True Ghost Stories

True Ghost Stories[Read] ➪ True Ghost Stories Author Jim Harold – Get The Latest Book In The Campfire Series A Supernatural Kindle Best Seller240 Pages 70 More Supernatural Stories True Ghost Stories and More Haunted Chilling Short Stories That Will Freak You Out A Get The Latest Book In The Campfire Series A Supernatural Kindle Best Seller Pages More Supernatural Stories True Ghost Stories and More Haunted Chilling Short Stories That Will Freak You Out A Physician Encounters A Mysterious Patient He’ll Never Forget A Woman Learns She Has Been Followed By A Demon Driving A Car A Deceased Famous Singer Takes The Stage During A Seance PLUS More TRUE Spooky Stories From The Popular Campfire Podcast FREE Audio True Ghost MOBI :¼ Download With Purchase On this special audio Campfire exclusively created for readers of True Ghost Stories Jim Harold's Campfire Jim replays the audio of his favorite stories from this compilationYou will hear the original retelling of these stories by actual Campfire callers It is a paranormal countdown in the spirit of the old Top radio shows Using the link EXCLUSIVELY SHARED WITH CAMPFIRE READERS IN THE BOOK you'll be able to download or stream this BONUS content to the device of your choice It is Jim's special thank you gift Million Downloads Can't Be Wrong Jim Harold's paranormal podcasts have been downloaded over million times and the program that gets the most response is his popular Campfire show In this book True Ghost Stories Jim Harold's Campfire Jim shares of the best stories ever featured on the program You'll read REAL PEOPLE's experiences with ghosts plus some UFO shadow people and angel stories added for flavor Real World Paranormal Activity If you like The Conjuring or The Exorcist you'll love the real thing BUY True Ghost Stories Jim Harold's Campfire TODAYNOTE YOU DO NOT NEED A KINDLE TO read A KINDLE BOOK SEARCH FOR THEIR FANTASTIC FREE READING APPS FOR ABOUT EVERY DEVICE KNOWN TO MAN. 3217 Kindle Countdown Deal 99 I am a great fan of Jim's Campfire podcast which I started listening to recently after I retired I love taking my morning walks while listening to the Campfire and similar podcasts As with most short story type of collections and the podcast is this way too some of the stories were fantastic while others were just meh I especially think the stories about strange dreams are the weakest ones I have strange dreams too sometimes but nothing comes out of them The stories I did like were A Physician Meets the Supernatural; Teenage Doppelganger; Fairy Fire; Flying Shoes; Skinwalker; Weird Wonderful West Virginia; Growing up in a Haunted House; Footsteps; Ghost Workers; You See Her Too; Our Little Girl Ghost; and The Night Watchman SPOOKY Jim Harold guest on Episodes 37 and 62 of the Radiate Wellness Podcast is the OG of the Paranormal and the host of the Paranormal Podcast Jim Harold's Crime Scene Soulmate Stories with his wife Dar Podlords and Jim Harold's Campfire On the Campfire real people call in with their real life stories of ghosts cryptids UFOs high strangeness and head scratchers The best of the stories is compiled into this book and the others in the series Check out Jim's website at JimHaroldcom Interesting collectionJim Harold truly finds uniue and fascinating tales to share in the campfire series This collection was most enjoyable to read especially the last story Love these Campfire stories Volume 4 delivered as well as the last 3 volumes these true accounts of the paranormal is amazing as you just don't realize how many people in this world encounter the unknown does not matter where you are in this world you are bound to encounter something that you just don't understand or can't comprehend Great Book Jim Harold Keep up the good work Looking forward to books in the Campfire series Great readI love devouring anything and everything about the paranormal I've grown up having many experiences so reading about others is very validating for me This was very well written and brought me right into the stories Nothing was overdone or exaggerated like you can find in other books nor was it dull and dry Kept me turning pages late into the night Enjoyable collection