A Hymn Before Battle (Posleen War, #1)

A Hymn Before Battle (Posleen War, #1)[PDF / Epub] ✅ A Hymn Before Battle (Posleen War, #1) Author John Ringo – Oaklandjobs.co.uk WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESEWith the Earth in the path of the rapacious Posleen the peaceful and friendly races of the Galactic Federation offer their resources to help the backward Terrans for a price Hum WITH FRIENDS LIKE THESEWith the Earth in the path of the rapacious Posleen the peaceful and friendly races of the Galactic Federation offer their resources to help the backward Terrans for a price Humanity now has three worlds to defend As Earth's armies rush into battle and special operations units scout alien worlds the humans begin to learn a valuable lesson You can protect yourself from your enemies but may the Lord save you from your allies. MILITARY SF that hits the G SPOT and causes a FULL ON HAPPY Interesting POLITICS uniue ALIEN CULTURES intelligent PLOTTING engaging CHARACTERSoh yeah and lots and lots of 45 stars I’ve said before that I like military SF but it is not the sub genre that I intend to settle down with and spend the rest of my life Therefore I am fairly prudish and selective about the books I engage with in this category Well book bachelors and bachelorettes this book is definitely ROSE WORTHY as it is among the best military science fiction I have ever come across The reason I don’t read much military SF is that it is usually lacking in creative world buildingback story interesting aliens and cultures and three dimensional characters These are all things I enjoy This book does a righteous job of being a high octane shoot em’ up battle saga while at the same time introducing and setting up the series with a kick glute back story some uniue alien cultures and a highly evolved political dynamic BACK STORYThe novel concerns humanity being recruited by a Galactic Federation of alien races in order to assist them in battling a powerful and belligerent race known as the Posleen Most of the other alien races are extreme pacifists with no ability to engage in warfare despite their high degree of technology and intelligence kind of buying in the theory that once a culture reaches a certain level of technology and growth they are likely to be peaceful Thus they want to recruit humanity with all of our saucy neat o rrific killing skills to get our WAR ON and be their soldiers Note This is very similar in theme to A Call to Arms by Alan Dean Foster As for as the aliens the Galactic Federation is made up of some pretty interesting societies which includeDarhel The bankers and de facto rulers of the GalFed who may not be as nice guyish as they would have the humans believe Hey just like on Earth Indowy The engineers and technicians who supply most of the euipment and technology to the GalFed Tchpth The philosophers and scientists of the federation; and Himmit An extremely secretive race that may be MUCH powerful than they let on I thought the descriptions of the aliens and their “less than altruistic” motives and political maneuvering made for interesting reading and added a depth to the story that is sorely lacking in other books of the genre In addition the Posleen make really nasty bad guys which makes for a better story They are described as large reptilian centaurs that are bred to fight and mentally controlled by a select number of powerful “God Kings” which make up the ruling hierarchy of the society Somewhat reminiscent of the “bugs” from both Ender’s Game and Starship Troopers Overall I really enjoyed this and look forward to reading the seuel While having all of the extensive discussions of tactics and training and battle details that are the hallmarks of military SF the narrative managed to stay engaging fun and compelling with a wonderful back story Highly Recommended In full disclosure I've bumped into the author a couple of times online as we have certain interests in common I hope he remains willing to talk to me after this reviewThe biggest problem with the book is that it’s not really to my taste Along with Jerry Pournelle John Ringo is one of the main figures in the pulp military science fiction You might think that's right up my alley but really not so much I just can't get into it Whether it denounces the horrors of war or it glamorizes the glory or war or even just promotes the necessity of martial virtue I just have a hard time getting into war fiction I can and sometimes do enjoy it but never at the level of light reading that the 'pulp' style promotesI didn't have a lot of problem reading 'A Hymn Before Battle' The prose is reasonably good and the story is fast moving and generally uickly paced But on the other hand while it wasn't painful to read neither could I really enjoy it or get excited by it There were just too many problems in the way Sure the characterization was generally shallow but that's to be expected of pulp fiction The bigger problem I had was with the ultra technology which is both over the top and not at all well realized in my opinion The actual implications of technology like hand held missile launchers that can reach a significant fraction of