Tempted to Touch

Tempted to Touch❰Reading❯ ➽ Tempted to Touch Author Nigeria Lockley – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Kira Seagram is frustrated by her husband Mason’s zeal for the Lord so she pours all of her attention into her work and reserves her soprano singing skills for the shower Kira would rather not use t Kira Seagram is frustrated by her husband Mason’s zeal for the Lord so she pours all of her attention into her work and reserves her soprano singing skills for the shower Kira would rather not use them if she get can’t the adoration and recognition she feels she deserves and doubts she’ll find singing lead for Mason’s choir When a routine drop off at her son Nate’s private school turns into a ten year reunion with her ex boyfriend uincy McAdams Kira isn’t interested in Tempted to ePUB ✓ Mason's half hearted affection or willing to keep her voice to herself With a firm offer from uincy to help Kira cut a demo and possibly revive the love they let die Kira has some choices to make When Kira finds herself Tempted to Touch will she remain faithful to her husband or yield to the desires of her flesh. This is the 2nd book that that I have read by Nigeria Lockley I cant say enough about Tempted To Touch Nigeria Lockley had done it again with this amazing book I read it from beginning to end because I just couldn’t put it down I had so many emotions it made me happy sad angry and shared a tear Nigeria Lockley is truly gifted and I am looking forward to reading her next LaToya Murchison Author of Poetic ExpressionsI received and ARC copy of Tempted to Touch All that glitters This was the first book I've read by Nigeria Lockley This book is a surefire example of how temptation can rear it's ugly head In the end it's up to us to decide what we will do Here we meet Kira and Mason a couple who loves each other and loves God but on different levels Temptation comes and causes an unforeseen shaking There were surprises along the way which I liked I really liked Mason inside and outside even though I wanted to shake him at one point Either way this was a good story I love God when He shows out in a story Good job Four stars Any story that can get you caught up in the characters is good in my book I found myself angry and snapping my finger with a twisted neck For a woman it magnified the sacrifices we sometimes make for men However it's very religious with a lot of conversations and views let by uotes from the bible As a non religious person I found myself being disappointed with some of the lead character's decisions However I believe the story will hit home for a lot of spiritual people I loved this story especially Lockley's use of imagery I wished that could've been spoken of how the husband played a part in the breakdown of the marriage However I can also see how Kira not beating Mason's neglect of her as his wife over his head shows us how not to point fingers when ultimately trying to resolve an issue A great message of moving forward in spite of adversity 1st read by Nigeria Lockley Easy to follow storyline with realistic situations likable characters Onyjie seemed to be a positive influence to Kira kept her on the right track It was good to see Mason Kira seek guidance for their problems uincy was my least favorite character for his intentions were not as he presented them Interesting content helped make this a good read Title Tempted to TouchAuthor Nigeria LockleyPublisher Inheritance BooksReviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReviewTempted to Touch by Nigeria LockleyMy ThoughtsWonderful and well written story that will give you much thought long after the read The subject matter 'temptation' was right on the mark on what can go wrong so uickly in any marriage whether you are a Christian or not when they try to deal with issues separately there can be problems as it was for Kira and Mason Seagram For these two people from the read you will see how the enemy almost wrecked their marriage However for these two their was a wonderful Pastor Stone who was there with her wisdom which was such a beautiful part of this read that I truly loved Will Kira and Mason get back to being 'healed whole and walking in the promises of God?' Now I will stop here and say you must pick up this wonderful story that was 'powerful amazing and beautifully' presented to the readers Well done to the author Tempted to TouchWhen we fail to do what God tell us to do as husbands and wives we open up the door to the enemy; Mason and Kira were so busy trying to deal with their issues separately and not coming together and surrendering all to God that enemy almost killed their marriage But It's beautiful when we surrender it's healing and brings restoration The moment Kira confessed to Pastor Stone and Mason I wanted to cry; she was destroying the trap of the enemy with her confession Where are the Pastor Stones ? I loved her and her wisdom she showed genuine love for Mason and Kira It was a love that wanted to see them healed and whole walking in the promises God had for them as a married couple Everyone needs a Pastor Stone in their lives Tempted to Touch was powerful amazing and wonderful Highly recommend it Loved it It was so refreshing to read a book that did not drag out every scene Every aspect moved along uickly and yet kept you engaged Nigeria Lockley did an excellent job of describing characters and scenes without going overboard with intricate details like describing every single detail of a room or outfit down to the designer You got enough of a description to paint the picture but not so much that it too away from the story or just felt like page fillers Then there is the aspect of the storyline itself The messages were clear and readers can easily apply them to their life The characters and situations were relatable and realistic Excellent read highly recommended Loved this bookI truly enjoyed Tempted to Touch The book took real life temptations and situations and showed how to handle them from a Biblical perspective I loved how she used the scriptures and applied it to everything that Kira and Mason were going through with their family I can't wait to read from Nigeria Great book I really enjoyed it we tend to run to the world in the first sight of trouble instead of God I was glad her eyes were open to that serpent and let Kira see that the grass was no t greener on the other side