irrevocably damaged by her unkind treatment A masterly evocation of tragic love Mr Gilfil's Love Story also reflects George Mr Gilfil's eBook è Eliot's deep ambivalence towards the upper classes Elegant and expressivethis is the most original work of fiction George Eliot ever wrote David Lodge Born Mary Ann Evans Victorian novelist George Eliot – is the author of a number of remarkable works including the masterpiece Middlemarch. After reading George Eliot’s First Tale of Clerical Life I thought I knew what to expect of her second; another account of a clergyman’s life in a country parish told with warmth and intelligence I expected a contrasting story because Maynard Gifil had been refered to in Amos Barton’s story as a former parish priest who had understood his parishioners so much better than the new incumbentI was wrongThe opening had me fooled It introduced Mr Gilfil as an old man long established as the vicar of Shepperton and it illustrated why he had been so popular He was comfortable in the role of parish priest he was sensitive to his congregations wishes he preached short sermons and he was a man who had no family; he belonged to his congregationIt was lovely to meet the narrator I knew and loved from the first Tale of Clerical life I was happy to meet one or two familiar characters again and I settled in for another story of life in SheppertonI was charmed by anecdotes like this “There’s that case hardened old Judy a coming after the tea leaves again’ Mrs Hackit would say; ‘an’ I’m fool enough to give ’em her though Sally wants ’em all the while to sweep the floors with’Such was Dame Fripp whom Mr Gilfil riding leisurely in top boots and spurs from doing duty at Knebley one warm Sunday afternoon observed sitting in the dry ditch near her cottage and by her side a large pig who with that ease and confidence belonging to perfect friendship was lying with his head in her lap and making no effort to play the agreeable beyond an occasional grunt‘Why Mrs Fripp’ said the Vicar ‘I didn’t know you had such a fine pig You’ll have some rare flitches at Christmas’‘Eh God forbid My son gev him me two ‘ear ago an’ he’s been company to me iver sin’ I couldn’t find i’ my heart to part wi’m if I niver knowed the taste o’ bacon fat again’‘Why he’ll eat his head off and yours too How can you go on keeping a pig and making nothing by him?’‘O he picks a bit hisself wi’ rootin’ and I dooant mind doing wi’out to gi’ him summat A bit o’ company’s meat an’ drink too an’ he follers me about and grunts when I spake to’m just like a Christian’Mr Gilfil laughed and I am obliged to admit that he said good bye to Dame Fripp without asking her why she had not been to church or making the slightest effort for her spiritual edification But the next day he ordered his man David to take her a great piece of bacon with a message saying the parson wanted to make sure that Mrs Fripp would know the taste of bacon fat again”It wasn’t long though before the story moved into the past uite naturally; to tell Mr Gilfil’ love story and to explain how he had come to be aloneMaynard Gilfil had been chaplain at Cheverel Manor and it was there that he fell in love with Caterina Sarti Caterina who was always known as ‘Tina’ was an Italian orphan and the ward of Sir Christopher and Lady Cheverel who took her into their care following the death of her fatherSadly Mr Gilfil’s love for Tina was not returned She liked him well enough but she was utterly besotted with Captain Anthony Wybrow nephew and heir of Sir Christopher Cheverel And she thought it was her destiny to be the next lady of the manorThat would never be The Cheverels were prompting a match between their nephew and Miss Beatrice Assher the daughter of a very dear friend; and they hoped that Tina would marry Mr Gilfil Wybrow but he flirted with Tina and she was uite convinced that he loved her as much as she loved himMr Gilfil saw all of this and he realised that there was nothing he do to save Tina from heartbreakI saw the influence of earlier women writers – Jane Austen in particular – in the beginning of this story And then I began to think that George Eliot was testing her literary wings deciding what kind of author she might like to be because then there was a dash of sensation novelTina learned the truthThere was a terrible tragedyThere was a serious misunderstandingAnd all of that led to high dramaI can’t fault the storytelling the psychology or the writing I just have to complain that the author was a little judgemental when she wrote of Tina who was no that a foolish girl blinded by loveSome time later Mr Gilfil met Tina again She was a little older and a little wiser she came to appreciate his love and devotion and she came to love him too They married but there would be no happy ending Tina’s health had been compromised by those dramatic events that she so wanted to put behind her and she died in childbirthThat left Mr Gilfil to live out the rest of his life aloneThis wasn’t Geroge Eliot at the height of her powers; but