Restless Days, Sleepless Nights

Restless Days, Sleepless Nights[Reading] ➾ Restless Days, Sleepless Nights By Ranjana Bharij – RESTLESS DAYS SLEEPLESS NIGHTS is the story of a woman in the early 1970's who sets out to pursue a career in a public sector bank an all male bastionA must read for every working woman and all the pe RESTLESS DAYS SLEEPLESS NIGHTS is the story of a woman in the early 's who sets out to pursue a career in a public sector bank an all male bastionA must read for every working woman and all the perceptive men who have female colleagues in the work place About the Restless Days, PDF \ Author Ranjana Bharij loves to calls herself a true Indian Her father hailed from Uttar Pradesh mother from Rajasthan and her husband is from Punjab She has travelled widely across the country as well as internationally first due to her father's transferable job and later because of the high mobility in her own job An alumnus of Lucknow University she taught Political Science in a Delhi University College for over a year before joining a public sector bank; she retired from there as General Manager in after devoting thirty eight years of her life to the service at the bank A champion of women's cause gender euality is very dear to her heart In her own words neither her parents nor her husband ever let her feel that a woman is inferior to man in any manner Naturally any reference to her gender as a weaker sex in the organisational context agitated her to no end Currently she lives in New Delhi with her husband Shiv while her two sons Rahul and Sidharth have settled in Canada and USA respectively Restless Days Sleepless Nights is her debut book. The most important factor about the book is that it has been written in a manner that comprehension is never a problem The simple lucid style of the author and the inherent honesty in expressing herself filled with exciting anecdotes from her thirty eight year long stint with a public sector bank make the book eminently interesting Each of the thirty chapters stands on its own Woven together they give you a glimpse of the author’s story as well as an insight into her steely determination to establish herself as an individual in her own right amidst what she feels was a male bastion This aspect of her personality can be traced back to her parents who rejoiced at the birth of a girl child and euipped her with necessary strength to withstand the demands of the time Please read full review at Ranjana has captured a tumultuous period in Indian history through an experiential rendering of the empowerment of women leaders in the financial sector Impressive is her narrative style It is superbly written and simplicity is her signature in piecing together a string of experiences with a silken fist she has succeeded It is gripping and the emotion content always stays supreme but always under control As it is a narrative of a woman's struggle to achieve the pole position in her chosen career without doubt the episodes as expected tend are about the fight to overcome discrimination But a woman is never complete without tenderness there are those stories which mark the caring nature of the protagonist which make a welcome departure and punctuate the narrative with stupendous effect Anything missing in the narrative? Well; Ranjana will have stories to tell and we should not be too greedy to get everything in one single helping Keep it flowing Ranjana I loved reading this book and wait for from your pen What a sweet book I started reading this book on a sleepless night and couldn't put it down until I finished it The book has a motherly tone to it which makes it such an enjoyable read Despite having an easy to read the language there is no scarcity of emotions This book reminds me of books from Sudha Murthy but Ranjana gave an account from a different perspective The book is also an example of how far our country has grown since then and there are much acceptance and utmost respect for working women in societyIt's a must read for every young girl #loved it Is like my life in the bank unfolding itself Joining the Bank in the early 60s when women must neither be seen nor heard life was or else similar to what Ranjana has narrated in a breathtaking beautiful manner What I had wanted to say but didn't perhaps still don't have the courage to has been brought out by the author in a very simple manner without hurting anyone but at the same time making herself heard Kudos to Ranjana I don't read a lot I picked up this book as someone suggested it I was surprised that I was able to finish it in one go This book has inspired me to read books The author has done an amazing job with keeping the diction simple and the subtle humor keeps the book very interesting all along When the book ends you get the feeling why did the book end I want like one of those tv shows hopefully the author will have a seuel to this book soon A humorous tale of a woman's travails at work A very honest straight from the heart narrative Captures well a time in India when the first generation of women came into the workplace as euals Makes uick and compelling read Excellent book by banker as