The Love Lies

The Love Lies[Read] ➪ The Love Lies By Debrena Jackson Gandy – Foreword by Actress Kim ColesThe US boasts the highest divorce rate of any country in the world Yet despite the endless amounts of advice and experts available to us we continue to experience increasi Foreword by Actress Kim ColesThe US boasts the highest divorce rate of any country in the world Yet despite the endless amounts of The Love Epub / advice and experts available to us we continue to experience increasing levels of frustration conflict emotional breakdown and failure in our relationships What are we missing What continues to elude us What is inherently wrong with our understanding of what makes love relationships workDebrena Jackson Gandy two time national best selling author and founder of The Love Academy addresses these uestions and the root causes of this massive breakdown in relationships in our countryMost of the advice and models given to American women only address the symptoms of this epidemic usually applying simplified how to techniues that tend to lead to confusion than resolution These are band aids and ineffective ones at that The Love Lies delves deeper to unearth ten toxic beliefs that have been instilled in women from birth influencing us through a wide range of ages and trapping us all in a web of illusions These powerful Love Lies manipulate perceptions and perpetuate behaviors that unknowingly sabotage our relationships The Love Lies sets women free from chronic cycles of dissatisfaction and disappointment and offers a proven process to dismantle the lies heal the mind and heart and transform the American relationship paradigm forever. This book is hilarious First there is a whole page of why the author is so great based on how many talk shows and magazines she has appeared in I had never heard of her but I don't watch talk shows or read magazines Then she says this entire book is not her idea but that god was speaking through her She talks about how girls get warped ideas about relationships but I think she must have grown up on a different planet than I did because not a single example applied to me She explains that this process described in the book is a way of moving from being in your girl to in your woman but is unable to use the word vagina and instead refers to it as the goodness There are a lot of made up terms and acronyms that she introduces which just serve to confuse the writing I found nothing in here that has not been covered in other relationship books in the past several decades What sets this one apart is that the writing is painful to read and the author tries to come across as spiritual and mystical That a comedian is the person she chose to write a foreword should have been my first clue This book would be successful if it were meant as a parody of self help books but I do not think that was the intention FAIL I started to give this book 3 stars but here on Goodreads 3 stars means I liked it 2 stars means It was ok so that's where this book ended up It was just ok I would not even have finished this book or wrote a review on it if I was not committed to reviewing it There are many things I did not like about this book First off if you are married there is no way that these 10 revelations are going to transform your relationships and enrich your love life even though in the description it clearly says it will transform and strengthen ANY love relationship One of these so called revelations is about reuirements lists that some single women may have about the characteristics of the one and one says dating is not how you get to know a man Hello How are revealing these so called truths going to help ANY love relationship? Even in this book it says it applies to married women as well as single women I felt a little duped because I do not think the description matches what you actually get with this book This book at best is a guide for single women And I do use the word guide looselyFurther the author says she received these Love Lies as spiritual downloads which came to her directly from God In than one place she even says God was actually talking to her as in God said Let me point out that I am a believer but this was just too much for me I also did not think these revelations were really anything different than most of us have read in millions of placesAnother thing that got me was how the author referred to Debrena isms One of these Debrena isms was goodness which this author uses to refer to your vagina And this after we have just been given a mini lecture about how we need to go from being in your girl to in your woman If the author is in her woman let's just call it a vagina and move on Actually many times when she used the word goodness she should have just said sex and left it at that Another Debrena ism that got me is how she says we are supposed to man season which means yes you can change your man and you should Of course this book doesn't say anything about us being positively influenced by men as well to do things they might like because of course if we are in our woman we are perfect in every way and don't need changing but those men sure do I'm sorry I just had to throw up my hands at this If the advice in this book is followed you could potentially run into a whole new slew of relationship problemsSo in summary while this book may be good for single women looking to attract a man I think it should be taken loosely And I would not recommend this to any married women that I know This book is amazing it has completely transformed my relationship with myself and my partner I am able to communicate effectively take good care of myself and I now understand my power I recommend this book to any woman wanting to escape the bondage of mainstream thinking and walk into the freedom of truth I love that this book uses God as a guide to make sense of all of it and to bring it all full circle This book has blessed me in so many ways I appreciate Debrena's transparency and wisdom it made this book easy to follow I have recommended this book to all of my friends and family members and those that have read it love it I am no longer walking in my girl I am now living in my woman and my world has changed for the better I love a good self helf book;however this isn't one of themThere wasn't anything here that was new or unbiased Also the author attempts to try to take this professional approach in some places but then refers to the vagina as the goodness I just didnt feel it flowed well at all 3 Self Help Stars When the love lies have entered your behaviors you tend to look for the onehave trouble sustaining a relationship settle have a what I want in a man list think your too independent open your legs too soon those few things are my current struggles 10 Love lies 1 Love is found – people characterize love as a noun something you can go get 2 A man completes you – you don’t have a void3 I have a sole soul mate—people believe you get one chance at love4 Self love is optional—heck noo 5 I have a reuirements list—a man is not a shopping list 6 I need to get what I want from a man – nooo 7 Dating is how you get to know someone – there is no magical scorecard 8 He should already know –he doesn’t 9 I can’t change a man – people are not set in stone they are forever changing 10 I am the follower—females typically lead In this book which I recommend you buy the hardcover book as well as the companion workbook didyoubuytheloveliescom and journal while you go alongBLISS is also an amazing new anagram Be your woman Let go of old beliefsInvoke your feminine leadership Stop the communication insanityStrengthen man seasoning skills speak appreciation Seek healing and forgivenessThis is a really good Relationship book or even a pre relationship book It doesn’t read well unless you have the book with you to earmark I think it is a great addition to the self help relationship world Its simple its delivery but its words women often leave unsaidunread I did not know what to think about this book especially since the cover comes off a bit negative for something that is suppose to help you I should first start by saying I don't buy into the whole God told me so so I was immediately displeased with this book Regardless of that there was not a single thing in this book to help any negative aspect of my relationship It may work for others but it did nothing for me

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