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The Raven Prince[EPUB] ✼ The Raven Prince By Elizabeth Hoyt – There comes a time in a woman’s life when she must do the unthinkable – and find employment For the widowed Anna Wren that means taking a job as female secretary for the Earl of SwartinghamSecreta There comes a time in a woman’s life when she must do the unthinkable – and find The Raven Kindle - employment For the widowed Anna Wren that means taking a job as female secretary for the Earl of SwartinghamSecretaries are always male – never female – as Anna well knows but the real downfall of her career is the realization that she is falling in love with Edward de Raaf – the Earl But when she realizes that he is going to visit a brothel in London to take care of his ‘manly’ desires Anna sees red – and decides to take advantage of the opportunity to also take care of her ‘womanly’ desires – with the Earl as her unknowing loverBut the Earl has another reason for going to London He is formalising his betrothal and trying with little success to forget about a secretary that has no right being female Unhandsome he knows that no woman wants himExcept for the mysterious lady with whom he spent two unforgettable nights at Aphrodite’s Grotto the most scandalous brothel in London But when Anna’s plan is revealed a bit of blackmail is thrown into the mix a proposal is rejected and even the Earl himself will be unprepared for the intrigues that ensnare them. The Raven Prince was a sweet sensual delectable book that I've had sitting on my tbr pile for years now In a way I don't regret that because I read it at the right time This lovely story took what could have been dark and melancholy subject matter and made something upbeat and whimsical yet no less moving Anna and Edward are characters that get shoved into closets and overlooked when it comes to romance novels They are both over thirty Neither is drop dead gorgeous Neither are shining diamonds of the ton who usually bore me to tears anyway Neither is especially wonderful to the world except for me I prefer reading about the misfits the 'ugly ducklings' and 'raven princes' I liked the fact that although both Anna and Edward have had some very tragic lonely times in their lives neither of them are particularly whiny about it They have moved on to live their lives even though deep down they hoped for better Anna was married for years to a man who made her feel inadeuate because she never conceived even going so far as to cheat on her When he dies she settles into widowhood supporting her mother in law on his dwindling investments In fact she reminded me of the story of Ruth and Naomi from the Bible in how she cared for her mother in law and loved her The time comes for her to get a position and there are few to come by in Little Battleford However the mysterious Earl of Swartingham needs a secretary and his estate manager Hopple is desperate enough to hire a woman When the two meet there is a connection Not exactly love at first sight but something that develops into much than what an Earl should feel for his secretary I liked that both Edward and Anna looked past the superficial to what mattered in life Anna saw Edward's smallpox scars but importantly she saw a strong beautiful man even if he was a bit surly Edward saw a vivid attractive women although she had a plain face to the rest of the world He liked being around her talking to her being with her He liked her for who she truly was giving her an acceptance her deceased husband had denied herMs Hoyt managed to take some aspects that wouldn't have appealed to me and to build a lovely romance In theory I didn't like the idea of Anna meeting Edward in Aphrodite's Grotto pretending to be a lady of pleasure I hate the idea of prostitution and I especially hate when the hero in a romance book that I am reading goes to a brothel What Ms Hoyt did here was pretty cool If she was going to have Edward go to a brothel to deal with his unseemly lustful urges for his secretary why not have his secretary be the woman he slakes those urges on? Those love scene were very well written and fan yourself now steamy Anna discovers passion for the first time and has to pay the price of passion the knowledge that it is gained without knowing she is loved by the man she is with Edward enjoys his time with the mystery woman but his mind always goes back to Anna Why does she come to mind when he's with this other woman? How can he feel such passion for her when his mind is fixated on Anna? I liked how Ms Hoyt deals with the double standard that society holds to regarding prostitution A woman is the one who is sullied but men are just doing what comes naturally It drives me crazy Anna helps a sick prostitute and has to deal with a bit of social stigma because of it because that woman is dirty and beneath her I was glad she was brave enough to do what was right showing what a 'good woman' truly is I do have to say I didn't like some of the double standards that Edward showed His anger at finding out Anna was his mystery woman and the way he put her on the pure innocent pedestal but had no problem