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Private Rio Private #11❮Download❯ ➼ Private Rio Private #11 ➾ Author James Patterson – Two years ago Jack Morgan – the head of the renowned worldwide investigation firm Private – was in charge of security for the World Cup in Bazil During the championship final the action nearly spi Two years ago Jack Morgan – the head of the renowned worldwide investigation firm Private – was in charge of security for the World Cup in Bazil During the championship final the action nearly spilled from the field into the Private Rio PDF or stands Fortunately Jack and his team averted disaster on football's biggest stageNow he has returned to Rio to secure the Olympics But before the torch is lit the threats come fast and furious as Jack discovers that someone is trying to sabotage the games A lethal plan put in motion during the World Cup is set to decimate Rio and turn the Olympics from a worldwide celebration into a horrifying spectacle. In the weeks leading up to the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio Patterson and Sullivan released this thriller from the Private series shining a light on some of the major issues that have been reported by media outlets for years When Jack Morgan attended the World Cup in 2014 Private did well at keeping the event secure in Rio However while everyone turned to the football soccer pitch two poor Brazilian children died from a mysterious virus Hydra but received no coverage At the World Cup's Closing Ceremonies one man was infected with Hydra thanks to a doctor who sought to shine some light on the poor of Brazil but even this was covered up as Rio began its twenty four month countdown to an even larger party By the summer of 2016 Morgan is back in Rio this time to enjoy the Olympics and provide some security consultation However when a rich benefactor contacts him after a family kidnapping Morgan rushes to help and tries to keep things out of the media days before the Opening Ceremonies While he chases down an outrageous ransom demand Morgan has hopes that this will not be a repeat of the drama he undertook in London four years before Meanwhile not feeling there was enough coverage of Rio and its poor who are forced to live in slums a virologist is prepared to unleash something that is sure to grab headlines Having worked on Hydra it is now virulent than ever and has shown interesting results in experiments As Morgan works alongside one of his Private Rio agents to deliver the ransom the drop goes poorly allowing the kidnappers to use their own political platform to expose some of the corruption the Olympics seeks to hide However it is the virus and plans to spread it during the Opening Ceremonies that sobers Morgan and forces him to rush to discover the ultimate plan As the world watches unaware of the major panic that could be unleashed Private must reach a man who is past rational thinking A fast paced novel that leaves nothing in the tank and stirs up curiosity in the largest and most expensive sporting events in the worldWhile this series has received some criticism for all the permutations it has taken when Sullivan teams up to direct the plot things seem to develop successfully I have come to find that the characters are a little better presented the plots a little uicker even if they can get hokey and the dialogue along the lines of what I am used to seeing While this is by no means a stellar piece of literature it serves its purpose to entertain and keep Jack Morgan from becoming too stale What is ahead for Private no one knows for sure but this could be another step towards Patterson's rejuvenation as he lends his name to something with a strong foundationKudos Messrs Patterson and Sullivan for creating another thriller that centres around a major event while not shying away from some of the social issues that plague the backgroundLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Jack sure has a lot of all consuming love relationships Jeezmost of us have limited in life and this guy has one for multiple countries I thoroughly got into this book I ended up reading it in one sitting after days of putting it off for other books This one was a bit predictable but it was still really entertaining The idea of a virus being used as the killing mechanism added a whole aspect of frightening to the mix of a killer at the World Cup and Olympic games because of the fact that it could be devastating at epic proportions The characters were of course easy and amusing to read about and I got drawn in to them by the story which tends to sometimes go the opposite way for me in James Patterson co authors books My uick and simple overall good and fast paced with likeableempatheticinteresting characters for the most part Even the killer has an emotional background for his reason and purpose “More people play soccer than the four of those sports put together and the World Cup pits all nations against all nations with almost every country on earth competing during the four years of ualifying that lead to the final tournament” ― James Patterson Private RioI rarely give out ones Occasionally but a book has to really negatively affect me to get a rating of oneThis should have been at least a decent read After all it takes place in an exotic location with the Olympics as a backdrop It is a mystery that takes place in a stunning locationAndwellit's James Patterson Now I am not a big fan of his but have read a few of his books This