Stella[Reading] ➶ Stella Author Emeric Bergeaud – Stella first published in 1859 is an imaginative retelling of Haiti's fight for independence from slavery and French colonialism Set during the years of the Haitian Revolution 1791 1804 Stella tells t Stella first published in is an imaginative retelling of Haiti's fight for independence from slavery and French colonialism Set during the years of the Haitian Revolution Stella tells the story of two brothers Romulus and Remus who help transform their homeland from the French colony of Saint Domingue to the independent republic of Haiti Inspired by the sacrifice of their African mother Marie and Stella the spirit of Liberty Romulus and Remus must learn to work together to found a new country based on the principles of freedom and euality This new translation and critical edition of meric Bergeaud's allegorical novel makes Stella available to English speaking audiences for the first timeConsidered the first novel written by a Haitian Stella tells of the devastation and deprivation that colonialism and slavery wrought upon Bergeaud's homeland Uniue among nineteenth century accounts Stella gives a pro Haitian version of the Haitian Revolution a bloody but just struggle that emancipated a people and it charges future generations with remembering the sacrifices and glory of their victory Bergeaud's novel demonstrates that the Haitians not the French are the true inheritors of the French Revolution and that Haiti is the realization of its republican ideals At a time in which Haitian Studies is becoming increasingly important within the English speaking world this edition calls attention to the rich though under examined world of nineteenth century Haiti. I enjoyed this than I expected to The translation seems pretty decent I'll have to compare it to the original at some point I would actually have liked footnotes I don't think many casual readers would pick this up so I don't think footnotes would be a deterrant in that way and some of the obscure passages could use contextualization I agree with the one other review posted so far the book is of historical interest As a literary work it falls short very short I got it on a whim from NYU Press because I knew little of the Haitian revolution I know now and I will give the author credit for not whitewashing or overdramatizing either side in the conflict It is a remarkably balanced treatment so far as it goes Clearly the pro slavery factions are the bad guys with France straddling both sides kind of Also the complex interplay among major European powers at the time had an interesting impact on the revolution and its progress which I was less aware about until I read this book However this novel's approach to telling the story left me cold even irritated at times The author clearly couldn't decide between his allegorical design and his need to explain individual details This apparently the first English translation Perhaps it reads better in the original French But I doubt it Of historical interest

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