the speed of light hand held surface to orbital weapons and so forth just didn't seem well considered In particular it is a well known dictum of military theory that the lethal the weapon the further the units must be dispersed when in battle But the tactics of the book seem rooted in modern tactics at best and at worst table top ancient war gaming than in anything actually implied by consideration of the theoretical technology It was like reading 'Ender's Game' where Ender never realized that the enemies gate was down and instead defeated his enemies by inventing formations There are large numbers of instances where the technology seems to possess the power of plot We can tell the protagonist from the expendable red shirts because their ultratech battlesuits provide only a tiny fraction of the protection granted to main characters Ordinary humans end up surviving things that would kill most superheroes outright and I couldn't for a second believe the technology and not the writer was what saved the protagonist At one point a main character survives a 10 megaton explosion from a distance of 30 metersAdditionally the story has a bad case of the 'Humans are Special' trope which is exaggerated to such a degree it’s just about monkey ego porn Now in this Ringo is hardly the only science fiction author at fault as we can site similar instances by Niven Brin and others otherwise it wouldn’t be a trope However in 'A Hymn before Battle' the 'Humans are Special' trope is achieved by making all the other races in the galaxy fundamentally flawed to such an incredible degree it feels like humanity versus the galaxy's special ed Students In ‘A Hymn before Battle’ every other species in the galaxy is riding the short bus and at best could be considered a sort of idiot savant But even worse the idiot savant warrior race isn't even particularly good at itThe non linear structure does nothing really to enhance the story The backstory it provides isn't really interesting enough to serve as a story on it's own and the non linear structure seems little than the author's recognition of that The only reason to shuffle the story around is to parcel out the boring parts into smaller peicesThe story isn't all bad and there are some juicy hints of cleverly crafted interstellar intrigue that are likely to play out in the seuels but there isn't enough here that is consistently good to make me want to slog through the seuels for the big payoff especially when I have some pretty good ideas about what some of those big payoffs are going to be There is no leap of imagination no stretch that I could make no possible way that I could rank this as anything other than a solid three star book Don't get me wrong This book falls solidly in the fun category I picked it up for free on and had low expectations No idea why And I enjoyed every damn minute of it It was a guilty pleasure The premise is pretty straight forward It is the near future well actually 2000 and aliens have arrived on Earth Yay Unfortunately they bring some really bad news Another alien race very warlike and savage carnivores will be here in five years too The other galactic races are very peaceful They need the primitive humans to fight off the Polseen Veterans are called up the nations of Earth gear up for war and there ya' go In just a few pages we're on alien planets fighting it out with the bad guysThe whole thing just kind of works if you like your military SF There are plenty of guns plasma rays missiles bombs mech suits space ships etc And the bad guys are a bad guy we can all get behind They want to kill and eat all other sentient species Finally We can truly feel good about blowing this enemy away When they die by the tens of thousands it is a good thingSo why not than three stars? Not entirely sure I think maybe it has to do with the barrage of semi developed characters that I had a hard time keeping track of the stereotypical bad commanding officers the overdone gun love and the almost laughable plot line Still I really enjoyed it Worth the read if you enjoy your military SF and blasting away super bad aliens To go beyond three stars I just want a little bit Now back to my mech suit There are Polseen to kill ”War What is it good for?”Military Science Fiction does come to mind A Hymn Before Battle is the first in the Posleen War saga The series is also referred to as the Legacy of the Aldenata which has a nice ring to it In essence it’s all about war The aliens are coming This theme of course isn’t new Not by a long shot There are different aliens involved too some are nicer than others Some are treacherous Some are just plain evil Not having much of a choice with Earth being next on the menu humans are pulled into the war on the side of the Galactic Federation who are being owned by the Posleen in a war of rather extreme proportions Thankfully the bad guys in this instance are not bugs Wow So long story short humans get handed some nice tech and are sent into the far reaches of space to bite some heel and guess what? It seems we are better at making war than other aliens in general Didn’t see that one coming did you? Mild sarcasm aside the book is actually