The HIIT Advantage

The HIIT Advantage Achieve Maximal Results In Minimal Time The HIIT Advantage High Intensity Workouts For Women Is The Resource For The Most Research Based, Organized, And Systematic Information Available On High Intensity Interval Training The HIIT Advantage Keys In On Specific Exercises, Combinations, And Progressions That Will Incinerate Fat, Shape And Strengthen The Upper And Lower Body, And Assist With Core Strength For Excellent Posture And Enhanced Exercises Performance All Written With A Woman S Ultimate Physique In Mind.HIIT Protocols Pair Quick Bouts Of Super High Intensity Anaerobic Intervals With Shorter, Low Effort Rest Intervals The HIIT Advantage Is The Authoritative Guide On High Intensity Training Comprehensive Yet Accessible, It Describes How And Why HIIT Is One Of The Most Effective Ways To Burn Fat And Improve Performance You Ll Find Step By Step Instructions, Photo Sequences, Variations, And Recommendations For 74 Exercises To Define Muscles, Reduce Injury, And Increase Weight Loss You Will Learn The Proper Setup Of A HIIT Workout, The Rationale, And The Ratios For Rest And Recovery Best Of All, You Ll Choose From 19 Complete Workouts Consisting Of A Combination Of 20 , 30 , And 45 Minute Sessions Finally, You Ll Receive Exclusive Access To The HIIT Advantage Video Library, Including Demonstrations Of 24 Key Exercises, As Well As An Original 30 Minute Workout.If You Re Serious About Your Workouts, Get The Advantage Of Burning Fat, Shaping Your Physique, And Improving Performance Get The HIIT Advantage And Get Results I received this book free from Goodreads giveaways What I liked most about this book is that the exercises can be incorporated in to any workout The pictures give a great reference on how to execute the moves correctly It includes information about anatomy and the muscles you are targeting, working with toys and tools, warm ups
Putting it into the mix for some regular workouts. Clear and informative guide to high intensity interval workouts for women Lots of illustrations and good descriptions to aid in your workouts Also guidelines for recovery and stretching, and how to avoid overtraining. This is a great resource for exercising it even tells what shoes to wear for HIIT and includes videos and individual pictures with each exercise it s extremely helpful.

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  • Paperback
  • 200 pages
  • The HIIT Advantage
  • Irene Lewis-McCormick
  • English
  • 15 December 2017
  • 9781492503064