slaking his urge on the professional woman who he always called whores It's just my personal issue with the subject I hate prostitution but I hate it because I don't think a woman should have to use her body that way Even so I hate the hypocrisy of society when it comes to prostitutes They didn't get 'sullied' by themselves So I particularly liked when Anna tells Edward off when he lectures her for taking in the sick prostitute Pearl The way I look at it the oldest profession would go out of business if people didn't pay for sex so it goes both ways for me with a higher burden put on people who pay for sex Anyhoo societal rant asideback to reviewI liked the subtle humor here a light touch that brightened this story and kept it from being too melancholy As much as I like angst sometimes it's nice to have a fun read that's also deep and manages to move me at the same timeI don't think I have much to say here I really enjoyed this book I liked Ms Hoyt's ability to write clearly beautifully but never floridly She captures the Georgian era but isn't heavy handed about it I knew I was reading a historical romance and I believed in the setting I definitely want to read of her books good thing I have been accumulating almost all of them over these few years The elegant simplicity of her prose made this a swift and enjoyable read This was historical romance that was enjoyable from beginning to end I never felt the plot drag or my attention start to wane with this book Although some of their moments of blindly holding on to misconceptions and fruitless determinations frustrated me I never lost respect or liking for Anna and Edward I could see that they had built barriers to love out of fear of heartbreak and to keep themselves safe from further loss Because I felt like I knew and cared for them I found their passion very hot but it also was a sweet deep love story so it satisfied me on both levels In fact I loved the characters for all their imperfections; I felt that they were normal relatable people who deserved a happy ending I was glad I got to see them get their happy day in this book Thanks to my Secret Santa Julie for selecting this book as one of my Christmas presents to read for the Lisa Kleypas group The Raven Prince is the first book in the Prince’s Trilogy and my first read by author Elizabeth Hoyt and I must say I was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed the uniueness of this story in that neither of the characters could be considered even remotely conventional and this in a time when being anything less was nigh unto blasphemous Also there was a Beauty and the Beast fairytalesue feel to it that was done so well one could easily believe in this story and its wonderful charactersA widow of six years Anna Wren knew that as the cover blurb explains there comes a time in a woman's life when she must do the unthinkable and find employment and like it or not her time had come Her husband had left them a small sum to get by on but it was uickly running out and she needed to do something about it Plain of face and slightly plump she was considered rather ordinary of person However she was uite smart for a woman able to read write and do sums but the problem was not only did she live in a smaller village where there little demand for her skills and even worse she was a woman the poor dearEdward de Raaf the Earl of Swartingham was most unfortunate when it came to finding and keeping secretaries It might have been his horrid disposition his demanding schedule or his pox scarred face but whatever the reason he’d just lost another one and at a most inopportune time Edward is in dire need of a secretary and has given his estate manager Felix Hopple one day to find a replacement or find a new employer Well as luck would have it Mrs Wren whilst out pounding the pavement road looking for employment ran into almost literally Mr Hopple They spent some time conversing and Anna became aware of Mr Hopple’s desperate search for a secretary and after some deliberating – and fretting and sweating on Hopple’s part – she was hired And thus begins the tale of how a rather unremarkable widow comes to be in the employ of an unhandsome overbearing Earl and how the two learn to work together and come to terms with their feelings for one anotherOne small thing I want to mention and explain why The Raven Prince did not get a 5 star rating from me is that in places I felt the writing was choppy It didn’t flow well What I noticed were sentences that seemed to end abruptly or times when a conversation would start out one way for example; happy playful teasing – and then end up terse angry or upset and there was no way to tell from the actual dialog the direction the conversation was taking until it was over and someone just wasn’t happy If the author had hinted at the emotions of the speakers that would have helped the flow I’m chalking this up to being a debut novel and while I did have to go back and re read parts to see what I had missed and found that the problem was the writing itself and not me it didn’t detract from my overall joy of the story Now that said there were so many things