American Fiction, Volume 14

American Fiction, Volume 14[Reading] ➼ American Fiction, Volume 14 ➲ Bruce Pratt – Fiction Twenty one new authors evoke the painful and beautiful realities of life Whether the struggles of a recent immigrant to support his family a young daughter dealing with her mother's mental hea Fiction Twenty one new authors evoke the painful and beautiful realities of life Whether the struggles of a recent immigrant to support his family a young daughter dealing with her mother's mental health issues or the slow decay of a once sharp mind this volume showcases the lives of these diverse American writers and characters. For someone who is accustomed to reading action adventure novels murder mysteries and fantasy American Fiction was uite a different experience for me It grabbed my attention in ways that didn't reuire impossible plots dangerous creatures and thrilling murder cases These tales are eye opening due to just how raw and real they are This collection of stories drew me in by the simplicity of the realistic struggles depicted that countless people experience throughout their lives My favorite aspect about the piece as a whole is that the stories are not complete; instead you get glimpses into the minds of those facing personal struggles and you witness a brief moment of their emotions There's never really closure but that's okay because it's not necessary to get the full impact of the stories You're given a taste of just how some people handle the situations that they are put into and it's enough to get your thoughts whirlingI believe the best piece in the collection is Nancy Aalgaard Hanson's Arlo Doyon The moment I finished Hanson's story I was floored It was moving peaceful yet heartbreaking all at the same time Possibly one of the most interesting emotional rides and definitely worth the third place prize that it received although for me it would have taken firstWhile I have several positive remarks for this collection I have to say that my choice of three stars is due to the few inconsistent tales that felt either too bizarre or simply out of place; these are tales that left me either emotionless or simply wondering what it was that I just read such as Murray Dunlap's Race DayOverall I would recommend the work It feels like a breath of fresh air if you're not one to read realistic literature very often; it's a good change of pace American Fiction opens with the first second and third prize winning stories submitted for the American Fiction Contest at New Rivers Press The short stories in the collection cover a range of universal themes with particular focus on the function and dysfunction of family and the tensions caused by life changes marriage break up children aging death In the introduction to the collection novelist Elizabeth Strout writes about the capacity of stories to connect us to others to help us recognize that we are not alone in our experiences She writes that these stories bring “us the news of ourselves our country and the world we live in” And she is right—many of the stories in American Fiction include characters places and events that are immediately recognizable particularly to a small town Midwesterner like meOne of the pleasures of reading a collection like American Fiction which showcases emerging writers is that you discover new authors In addition to the top prize winners I particularly enjoyed reading Diane Byington’s “Armando’s Revenge” about desire an accident and a terrible secret This story stands out as almost folkloric compared to the stark realism of many of the other stories in the anthology The three prize winning stories open the anthology Thereafter the stories are organized alphabetically according to the author’s last name Many of the stories in the collection fall into themes such as family loss and change; as a reader I would have found an organization around themes to be intuitive In addition some of the stories felt rushed or incomplete This is bound to be the case in an anthology of emerging writers Still the collection succeeds in telling many different experiences that resonate that tell us “the news of ourselves” and the lives we live

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