pretty darn cool It has all the tropes of course Such as the top brass in the military are criminally incompetent and short sighted Sigh There is power armour of course The ACS suits as they’re called are really cool so if you’re a Halo or other mil SF with heavy suits fan you might want to feast your intellect on these In the end the story is far from over The main arc plays out over four novels The novel takes some time setting up the back story and introducing the players but when the action starts is as compelling as you would expect from cutting edge military SF Now I didn’t want to make a comment about the cover design of this novel Who wants to be a nasty bastard all the time? However since I know that some people will be giving this a skip based on the cover to say nothing about the seuel Gust Front I should probably just at the very least say the following don’t judge a book by its cover It’s not that the art is bad or anything it just doesn’t seem to suit the epic ness of the novel at all This the first book in a series focusing on the character Michael O'Neal is perhaps the best of them It provided me with some hours of amusement and for that alone it deserve its scoreThe problem as with the rest of the series is that of Weberisms so named in my mind after David Weber who at his worst tend to do the same First infodumps These are freuent and detailed; terribly terribly detailed So much detail is presented that one get the impression that a publishing agent has asked for and got his wish In military SF there is of course a reuirement for some bits and pieces on technology strategy and so forth but it is exaggerated Contrast this to the in story dumps done in Tanya Huff's Confederation booksSecond the thinly veiled loathing for civilians much prominent in later books but still present here and particularly civilians on the left of the political spectrum This of course is a writer's perogative just as it is mine to dislike I have been meaning to read this book for uite a while as it is now free on I decided to give it a try I’m really glad I didn’t pay for itThe start of the book was interesting but packed with far too many acronyms for different agencies As the story develops I was hoping it would concentrate on just a few characters but it jumped all over the place and new characters were thrown in and then never seen again As for the story this got bogged down in technical information politics etc After nearly two hundred pages I took an hour’s break when I came back to the book I couldn’t really remember anythingAt the start of the book I assumed Mike was going to be one of the main characters he did appear a few times but I never understood why he was so important as he didn’t really do anything Then he was sent off to train the idiot Colonel Youngman Why do all these type of book have a moronic commander?The insurgence group made occasional appearances and they provided the only action at this point but even then the author starts something with them then jumps somewhere else right in the middle of the action I was uite looking forward to following the only female soldier in the group but then the author kills her off Has this author got something against women?The second half of the book has action but even then it is full of technical descriptions and every time the action gets interesting the author shoots off to some meeting or training camp problem The book reminds me of David Weber at his worst it’s a pity but at least it didn’t cost anything A really good apocalyptic hard sci fi series Earth faces alien invasion without time to prepare adeuately and allies who may or may not be trustworthy The series details the brutal struggle against an encroaching canninbalistic horde on other planets in space and finally on Earth The series predictably gets darker as it progresses and it is definitely hardmilitary sci fi The books refer to the RD training and brutal combat involved in the struggle but also contain vivid characters and well detailed alien societies including a view of the attacking civilization and Earth's erstwhile alliesHighly recommended to fans of hard sci fi Intergalactic politics and a bloody war yellow blood as well as redbut hey that's variety right? Not a bad start This book sucks It's like it was written by a 7th grade boy who really really likes the military Boring and unbelievable Good thing I got it for free I invested 7 hours out of a total 14 hours in this one but finally gave up BoooooooooooringIn the entire first half of the book there is precisely ONE firefight which lasts all of about two minutes in the audio version The rest of that 7 hours is mostly filled with complaining about how most of the officers are incompetent idiots about how most of the military industrial complex is corrupt and self serving about how even the races that the humans are supposed to be saving are trying to screw the humans over and the noncoms are the only guys in the entire military who can actually get things doneYeah life is too short This may end up getting interesting eventually but I've got better things to do

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