to love about this book but what stands out in my mind is Edward’s confidence As a young man he lost his entire family to the pox Although he lived he was left severely scarred and this had such an impact on him I mean he functioned well was smart successful and seemed well adjusted and all but every time there was any uestion about his relationship with a woman his pox scars were his first concern While he understood others’ reaction to them he also accepted that they were part of him and made allowances for those around him I can only imagine how severe the scarring was for it to have played such a big part of the story but despite that he kept on keeping on He lived did the things that needed to be done didn’t lock himself away in his home and yet my heart broke for him because of the fact that he had to be at all concerned that someone would find him repulsive It gave him a vulnerability that I wouldn’t have expected but one I couldn’t ignore Anna was such a joy to read about I loved her for all the things she risked all the things she did to be with the man she had come to care about And my heart broke for her as her husband’s infidelities while he was alive come back to haunt her even in his deathOk one of my favorite characters was Mr Davis Edward’s valetbutler What a hoot this man was He suffered from a malady known as Selective Hearing Loss It’s a wide spread yet little understood illness usually found in teen agers In fact all three of my own children became afflicted with this illness somewhere around the age of 13 I found it uite endearing in Mr Davis Not so much in my own children Another delightful part of this novel was the fairytale within the story which was so beautiful in its telling that I had thought it surely written hundreds of years ago by a master storyteller But the truth is that it was also written by Elizabeth Hoyt What a talent she has I’m looking forward to continuing the Prince’s Trilogy and seeing what’s in store for Harry Pye in The Leopard PrinceI think it best if I end my review here because if I keep going I’ll give away far too much and I want to leave the treasures of this story for you to find on your own FULL REVIEW NOW POSTEDEdward said to AnnaI am in you and you are holding me There is no going back from this moment45 starsLITTLE BATTLEFORD ENGLAND MARCH 1760I don't want to give away too much and of course I don't want to spoil your reading experience That's why my synopsis will be super short Suffice to say that Edward de Raaf the fifth Earl of Swartingham meets Anna Wren while falling off his gelding oh please excuse me Edward you did not fall off you were unseated cheeky smile Shortly afterwards Edward is in dire need of a new secretary and guess what? Plain Anna small morsel dressed in brown her hair hidden by a god awful frilled cap gets the job If you want to know about these two and why Edward was aroused by a frumpy woman with an outstanding mouth he didn't even know then you have no other choice than to read The Raven Prince I guarantee you it's totally worth your time and money Enjoy The Raven Prince is another great story and deliciously penned by the amazing Ms Hoyt Loved it Darn what's not to love about Edward Anna and a wonderful cast of secondary characters? Edward and Anna are brilliant characters Tons of amazing and super witty dialogues steamy sex scenes and a good plot deliver anything and everything I need and want in a superb HR Here's a little teaser She glanced up in time to see him discard his coatNo the room seems most temperate Her tentative smile froze as Edward drew off his neckclothI'm overly warm he said He unbuttoned his waistcoatWhat are you doing? Anna sueakedDictating a letter? He arched his eyebrows in a parody of innocenceYou're disrobingNo I would be disrobing if I removed my shirt Edward said doing just thatEdwardMy dear? He thinks me a wanton Why naturally you are such a wanton woman Anna That's nothing to be ashamed of I mean it's way better being a wanton creature who is enjoying sex than being a frigid and uptight old maid isn't it? Anna is a wonderful heroine I liked her a lot Boy she gives dearest Edward a piece of her mind These two made me laugh a lot it was such an entertaining readDavis the evil old reprobate Even though he is terminally incompetent he was so devilishly diverting too God this man gave Edward lip and made me laugh out loud I was not ogling anyone I slippedNaw Davis scratched his scalp Your eyes were about falling out of your head they were gawking at her big bubbiesEdward grit his teeth I slipped and fellAlmost a sign from the Lord above that Davis said waxing philosophical Gawp at a girl's bubbies and land in pig shitOh for God's sake I was sitting on the railing of the pigsty and I slippedPrissy Peward sure did have big dugs that lass did Davis sounded a little wistfulYou weren't even thereBut that pigsty stank had nothing on the horse shit on your face nowDav isI do not want to forget Mr Felix Hopple though My oh my he was a rather amusing secondary character as wellHell yes it's the truth Once you have had a taste of certain sweets it is uite impossible not to think