The Music at Long Verney Twenty Stories

The Music at Long Verney Twenty Stories[Download] ➾ The Music at Long Verney Twenty Stories By Sylvia Townsend Warner – The twenty short stories collected here span five decades from 1929 to 1977 Most of them first appeared in The New Yorker and all of them appear here in book form for the first time They are crowded w The twenty short stories collected at Long eBook ↠ here span five decades from to Most of them first appeared in The New Yorker and all of them appear here in book form for the first time They are crowded with irrepressible living characters and even animated objects and incidents There are stories of romantic love and the mysteries of marriage; of artists who speak the truth even as they distort reality; of gardens and houses and very fine things and of those who fancy themselves their owners The centerpiece of the collection is a series of five linked stories The Music MOBI :¼ about an eccentric establishment the Abbey Antiues Gallery and its singular proprietor the urbane Mr Edom not to mention its uncontrollable inventory staff and clientele. Another solid collection of short stories from one of my favorite authors There are none here that fall below three stars in my estimation and a few are worthy of a fourth or fifth star My favorites were“Flora” – A story about a misogynistic scholar who snubs the eponymous widow when she attempts to deliver something of her husband’s to him“Maternal Devotion” – A mother diverts the attentions of an unwanted suitor to her daughter“Love” – A reflection on what it means to love someone“A Flying Start” “English Mosaic” “The Candles” “Furnivall’s Hoopoe” and “The Listening Woman” all take place in Abbey Antiue Galleries under the management of Mr Edom aided by his assistant Mr Collins My favorite among these is “Furnivall’s Hoopoe” where a woman and an overeager ornithologist tangle over a scrap screen where the aforementioned bird is illustratedAll of my favorites were fairly light if not comical in tone but there were stories in this collection that adopted a serious note including “The Inside Out” and “A Scent of Roses” And even Warner’s comedy is often leavened with a measure of seriousness In “Furnivall’s Hoopoe” for example Mrs Otter whose screen is the object of the dispute is not as happy in the outcome as she might have been because the loss of the screen represents a loss of something important in her life “Toby Otter would not go to prison and his mother would be left with a comfortable remainder Yet it seemed to him that despite this happy ending a sudden cloud had shadowed her a resignation a tremor of regret for something precious and irrecoverable not to do with the screen” p 134The Foreword has some interesting tidbits about Warner’s life and work but the Afterword can be skippedAs with all things Sylvia Townsend Warner at least so far I recommend this little volume enthusiastically Charming amusing rather old fashioned stories A somewhat scattered collection for me the opening story is lovely but there's a randomness to this collection that makes sense in light of the afterward where you learn that Townsend Warner never collected these particular stories in any of her many collections Worth reading but not as a place to start with Sylvia Picked up on a whim in a secondhand book store The twenty short stories are an easy read charming sometimes poignant However they are too “well behaved” for my taste and seem somewhat dated Superb collection Wit charm clever language My version has a foreward by William Maxwell one of my favorite authors This delightful collection of stories almost all of them originally published in the New Yorker and published in book form here for the first time has been my introduction to the writing of Sylvia Townsend Warner and I've loved it so much that I've already ordered a copy of her Selected Stories and one of her novels The stories in this collection are eccentric witty and populated by a wonderful range of the most extraordinary characters Forming a kind of centrepiece are the five stories about the antiue dealer Mr Edom; these are uite possibly the best things in the book humorous reflective sad and uirky by turns 'The candles' is a beautiful visual piece of writing a uiet story set in Mr Edom's shop in a power cut My other favourite is the joyous life affirming 'Afternoon in Summer' A fine collection of stories this collection was not put together by STW or in her lifetime However it was thoughtfully edited by an editor who had worked with the author The stories span several decades of writing and are not presented in any chronological way There is a seuence of stories set in an antiues shop or 'galleries' These stories are written with a tenderness and joy illustrating how much STW was enjoying the writing process it seemsEach story in this collection has much to offer and I will enjoy re reading at a later dateI am currently reading as many short stories by STW as I can get my eyes onRE READ April 2020 This is the first time I've read Sylvia Townsend Warner and now I'm on the hunt for of her books This is a collection of short stories many of which revolves around an antiue shop very funny Like most short story collections some are unforgettable gems and others went over my head I really enjoy her her writing and her characters are wonderful I really tried to like these stories They were highly recommended All I can say is these are tedious stories about pointless empty lives once lived by people I would have avoided had I known them At least the prose was incomprehensible and stuffed with antiue British idiom and what passes for dry humor in England the land of grumpy dislikeable poorly fed and utterly forgettable drunkards

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