it was an engaging story very well toldShe might have become a very good sensation novelist; but I’m glad that she didn’t because the road that she chose was much interesting Having previously read Amos Barton in which Mr Gilfil had been referred to I was not expecting a uasi Gothic melodrama I liked Caterina and I loathed fk boy Captain Wybrow What a sad and tragic love story Don't be fooled by the beautiful cover guys And the story unfolded in a way that I'd never expected after reading the plot I love how George Eliot portrayed her characters and their personalities as well as their psychological development especially that of Caterina She had a mixture of innocence and violence in her personality which added layers and flavors to the story Mr Gilfil's devotion and selfless love to Caterina was the final touch that won me over And just when I thought it would end well the story brought its final blow to the tragedy that had already befallen them allRegret ache and overall admiration for Mr Gilfil What can I say than uoting this final sentence of the novella The heart of him was sound the grain was of the finest; and in the grey haired man who filled his pocket with sugar plums for the little children whose most biting words were directed against the evil doing of the rich man and who with all his social pipes and slipshod talk never sank below the highest level of his parishioners’ respect there was the main trunk of the same brave faithful tender nature that had poured out the finest freshest forces of its life current in a first and only love — the love of Tina This is the first George Eliot's work that I've read and it was easy for me to understand why she was hailed England's finest living novelist of her time Sad melodramatic short love story This was an early work of one of my favorite authorsMerged reviewSad melodramatic love story This is an early work from 1857 by one of my favorite authors A love story in reverse Maynard Gilfil's story begins 'When old Mr Gilfil died thirty years ago there was general sorrow in Shepperton'It's difficult to picture the grey haired vicar who always had sweets in his pockets for the children as a young man holding out hope for the love of Caterina an Italian orphan who was taken into the home of Maynard's benefactor Sir Christopher But Tina as she's fondly called has fallen in love with Sir Christopher's heir Capt Anthony Wybrow Wybrow has returned her love until now; a beautiful and wealthy woman has been deemed his match and he's ready to move past what he and Tina had though she isn'tAnd all the while Maynard Gilfil remains absolutely devoted to herEliot is probably well known for her lengthy drawn out novels of country life and 'Mr Gilfil's Love Story' has many aspects of those works ie Middlemarch but in a much condensed form The characters are fully fleshed out with the exception of Gilfil appropriate as he and his love often go unnoticed by othersI really enjoyed this little gem of a book There was a voice speaking in Caterina's mind to which she had never yet given vent That voice said continually 'Why did he make me love him why did he let me know he loved me if he knew all the while that he couldn't brave everything for my sake?' p28 The inexorable ticking of the clock is like the throb of pain to sensations made keen by a sickening fear p47 One of the tortures of jealousy is that it can never turn its eyes away from the thing that pains it p 55 Animals are such agreeable friends they ask no uestions they pass no criticisms p 62 While nominally about the reverend Mr Gilfil's youthful love this story actually centers around Caterina Sarti a young Italian adoptee of a wealthy family who has always been raised comfortably but explicitly of a lower class than her family members Caterina falls for Anthony her adopted father's choice of heir and must suffer with his unattainability even as Maynard Gilfil pines for herThe story is a bit slow to pick up but once I hit the halfway point I was very engaged I like Eliot's writing style and though the characters frustrated me they were well drawn Not my favorite but worth the read A short story published in 1858 as one of the Scenes from Clerical life A very accessible story with Eliot’s brilliant reading of people and emotions uite a bit written in dialect Short and bitter sweetThis was a 1907 edition which I think my Grandfather must have bought second hand uite late in life maybe to compliment his collection of George Eliot novels A 36 Not what I'd call a fun read but I have some respect yet for Georgie Eliot and what she was trying to do The second of three novellas contained in Scenes of A Clerical Life It is set at an earlier time in the same location as its predecessor I wish I had read this one just after Amos Barton the first novella because Mr Gilfil is mentioned in it I feel that Mr Gilfil is a minor character in his own love story even though it likely shaped the man he ultimately became

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