The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories

The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories[Download] ➼ The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories Author K.B. Goddard – Enter a world where shadows live and the veil between life and death is thin Be transported back to the era of the classic ghost story Enter The Haunted Chamber Set in the Victorian era these ghostly Enter a world where shadows live and the Chamber and PDF ✓ veil between life and death is thin The Haunted PDF or Be transported back to the era of the classic ghost story Enter The Haunted Chamber Set Haunted Chamber and Epub Ú in the Victorian era these ghostly stories evoke the candlelit drawing rooms of the th Century​ The Haunted Chamber and Other Stories contains six weird and wonderful tales of the supernatural from the pen of KB Goddard author of A Spirited Evening and Other Stories Contents The Haunted Chamber Would you accept a challenge to spend the night in a reputedly haunted room That is precisely what John Williams decides to do and finds that the haunting is not uite what he expected The Inn by the Crossroads – The inn by the crossroads has an evil reputation No one has set foot over the threshold of the abandoned building in years So what can it mean when lights are seen coming from the inn one foggy Halloween night Sir Henry's Folly – Sir Henry Morstan's plans to build a new folly on his estate are repeatedly foiled but is the sabotage of his project really the result of a prank Or might there be another explanation The Crying Ghost – A young bride has almost everything she could possibly want to make her happy in her new life But when she is troubled by sights and sounds that only she can see and hear she begins to uestion her sanity What does the woman in the empty room want with her Shadows – The newly engaged Isabella finds herself living in fear of a rejected suitor But when his power over her seems to go beyond the realms of the possible the shadows threaten to consume her Lifting the Veil – When a Christmas visit to a friend ends in disaster Algernon Hunter is left pondering the barrier between life and death. This book presents us with six ghost stories all told in a Victorian style The language may be old fashioned but in the face of where horror is going today the approach feels fresh and alive These are not tales that attempt to frighten but tales that beckon you to explore the nooks and crannies of haunted homes inns and other places The ghosts you will find there are not screaming terrifying apparitions but intriguing and interesting individuals that beckon your attentionThe Haunted Chamber opens the book with an age old premise a dare to one who does not believe in ghosts to spend the night in a haunted house The ending comes as a surprise to the skeptical character and to the reader as well although to us the surprise is delightful and to the skeptic bafflingShadows breaks the pace of the shorter stories offering a tale about three times longer than the others in the book It is the tale of two lovers pursued by what seems to be a jealous would be suitorSir Henry's Folly was my favorite When Sir Henry attempts to build on his land are met with sabotage we can pretty much guess what it is that is committing the sabotage but the way it is dealt with is satisfying When it comes to tales of the supernatural I've always preferred the classics My Penguin edition of MR James Ghost Stories is so well worn I may have to buy another So when I came across this writer I was eager to read her workThis collection of short stories emulates all that I love from the classics I really did feel as if I were reading something from the Victorian era I intended to read the book one story at a time but I found myself devouring the whole thing in an afternoon Each story is self contained and all are entertaining but I do have some favourites in the collection The Crying Ghost and Lifting the Veil The story that chilled me the most of all however was one called ShadowsI'll definitely download by this author though perhaps I'll wait for a day when I have enough self control to read one at a time Another spooktacular collection of Victorian ghost stories from KB Goddard I'm just in love with this style of writing It keeps me engaged and interested in the story in a way I did not expect The stories are not gory or offensive but are genuinely creepy placing them in a separate category from so much of what ualifies as horror these days I'm looking forward to from this author An enjoyable read for those who appreciate both classic ghost stories and the Victorian era I found the stories to be very engaging and loved how the author captured the language and feel of the time period This book had some great ghost stories in it's pages I loved them and thought they were a little creepy I think this book is a very great collections of stories of the supernatural I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review The Haunted Chamber is a uick read Just a few short tales done in a deliberately old fashioned writing style in homage to classic ghostly writers such as MR James Elizabeth Gaskell Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu and others Goddard’s stories will ease you into the spooky wintertime spirit I suppose you could read them at any other time of year but a Victorian or Victorian pastiche ghost story is most effective on a dark cold night with a light snow falling outside the window The ghosts in these works are mysterious than monstrous less The Grudge The Haunting of Hill House though the phantoms of “Shadows” and “The Inn at the Crossroads” are very real threats to those on this side of the Eternal Door Each story features a different species of Victorian specter The titular Haunted Chamber as its name implies revolves around a series of mysterious events that occur whenever someone spends the night in a particular room in an enormous mansion Although the happenings are clearly supernatural in origin the exact cause of the haunting is left ambiguousThe specters of The Inn At The Crossroads by contrast are much clear and hostile towards the Living A warning to those who would trifle with beings from the Other SideThe spirit of Sir Henry’s Folly however is much benign Though she does play tricks on her mortal neighbor it is only to make sure he does not transgress the ancient and sometimes forgotten pacts that humanity has made with the landThe Crying Ghost is one of those apparitions whose lingering sorrow keeps her attached to her old dwelling The solution that finally grants her peace is unusual but ultimately a happy ending for both the living and the deadShadows on the other hand features a much malevolent wraith though not precisely what one would consider a conventional “ghost” for it comes from a very mortal sourceLastly Lifting the Veil delves into the Victorian obsession with the Afterlife and communicating with those who have passed on And with the possibility that sometimes that journey may be only temporary Goddard’s tales are a satisfying read if you’re a fan of classic ghost stories or even if you’d just like a uiet night of spectral tales by the fireplace or at least some crackling fireplace sounds from Youtube playing on your phone which is what I used A delightful collection of stories of the supernatural written in old 19th century? language reflective of the author's commendable creativity and imagination While a picky editor may find one too many adverbs within or minor flaws in grammar or style these errors took little away from enjoyment of novel stories of just the right length within A work that aficionados of creepy narratives will surely relish