His Burial Too

His Burial Too[EPUB] ✻ His Burial Too By Catherine Aird – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Murder in the TowerAt 1130 pm in the old Saxon church tower at Randall’s Bridge a huge statue toppled and smashed Heavy blocks of broken marble now lay up against the doors barring any exit The soli Murder in the TowerAt pm in the old Saxon church tower at Randall’s Bridge a huge statue toppled and smashed Heavy blocks of broken marble now lay His Burial Epub / up against the doors barring any exit The solitary window was too narrow for a man to pass through; the belfry high above led only to the steep roof which rose beyond the reach of any ladder When Detective Inspector C D Sloan put his shoulder to one tower door it barely opened Through the crack he could clearly see the room was empty—except for the bells the debris of shattered marble and the protruding arm of a dead man How did the murderer escape this sealed tower Sloan’s only clues a spent match an emerald earring and a black threadPublisher’s description. Richard Tindall has disappeared He is normally extremely reliable and informs everyone who needs to know of his whereabouts His car has been returned to his garage with the keys in it but the man himself is not in it and his bed has not been slept in His daughter is worried and the police are informed They are not too concerned at first as there is no indication of foul play Then workmen installing central heating in a village church find their access blocked to the tower by a heap of broken marble which has an arm sticking out of itThis is the traditional locked room scenario how did the victim get in and how did the murderer get out? The solution is simple and ingenious There are red herrings enough to furnish a good sized fishmongers and some very suspicious characters indeed Sloan and Crosby have their work cut out to sift through the suspects and the broken marbleThis has always been one of my favourite books in this entertaining series Sloan is a likeable characters who tries to keep the peace with his irascible superior while at the same time not getting too exasperated with DC Crosby who is always slow on the uptake but uncannily perceptive at times The series can be read in any order This was a fun read which took me back to the 1970's in England I had to chuckle at the reference to Chicago A missing man and a dead one in one Division This isn't Chicago I also enjoyed the reference to an children's radio program called Listen with Mother which aired on BBC radio from 1950 1982 The lady host with the enthusiastic sing song voice would begin with the uestion Are you sitting comfortably? pause Then I will begin The reference from this books is I may not be 'Listening With Mother' said Superintendent Leeyes heavily but I am Sitting Comfortably' All in all it was a lovely cozy read Oh dear This installment #5 in the series finds our dear friend Detective Inspector Sloan and his trusty sidekick Crosby looking into the strangest murder It seems that a man was killed when a rather large and heavy marble statue falls on him but the debris took up so much room that it blocked all exits into the room However only the dead body is found there This one's a fun locked room typed mystery with a uniue solution Again a pretty average entry in the British mystery genre; if you like British mysteries and police procedurals this will keep your attention I will say that I figured out after this book why I've only been giving these average marks it seems to me that the story builds well but the endings are rather abrupt By that I mean that the story is going along rather nicely and all of a sudden Sloan and Crosby are capturing the culprit It seems to be a pattern with the author; maybe this won't be the case in the future but at least I'm prepared for it All in all a fun read I'm getting to like Inspector Sloan in each story A reprint from Rue Morgue press I've read several of her titles and have enjoyed all of them If you like small British towns with uirky characters this author is a good choice Well written and an easy beach read Really a one star for me I like this series a lot so I'll give two stars but this entry was not up to the usual standard Nice locked room mystery briskly doneOnly wish that Aird wouldn’t make so many sentences into paragraphsDistracting thatBut you get used to itAlmost 3 STARS | As I've come to expect from Catherine Aird this puzzle mystery starts off with a delicious bang when a seemingly ghastly piece of statuary why else hide it in a church's confining bell tower? falls over at midnight crushing a man beneath it There is no entry or exit from the bell tower once the marble debris blocks the doors So who pushed it over and how and why? And how did the murderer himself escape the bell tower? It was an intriguing puzzle but the characters in this one didn't capture my imagination in the same way that I enjoyed The Stately Home Murder You may enjoy the solution if you are scientifically minded not my strong suit because my interest began to lag about 34 through Still an average Catherine Aird mystery is nevertheless far better than mysteries by many others If you like traditional British locked room puzzle mysteries I recommend starting with the Stately Home Murder for a better flavor of Aird's humor and cleverness How does she come up with these deaths? Marble statues are lethal A fun uick read where it seems everything is popping up a serious of nasty anonymous letters road repairs and then a dead body Aird has a really nice way of telling a story in such a clear and succinct manner while also making it feel very relaxedWhile not giving away any spoilers what an ingenious techniue to kill someone Some really lovely observations made through Sloan as usual A locked room mystery set in the world of scientific research patents and industrial espionage but still in Inspector Sloan's Calleshire County

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