Saving Justice

Saving Justice❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ Saving Justice Author Susan Crawford – This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN 2940151612449Saving Justice After losing her brother to gang related violence elementary schoolteacher Kinley is on a mission to help her at risk students W This is an alternate cover edition for ISBN Saving Justice After losing her brother to gang related violence elementary schoolteacher Kinley is on a mission to help her at risk students When one of them Justice is caught in an act of vandalism she intervenes Entrepreneur Nash McGuire has gone to great lengths to overcome the poverty he grew up in When working on a renovation project in his old neighborhood he collides with a juvenile delinuent and his do gooder teacher Kinley believes Justice can overcome the influence of his environment; Nash knows the odds and has little patience with Kinley’s naivety But as the boy’s mandatory community service forces Justice and Kinley into Nash’s life he can’t help but discover a boy searching for love and purpose–a boy very much like he once was Then Justice is accused of another crime And Kinley’s stubborn belief in the boy’s innocence is just too much for Nash to accept. Teacher Kinley Reid works in a rough area of Oklahoma City doing her best to provide disadvantaged children with a uality education with God’s help When Justice one of her students gets into trouble for vandalism she steps in to help him Nash McGuire is the real estate professional who grew up in the rough suburb and who is now renovating his childhood home to sell personally if I owned a house in an area run by gangs I wouldn’t waste money renovating to make it “the nicest house in the neighbourhood” I’d sell to the first person who made an offer I certainly wouldn’t park my late model car outside After all real estate is Location location location and this isn't the location they're meaning Nash is concerned by what he sees as Kinley’s naïve approach while Kinley trusts God to keep her safe and finds Nash’s lack of faith disturbing Saving Justice had interesting characters and a noble ideal but the plot lost me early on when Nash wants Justice to pay for vandalising his car Isn’t that what insurance is for repairing things when the culprit can’t be found or isn’t able to pay? It also seemed completely unreasonable unjust? that the child was sentenced to community service within days of the alleged crime with no apparent input from witnesses or social services and no defence or advice provided by legal professionals Really? Of course this is the US a country which only outlawed capital punishment for minors a decade ago Basically this felt as though it was nothing than a contrived plot device to bring Kinley and Nash together and while I understand plots are by nature contrived I prefer them not to be so obvious Between the injustice of Justice’s situation and Nash’s illogical renovations I was left reading a plot that I felt was too contrived to be believable particularly in the beginning It did improve once the relationship between the three main characters was established but it still felt unrealistic yes I know it’s fiction but the overall tone seemed to be trying for sweet romance in a setting of gritty realism Susan May Warren has recommended this novel and she's one of my favourite authors I think she's looking at the heart of the novel which touches issues similar to those raised in some of her own novels such as Tying the Knot She certainly can't be recommending the writing which isn't a patch on her own Thanks to the publisher for providing a free ebook for review thought the details were spot on with the inner city issues that arise and the way it seems there isn't always help out there for when people need it the most I thought the author did a great job touching on subjects that matter and need a light shined on them I thought Kinley was amazing her letting God protect her and lead the way for her love to shine I thought Nash was amazing too he had a lot of healing to do and a past to lay to rest and love as much as Kinley taught him to and then there's Justice I thought his tough guy attitude was for show from the beginning the author wrote his character well the love he needs the protecting and the need to feel included and important I thought it was a well rounded story I just wish there was with Cade and changes they made or something I felt the love between Kinley and Nash but wanted from them I did think it was a good story and would look forward to reading by this author 35 to 4 stars review by Nanee at upallnightreadalldayblogspotcom A loving teacher and a disillusioned entrepreneur find love while coming to the aid of an underprivileged boy This story has good romance between two people who had opposite perspectives on life I liked the sparks Full review is at my website I received this book complimentary in a giveaway I was not reuired to give a review All of the opinions I have expressed her are my own I had the pleasure of receiving an Advanced Read Copy ARC of Susan Crawford’s “Saving Justice” published through Redbud Press Unfortunately a death in the family means I’m late getting this review out but the book is still available in print and electronic format so it’s not too late to pick up your own copy something I recommend you do if you are a fan of clean contemporary Christian romance with an underlying inner city themeThe story revolves around elementary school teacher Kinley Reid who lost her brother to gang related violence and now struggles to help her students who are at risk for the same outcome Self made real estate entrepreneur Nash McGuire however wants nothing to do with the neighborhood or poverty he grew up in Kinley and Nash meet when one of her students fourth grader Justice vandalizes his Nash’s expensive car As a form of punishment to the child rather than jail time Kinley gets Nash to agree to let Justice repay some of the costs for repairing his car by doing ‘community service’ at the house Nash is trying to renovate and sellMs Crawford did a superb job showing how one must often step outside of their comfort zone to truly meet the needs of God’s people A true Jesus follower cannot expect to always sit