should have been at least a decent beach readYet it wasn't I have had so many issues with Patterson's books that I think I am going to stop reading them But this one takes the cake for me I've only ever really loved one of his books The Murder houseSo Private Rio also called The Games is a slow moving and bizarre read Murder and mayhem weird Human experiments killer viruses and lots of boring and dull moments This read like Science Fiction then a mystery or psychological thriller and maybe that is part of the problem I am not a fan of this type of Science Fiction Not in the slightestBut the kicker for me was toward the end SPOILERSThis is not going to be all that longbut I have to comment on this one aspect of the book that occurs close to the end The main character whose name I have forgot loses his girlfriend in tragic circumstances So how long do you think it takes him to move on? A month? a year? Not Try a couple of daysall of a sudden there is an old friend Female and pretty of coarse unexpectedly dropping in to see him and he finds himself looking forward to the future RightI do want some degree of realism in the books I read unless their genre is somethingnot realistic Private Rio AKA The Games plays like a Science Fiction and horror combined with no basis in reality at allI usually try to find something I like in a book even if it is not the book for me but this book didn't make any sense and what I mentioned are just a few issues OKThe Olympicsthere I have found that one thing Nice cover art as wellNow this book maybe appealing to the Horror Syfy buffs Different readers like different things to be sure But for me this was an unpleasant read I really did not get anything out of it Talk about perfect timing This book set in Rio de Janeiro Brazil makes a great lead in to the 2016 Olympics set to begin there Aug 5 In fact I read chunks of it with one eye on my Kindle and the other on our TV set so I wouldn't miss swimming gymnastics and track and field trialsHopefully though none of the events of the book most of which take place within a couple of weeks of the Olympics will be replicated at the real thing The story actually begins a couple of years earlier at the World Games when Jack Morgan's international security and consulting firm Private is hired to help make sure things go off without a hitch Almost unnoticed amid all that action is the death of two young children who mysteriously contracted an Ebola like virus Now Morgan is back in the Marvelous City teaming up with the beautiful and super ualified chief of Private's Rio office He's actually there to protect the two teenage daughters of a client a filthy rich guy who's company won bids to help build the Olympics venues The daughters it seems are volunteers in the city's favelas extremely poor neighborhoods interspersed among those filled with million dollar homes As bad luck would have it the girls turn up missing and Jack's capable team now has the new near impossible task of finding them before it's too late As all this is happening another potentially deadly scenario is taking place unbeknownst to the kidnapping Someone connected to the earlier World Games it seems has decided that no bad deed shall go unpunished As the two story lines begin to merge Jack and his team are charged with a new and potentially far deadly challenge Preventing a deadly threat to the Olympics and the city as a whole from becoming realityIt's an interesting fast paced book but a modicum or of predictability means it probably won't keep you on the edge of your seat Still this is probably my favorite series of the Patterson book empire; already I'm looking forward to the next location The first Private story I found compelling in ages A lot happens in this story possibly a bit too much at times Contrary to other Privates this doesn't bog down due to over writing and over dramatizing as much 7 of 10 stars From the New York Times InterviewerWhat book has had the greatest impact on you personally? Professionally?Patterson “Tristram Shandy” shivered my timbers as a grad student and woke me out of my zombie state about the glorious possibilities for breaking the rules whenever I damn well felt like it Mix first person and third person? Sure if it helps the story Sentence fragments? Hell yesOh go blow it out your ass James Very enjoyable and entertaining like all his Private novels are Takes place in Rio before the games opening ceremony Non stop action from start to finish Another private book it's nice to go around the world with them but isnt it time that Jack Morgan got married now Much better than Paris And whenever Jack and Justine are together everything just improves These two need to be back together Jack Morgan is in Rio assisting with security for the FIFA world cup One man dies of a mysterious infection Jack and his team Private manage to prevent a large scale catastropheThe plot that enfolds at the start was interesting but somehow seemed a bit lame action interspersed with a bit of romance was disappointingTwo years later Jack is back at Rio Just days before the Olympics as the whole world is watching two deadly plots enfold in the midst of beautiful descriptions of Rio it's super rich and poorest of the poor The second half of the book makes up for all the slack in the first half literally had me at the edge of my seat turning the super short chapters caught up in the actionalmost afraid to reach the finish

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