The Manhattan Projects, Volume 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars

The Manhattan Projects, Volume 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars[Epub] ➜ The Manhattan Projects, Volume 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars ➝ Jonathan Hickman – Best Book, The Manhattan Projects, Volume 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars By Jonathan Hickman This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn 9781632156280 format Paperback and others Best Book, The Manhattan Projects, Volume : The Projects, Volume eBook ✓ Sun Beyond the Stars By Jonathan Hickman This is very good and the main topic to read with book details isbn format Paperback and others pages and has a text language like English. So apparently what happened is Manhattan Projects was canceled after issue 20 then relaunched than year later for a short run that told a different story that focused on different characters different plot different everything Then when they reprinted things they just labeled those new issues Volume 6 and lumped them in with the original seriesI learned this a long time after I'd bought all six volumes of the comic thinking that they told y'know a full contiguous story But they didn't So much of what was started in the early issues never comes to fruition So many mysteries that were played out for a long while were never resolvedInstead the final volume of the series is a weird side story that contains none of the main characters the series started with Needless to day The whole experience hasn't been a pleasant one And it's too bad as I've really enjoyed Hickman's work up until this point and was really interested in the story this comic started off telling There are some pretty depressing stories out there in the world of literature classics that include lines that convey an unimagined depth of pathos and sorrow such as the following “I buried Little Ann by the side of Old Dan I knew that was where she wanted to be I also buried part of my life along with my dog”“And Percy was shaking his brother and Ron was kneeling beside them and Fred’s eyes stared without seeing the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face”“When someone you love dies and you’re not expecting it you don’t lose her all at once; you lose her in pieces over a long time — the way the mail stops coming and her scent fades from the pillows and even from the clothes in her closet and drawers”“Sean Gibson was born on January 17 1979”I’m not sure Manhattan Projects will go down as a classic but jeez—talk about ending on a down noteIn the interest of avoiding spoilers I won’t disclose exactly why the end was so dark so I’ll focus instead on a brief summary of the series as seems fitting in a review of its concluding volumeThe first half or a bit than half perhaps of Manhattan Projects is a fascinating albeit incredibly weird and ridiculously violent alternate historysci fi take on WWII the Cold War and the development of nuclear technology The latter half becomeswell I don’t know how to describe what it becomes really—and given that I style myself as a “writer” until I’m a REAL writer I have to use uote marksthey’re like trainings wheels that’s a little bit like Ron Jeremy struggling with flaccidity just when the cinematographer sets up for the most dangerous shot in the biz that’s the reverse ball angle view naturally Not only do you not expect it but it’s so unnerving and unmanning that you’re not sure how to react so you just break out the Bananagrams and offer to make a pitcher of margaritasI’ll say this the second half of MP eschews alternate history to go full sci fi weirdness with intergalactic travel and alien genocide the topics du jour On balance I very much enjoyed the opening triptych of collected volumes getting from them a frisson of the same excitement I got from early volumes of Preacher and Transmetropolitan albeit to a much lesser degree and certainly MP as a whole fails to reach the rarefied air of those luminary series The second halfwell it was fine and it had its moments but it didn’t uite hit the mark for me I enjoyed this series than I did Hickman’s Marvel work and I think it’s fair to say that if you like Hickman’s work generally you’ll dig this On balance we’ll give the series a 35 rating but just 3 stars for its “kick me while I’m down why don’t you” conclusion Ok this one definitely went much weirder than the main series did The humor and insane ideas are still there though A friend of mine who is getting to know my tastes pretty well was like Hey you know that series you tried and didn't really like Well they basically ended it but kept the name and now it's this story about a guy and his dog travelling through space And I flipped through it and saw that it was mostly weird aliens for characters and I was like Yes I will read this thingI did enjoy this volume of Manhattan Projects better than the previous volume I'd read but only a smidge better so it still gets three stars The weird aliens are great and whatever the hell they're all doing to each other is hilarious I was not at all invested in any of the characters and despite the fact that it's the kind of book designed to communicate the idea that Space is Awesome the characters all pretty much seem to feel like Space is Lonely and Not Awesome Which is kind of a bummer And the end is sad and also a bummerI feel like Manhattan Projects even as a space adventure still demands things of me as a reader that I don't have to offer It demands that I don't really care about characters because most of them will die violently and it demands that I get off somehow on this constant stream of death And I mean hey I liked X Statix as much as anyone but at a certain point the schtick gets pretty fucking tired Manhattan Projects also asks that I ignore the fact there are no female characters ANYWHERE IN ALL OF FUCKING SPACE It was one thing when Vol 1 was some sort of 50's sci fi parody in which a bunch of talking man heads stand around saying man things I mean I didn't like it but it sort of made sense But now we're in MOTHERFUCKING SPACE and even though everyone is either a robot or a sentient orb or a robot or a six eyed two faced superintelligent muckymuck SPACE IS ONLY FUCKING DUDESOh maybe the dog was a girl I don't knowAnyway It's an attractive book with some fun sci fi stuff and I didn't totally feel like I knew what was going on and I'm not sure if I'd read the four volumes I haven't read that I'd have any better idea of what was going on I get the sense that no one involved is trying very hard and all it makes me think is that we live in an age of very exciting and very disposable comics Not 'disposable' like back in the 40s when little kids paid a nickel for some cheaply made funnybooks Disposable like we live in an age in which the big guys are just churning this shit out and we're lapping it up anyone can do anything and everything is so fucking cool and no one stops to ask if anyone has felt anything at all in fucking years about any fucking thing whatsoever at all and no one can remember the last time that they just read a thing made by another person and that thing fucking meant somethingAnd I don't mean meant something like I dunno a fucking koan or a parable or some shit I mean just like a person is in the pages reaching out to a person that is still left inside of you Manhattan Projects is a book that makes me feel hollow like I am living in a time in which there's something important that I have lost Space is lonely Books are forgettable The world is full of dudes What can I say If you're gonna read this read as much of it as possible in as short a time span as possible Or maybe this is the strongest endorsement I can make for wearing helmets and avoiding drugs and alcoholKids when you grow up there will be comics you like But when you're older you'll only get about 22 pages every 30 days You can do the math on that it's not a lot And when these stories get complicated you are going to need every ounce of brainpower to remember the details of what the hell is going on Please Don't do drugs Don't drink alcohol Wear a helmet Don't do it for me Do it for the love of comics MANHATTAN PROJECTS is one of my favourite series but while the anarchic spirit of volumes 1 5 is still present in this spin off series the story just isn't as compelling and the whole thing comes off as a kind of lame GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY riff Still hard not to admire a book that ends with the two main characters burning to death as they fall into a sun Gutsy storytelling Focusing chiefly on Laika and her human Yuri Gagarin is always going to win me over Such a good dog Ahhh much better This one was funny and very spectacular againIt was great seeing our intelligent dog Laika and cosmonaut Yuri again Would definitely want to read like this Off the rails I think I have missed the last two Manhattan Projects trades but boy has this book changed in direction I am not sure if this is the very last book in this series This story certainly felt like a funny epilogue to what had transpired in the first four trades Sure I have noticed that the book has strayed and away from the serious thriller tone and into the absurd and the satirical but damn is this story WAY out thereit was fun but it didn't contain the great historical fiction that made the first four trades so enjoyable besides having Yuri Gagarn I am so sorry for misspelling that so badly What a thoroughly ridiculous space romp violent and funny and final Yuri I've never liked you

The Manhattan Projects, Volume 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars
  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • The Manhattan Projects, Volume 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars
  • Jonathan Hickman
  • English
  • 02 December 2014
  • 9781632156280