at home or within the four walls of their church building to share God’s message Kinley exhibits this through her willingness to work in a rough area of Oklahoma City to provide uality education opportunities for the disadvantaged children in the area but it doesn’t just stop there She worries when one of her students fails to show up at school and goes to his house to ask about him stepping in when he gets caught vandalizing a car and convincing the owner not to press charges Instead she persuades Nash to allow the juvenile delinuent to work off the cost of the damages by helping out at the house Nash is renovating in the neighborhood But not everything is wine and roses Nash just wants to finish the renovations and get out of the neighborhood which only brings up bad memories of his own troubled childhood but he can’t seem to say ‘No’ to the persistent teacher Justice finds himself torn between family loyalty to help bring in much needed money despite the actual method being illegal or following his teacher’s guidance and getting an education so he can live a better life without having to sacrifice his morals Brilliant writing details the struggle between doing what’s right and what’s comfortable while adding depth to the characters that make you feel like you’ve known them all your life or could be them rather just reading about them for a few hours A few small details prevent me from giving a perfect 5 stars for this book but it is close At one point Kinley and Nash follow Justice with one of his family members who is known to be a drug dealer and all around bad dude Nash uite logically points out how dangerous following this guy might be and even though I personally am a Jesus follower the tirade Kinley goes into about how she had to do it and is basically obligated as a Christian to do so totally turned me off I get we have to step out on faith and take risks at times but to put yourself into danger when you don’t have to can’t be what God wants If I had been Nash at this point in the story I would have told her to stop and let me out of the car but it may just be a person thing for me It just seemed very unlikely that someone who wasn’t a follower like Nash would have continued to help her when she seemed bent on putting herself into danger For a new follower or someone just getting their feet wet in Christian fiction might feel alienated by this but fortunately the tirade is only a short portion of the one page so it can be skippedThe second thing that bothered me somewhat was how contrived some of the situations putting Nash and Kinley together seemed First he’s a successful real estate professional I’m sure he has contractors that help him with his other properties so it didn’t make sense to me that he would work on this one by himself especially since it caused so much emotional turmoil Also it didn’t so much bother me that he parked his fancy car in front of the house while he worked in this bad neighborhood because I’ve seen it with some of the house flipping shows on TV However this nice fancy car caused a problem when you think about the tools he needed to carry for the work on the house He could have had the material delivered but leaving tools inside this house that didn’t have any security seemed very foolish In addition after working all day with drywall wood dust etc he just gets into the plush car and drives home? I think it would have made sense if he had just stopped by the job site in this car when it was vandalized instead of actually working on the house Then he could have brought a work truck back to work which would have stood out less in the neighborhood as wellOverall Ms Crawford weaves a very entertaining romance that presents a strong inner city theme With just a few tweaks it would have been a 5 star book for me I have not read anything by this author before but now that I have discovered her I will definitely be checking her out again I LOVED this book I have two daughters who are teachers and as I read the book I kept picturing them as Kinley the heroine in the book I wish every child who goes to school would have Kinley as a teacher Kinley teaches in a low income drug infested other side of the tracks area of a large city She feels it's her calling in life She's giving it her all and wants to help every student make something of themselves to get out of that way of life She has a student named Justice and gets very involved in his life I couldn't believe the lengths to which she went for him During that process she meets Nash a man next door who is just fixing up a house so he can sell it and be done with it He was raised in that area but made it out and is successful He doesn't want any part of it any so he doesn't want to get dragged back into it by Kinley when she asks for his help with Justice Kinley is a ray of sunshine and never give up on Justice even when things look their worst Nash can't understand why she just can't understand that people in these circumstances don't change and she can't help them all I admired Kinley's attitude and persistence and unconditional love so much She never faltered in her belief that Justice was a good boy and needed love and support The ending was SO good She changed so many people's lives I wanted it to go on for another chapter or two This book made me want to be a better person I definitely want to have my two teacher daughter's read it They will be inspired as should anyone I received a copy of this book from the author and Redbud Press for an honest reviewKinley is a school teacher was cares for all her students There is one student she notices has been out of school and decides to go to his home to check on him Kinley finds herself in a dangerous neighborhood knocking on a door hoping to find out why Justice has not been in school She does not get a nice welcome but is determined to help her student Nash is a man with a mission He is in his old neighborhood fixing up his mom's house so it can be sold He seems like an angry man and when Kinley and his life intersect sparks fly They don't get off to a good start when Nash accuses Justice of damaging his car Kinley tries to reason with Nash but it is not an easy task The characters are a mix of wanting to help dealing with their past and trying to survive Kinley