not to want not to crave until you have taken another bite And Lord Swartingham is such a deliciously sinful man like a tasteful dark chocolate mousse Yum I'm gonna say this straight forward Edward is by far NOT a handsome man he has scars from the smallpox yet there is something special about him He is sexy as all get out and it is undeniablehe is a great lover I didn't particularly like the first sex scene it was a bit anticlimactic however my disappointment didn't last after all Edward satisfied our Anna in every way possible and then some during the next love scenes blissWhat I did not likeThe last chapter Frankly that was rather disappointing in so far as it felt way too cheesy And cheesy never works for me it's kind of a pet peeve This ending prevented The Raven Prince to claim a highly appraised place on my favorite historicals shelf Oh Edward please continue in the same wayscowl as much as you want but my devilishly gorgeous and fabulously sinful Mickey from Scandalous Desires is grinning down at you right now He claimed his spot there and he is not ready to leave it Pirates don't give up easily after all waggles eyebrowsOverall The Raven Prince is a fabulous story It was such a fun ride and right now I'm off reading The Leopard Prince Relisten May 12 2018I can’t even tell you how much it’s pleasurable to listen and see the characters come alive for one of your favorite books 😌 I read this book years ago when I was still reading MF romance I still read some MF historical romance from time to time but it’s uite rare I vividly remember how I was blown away by the authenticity and genuineness of the protagonists at that time Both MCs are neither astonishingly beautiful nor impeccably perfect But those two imperfect characters tugged my heart many times when I read the story at the time And now let me say that Moira uirk did one heck of a job narrating this story 👏 Her voice was serene clear and beautiful The distinction of voices for different characters were just beautifully done I totally fell in love again with Anna and Edward And bonus points for Mr Hoppel’a voice It was just too funny I listened to this audio just in two days and I listened 7 hours straight yesterday So you can see how attractive and compelling this audio was 😁 I’m sure I’ll relisten to this audio at least a few times The following is the original review that I left years ago when I read the paperback 😉Wow again and wow 😱What a revelation I read this book in one day so my face was practically glued to it This was my very first Elizbeath Hoyt’s novel and I'm very glad that I chose this book as my first I discovered this book under an article about the hottest dirtiest romance novels and the title caught my attention as well as the blurb of this book I've always been fascinated by the historical romance novels and it's a bit rare to see nicely constructed romance novels with eual romance and smut in this era When I first read a few pages I was a bit disappointed by how mundane and ordinary the characters seemed to be But Alas I was wrong 😌 This book attracted me so much that I felt like even taking a shower was such a hindrance while reading it 😂 I literally felt butterflies in my stomach when reading about every little encounter between Anna and EdwardThe story is so pure yet so dirty It truly makes you hot and bothered but in a very fascinating and interesting way And the way the author maneuvered the plots and twists are amazingly brilliant 👏Spoiler Alert especially chapter 9 and 10 😁😁😁 The smut was spectacular Literally makes you hot and panting After reading this book I have decided to read all of Hoyt’s books She does have a gift of enticing and charming her readers while making them wanting and yearning 5 the raven prince and stubborn sassy lover stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Sigh I'm not one for struggling with unbelievable plots in historical romance I mean I did read and liked some of Tessa Dare's novels giggles but in The Raven Prince my disbelief was so tightly linked with my irritation at the hypocritical heroes that it certainly ruined any enjoyment I could have felt Perhaps I'd have been less disappointed if I hadn't pinned so many hopes on Anna who was smart and sarcastic in the beginning but sadly I've spent the remaining pages cursing where did you go Anna where the fuck did you go would you give me back my heroineUnfortunately the plot was so long winded and convoluted when really Edward and Anna could have prevented my sanity if they you know actually did something about their attraction got it over with and added some much needed layers to their relationship Stop right there with your it was improper then excuses Elizabeth Hoyt makes her heroine a widow whose purity is thrown in our face on a page basis can you feel my annoyance now can you go to a brothel and pose as a prostitute to seduce the earl she's so enthralled with without him knowing who she is I don't have any problem with that of course but miss me with the that's unrealistic excuses Everything in this book is unrealistic She might as well have gone all the way I realize that I might not