Summer Term at Trebizon

Summer Term at Trebizon[BOOKS] ✮ Summer Term at Trebizon Author Anne Digby – Rebecca has never been very good at maths But now if she doesn't improve she'll go into the B form and be separated from Tish Sue and the rest of her friends So why does Max the handsome new maths tea Rebecca has never been very good at maths But now if she doesn't improve she'll go into the B form and be separated from Tish Sue and the rest of her friends So why does Summer Term PDF/EPUB or Max the handsome new maths teacher ignore her and devote his attention instead to Roberta Jones And who stole the money raised for charity from the sponsored surfing competition. 3 books into this series I am still enjoying it Yes it lacks the layers characterization humor or even the sensual treat of tastes sounds sights and smells But all the books in the series have a really engaging plot and protagonists to root for And that alone is enough to make it a wonderful read This time Rebecca is in real serious trouble And you really want to know how she is going to come out of it I have read various kinds of schools But in this book a concept of alpha beta gamma was introduced This seemed a but unfair To grade students like that based on academic performance I thought Western countries were liberal Even Enid Blyton's schools which were from an earlier era were liberal than that Or were Blyton's schools just idyllic? Also Maths was a subject that hardly received attention in Blyton's stories and if any student had a bugbear it would be Maths Here too Maths turns out to be Rebecca's bugbear Somehow in most of these old school stories the kids always seem to be learning literature foreign languages and history Sometimes even geography Maths is there but dealt with cursorily But never seen science make an appearance I wonder why The third Trebizon book and this one is in one sense ahead of its timeThe whole #me too m movement could make something out of that dodgy maths teacherLike most things in book land good wins through and the innocent are vindicatedNot a bad little yarnTrebizon finding its wayTrebizon #3Anne Digby #3 Another enjoyable read in this interesting series Definitely a series I'll be recommending though it's not a favourite The maths struggles were fun but I didn't really enjoy the super shady teacher So great I love those stories Another great story as Rebecca and co enjoy the summer term their last term in the Junior house And even though I've read it lots of times I still always get a bit anxious about Rebecca's maths exam It's all pretty stressful for Rebecca but there are still plenty of positives it is in every way a much sunnier book than the one beforeWe are also introduced to Robbie and tennis for the first time although only briefly There is so much focus on them in the later books that it's easy to forget how completely unimportant they both were at the start Another great title in the series The plot was really gripping as usual and I enjoyed the bit of detective work that's done towards the end School drama is very well depicted and even though the resolution is a little too easy to be believable there's also a grown up feeling in this novel that comes from the great continuity between books and the simple but good writing and characterization The self serving actions of an unrepentant scoundrel achieve a positive result Who'd'a thunk it? A bit predictable and overall inferior to the previous two books in my opinion but an enjoyable read nonetheless Top class school story lovely stuff once again

Summer Term at Trebizon MOBI Â Summer Term  PDF/EPUB
  • Paperback
  • 128 pages
  • Summer Term at Trebizon
  • Anne Digby
  • English
  • 05 May 2015
  • 9780859978866