won't give up on Justice and soon finds herself in danger Nash is a strong determined man who still has a brother who he is trying to forgive and running from his past Justice is caught in trying to help his family but getting mixed up in something that couldeas to putting his life in danger I enjoyed the story and how it moved along with great intrigue and a dash of romance The tension between the characters was very well written I loved how the author showed when you step out in faith you can make a difference Kinley is a person who loves God and wants her students to succeed It's nice to read a story where people step out of their comfort zone show compassion and overcome their circumstances to make life better for themselves and others I look forward to reading from this author SAVING JUSTICEAs a Christian we know all things are possible thru God’s love and Christ his son This story demonstrates how that love can change one’s future Although this is a Christian based novel and wonderful story of love this book has an extremely realistic view of the world It explores poverty project housing children vandalism drugs growing up in a one parent home and the odds of the child escaping that life and becoming a successful person A school teacher whose mission it is to aid her at risk students Kinley decides to visit a student who has been absent from school for several days She refuses to believe that her student cannot be helped to begin a journey to leave his environment behind and become successful in life When she and her student meet Nash McGuire who has beaten the odds and left his old neighborhood and become a successful businessman she sets out to get him to help her with her student In doing so Nash finds the woman that may be able to heal himThis book explores issues from the headlines of today When Kinley’s student winds up getting in trouble with the law can she help him turn his life around? I was given a copy of the book to read and write an honest review To me the greatest part of the book is that it demonstrates God’s grace can restore brokenness in lives bring people together who often have very different viewpoints and alter lives for the better I definitely recommend the book Oh by the way Justice may not be what you were expecting We are introduced to two characters that on the surface appear as different as daylight and dark Kinley is a beautiful young woman who is an elementary school teacher She is a character to be admired She wants to continue her brother Eli's footsteps by helping poverty stricken families She feels that a lot of children can overcome their environments if are given a chance So many children are judged by their clothes or something a family member has done this day and time I love how this author brings this issue up Justice is a student in her class and after several days of being absent she drives to a less than desirable neighborhood to check on him Justice is a good kid but one bad decision and his life is changed When Kinley steps up to his defense she meets the a very stubborn real estate developer Nash Nash grew up in the area in fact right next door to where Justice lives and it took years to fight his way out of the poverty Now way is he going to let Kinley drag him back because of her mission to God I liked both characters immediately but was easily frustrated because they didn't act the way I expected hence this kept me turning the pages The story intrigued me because it dealt with a person who saw past the poverty to the potential of each person It shows that some people are bound by situations of circumstance but with the right encouragement they can overcome it Yes this is a great story that I would recommend Being a teacher was a dream i fullfilled when i assisted teaching kindergarten Although i no longer do that children and teaching is close to my heartThis is one amazing novel Immediately when I started reading this novel I was pulled into it Not just the scene which is basically a dump of a place but into fourth grade teacher Kinley Reid's life including her hopes dreams and goals And you know what? Neither Susan or Kin asked me I was just hooked i can not say just what it was It could have been the fabulous way she used her words so that you ended up standing in that yard of trash not just seeing it or the tug of emotion when you realized that someone Kinley loved lived in this situation That all was part of it as was the need to find out why she was there and why that shiny car was in the neighborhood There are twists and turns the reader never sees coming and when I was done I heard a limitless sigh of contentment Only a little one as I really want to know what Miss Reid will tackle next and how her class turns outIt also left me with the uestion of what am I doing or what can I do to make a difference in some ones life?Thank you Susan for giving me the opportunity to read this book i was given this Ebook in exchange for an honest review a postive critiue was not reuired The opinions are my own Susan Crawford’s debut novel Saving Justice is a short and sweet love story perfect for porch or poolside reading It is certainly a uick and light read but it is also full of heart This book is great for fans of contemporary romanceKinley Reid is a teacher in one of Oklahoma City’s most underprivileged and crime ridden neighborhoods Inspired by her deceased brother’s dedication to the children of the area Kinley goes above and beyond when it comes to her students Driven by success Nash McGuire escaped his neighborhood and never wants to go back A vandalized car puts them both together and on a course to impact one young child’s lifeJust under 200 pages Saving Justice is as I said a uick read The plot develops rapidly and there is not a lot of character development But I liked the characters especially Kinley’s 4th grade student Justice I also liked the social conscience of the novel — kids are worth investing in especially when adult role models are few Small acts like hugs and high fives and waffle breakfasts really do make a difference So if you are looking for a something short and sweet then check out Saving JusticeRecommendedAudience older teens and adultsThanks to Redbud Press for a review copy All opinions expressed are mine alone