be really clear about what bothered me and I don't want people thinking that I have a problem with an heroine recognizing and acting on her sexual needs God no I am all for women to take pleasure in any way they want But a romance novel needs tension sexual and sentimental in order to work I loved Edward and Anna's banter in the beginning and I genuinely thought that I would adore seeing them slowly falling for each other I didn't though From the time Anna had sex with him in the brothel everything was about sexual attraction and along the way Elizabeth Hoyt forgot to make her characters develop a real connection and love each other for who they really were The tension wrinkled and my boredom increased exponentially until the end I just didn't careI did appreciate the reflection about double standards but her take on this issue would have been stronger if it hadn't been accompanied by the regular sexism that keeps rotting most romance novels in sentences like these She was a woman and where her body went her emotions followed willy nilly The act had somehow bound her to him whether he knew it or not Huh? Is there something I do not know about the woman body or? I also do have a problem with male leads who keeps yelling stuff like YOU WILL MARRY ME over and over again no matter how pure they think their reasons are I don't know it just rubs me the wrong way every time and by the time the heroine says yes they always say yes because of course my exasperation is often unwavering And as much as I loved the fact that Edward was scarred and not some perrrrfect man my excitation towards him fell along with the endless descriptions of his magic dick Yes he has one of those Isn't Anna lucky Finally there were several villains??? I think?? But they were so fucking ridiculous that I couldn't take them seriously for one second and actually Anna never did either Why bother then? In one word disappointing For of my reviews please visit This is another incredible historical romance book that I had the pleasure of reading And I devoured it happily at one sittingAnna is a spirited young widow who lives with her mother in law and their orphan poor maid at their humble home Their financial situation is getting worse So Anna decides to get a job Since Anna is highly educated for a girl she manages to score a job as the fifth Earl of Swartingham’s secretaryThey will not start on the best terms Because of her the Earl Edward fell off his horse And he never actually wanted a woman as a secretary But gradually he will like Anna and he will start developing feelings for her Anna will not pay attention to his scarred face and body smallpox scars or his anger management issues and she will really really like himUnfortunately they can never be togetherEdward needs a wife that can produce a heir Anna cannot have childrenAnna was not happy in her marriage Besides the fact that they did not have children her husband was also a cheater Anna never felt loved and wanted So when she learns that Edward will visit soon a brothel that he visits freuently she decides to be naughty for the first time in her life She will wear a mask and wait for him in a dark room And Edward will have her For two nights And then she will disappear and she will become his secretary againEdward was alone since he was a child His siblings and parents died from the smallpox Later on when he got married his wife died during childbirth He has just got engaged again but during his latest visit in the brothel that he freuents he will meet a working girl that will make him crazy He will only have two nights with her and then he will be back to the other woman who cannot stop thinking ie his secretaryWhen Edward realises that his secretary and the prostitute are the same person he will not react reasonablyOut of the characters Anna was definitely the most interesting one A lovable woman capable of unlimited passion and tenderness She will not hesitate to stand again the judgemental village when she looks after a dying prostitute or when she gets a job that only men usually haveAwesome bookCaptivatedFunnyRomantic Huh It was cute and had some funny momentsThe monkey is right It was fine Not life changing or anything but okayBut sheesh talk about unrealistic out there not in a million years would this happen stuff There was a lot of crazy things going on in this story Even so I could give it points for never getting boringOkay maybe it wasn't THAT crazy but still ★★★★★ Man oh man oh man man Elizabeth Hoyt knows how to tell a story I loved every enchanting word of this one In a genre chocked with redundancy Ms Hoyt has written a RomanceLandia fairy tale and distinguished it with strong compelling characters; the fascinating main protagonists a devoted hound an insightful mother in law the average villagers the lowest servants the devoted friends and last but not least the disgust worthy villains – they all leap off the page She has peppered her first in the Princes Trilogy with witty banter and a moving well paced storyline The sensual scenes? They are a combination of sizzling combustible heat and aching heartfelt emotions Don’t pick this one up unless you can afford to neglect your Real Life and fall under EH’s spell UPDATE First read in May 2011; reread in January 2017 and was just as good and endearing as I remember What refreshing leads Really love both Anna and EdwardAbsolutely fabulous probably one of my all time favorite romances 5 starsI cannot believe that I have spent so long avoiding Elizabeth Hoyt I tested whether I had been right in thinking she wasn't the romance author for me when I read Wicked Intentions a week and a half ago and discovered that I had been so so wrong From reviews and summaries I had always thought that her books were a little too wild while being short on actual storysubstance but I could not have been wrong and cannot wait to read her backlistI thought I loved Wicked Intentions but The Raven Prince was even better I loved that both the hero and heroine didn't really think much of the other at first Anna thought Edward was ugly not very thoughtful of others and grumpy lol he is that last while he thought she was plain and a goody two shoes widow The romance between Anna and Edward is so sweet and they have both been through so much and are so in need of love that you can't help but be completely overjoyed when they finally get their HEA Anna has always done as she should and felt uite alone since the death of her husband who did not treat her as she deserved; Edward lost his whole family to smallpox when he was young and is in many ways a very tragic figure at the beginning The dialogue between them is fun and witty their relationship development is strong and the chemistry between the two of them is fabulousIf anything I think Hoyt's summaries almost do her books a disservice For this book the summary makes their relationship out to be a little seedy and the plot twist of Anna going to London to stand in for the prostitute Edward would sleep with is made to sound I don't know just all lust based when by this point the reason Anna is upset that he's going to a whorehouse is because she has feelings for him and thinks he may be attracted to her but won't act on it and the reason Edward is going to the whorehouse is to try and get his mind off of his lovely secretary whom he knows he can't do anything withThe secondary characters were an absolute delight I LOVED Mr Hopple and his ridiculous clothes Jock the dog was so cute and created some very funny moments in the book Coral was super interesting and well written and I utterly adored Mother Wren how wonderful that Anna had a mother in law who was not evil and actually ended up supporting her and siding with her over her now dead sonThe only thing I realized later was that the subplot which was very minor and really only takes place during the second half of the book kind of sizzles off One part is resolved if you can call it that but I still don't know what happened to the letter that was in the locket ? Obviously didn't bother me much because I didn't even remember that till later Might have been better all around without this small attempt at a mysteryblackmail subplotBottom LineAll in all an utterly fabulous book terrific cast of characters great romance and several scenes that had me literally laughing out loud which I realized I hadn't done in some time with an HR Cannot wait to read the rest of the series Lord Iddesleigh was hysterical and I'm especially excited for his storyPrinces TrilogyBook 1 The Raven Prince Edward de Raaf Earl of Swartingham 5 starsBook 2 The Leopard Prince Harry Pye 45 starsBook 3 The Serpent Prince Simon Matthew Raphael Iddesleigh Viscount of Iddesleigh 35 stars This might be my 3rd reread of the book since that first time I discovered the author over a decade agoSome of the plot is not very believable a bit too contrived but the story tugged on my emotions and that's always a sign of a well written storyAnna is the perfect mix of ladylike forebearance and patience and wit while also a woman who goes after what she wants Edward is a great large brooding man's man trope of a character rather blunt and hard but with a soft heart and tender feelings The best combo for his stereotype I liked both of them right off the batWhat prevents this from being 5 stars is the contrived plot bit and also the fact that the Hero techinically doesn't stray from the heroine but given that he doesn't know it's her at one point he definitely does bc both their emotions had already been engaged by that point and he's purposely trying to deal with it in this way Since it IS her it's not cheating per se but still I know men and women get sexually frustrated and want an outlet and men tend to do it with a lot freedom in that time period and in any time period well maybe not today in developed cultures BUT This is a romance novel I'm reading it to escape not to face aspects of reality I don't particularly like so in this sense despite that there's no technical cheating I didn't like it Otherwise a very good read And given that I've read pretty much everything EH has written since first discovering this book it's obvious the issues above did not deter me from this author

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