Keeper's Child

Keeper's Child➜ Keeper's Child free download ➡ Author Leslie Davis – It is the year 2038 A genetic accident has brought forth a new world new rules and a new set of cultures Death has gone airborne and the end of the world is coming Dr Jesse Grange has spent much of hi It is the year A genetic accident has brought forth a new world new rules and a new set of cultures Death has gone airborne and the end of the world is coming Dr Jesse Grange has spent much of his adult life trying to rebuild a damaged land He lives as hero and celebrity guardian of one of the last remaining safe havens on the continent But the mistakes of the past have at last caught up with him and deep in his underground laboratories his hopes of a real future for his people are dashed Jesse takes his dark secret with him to the edge of the sea where his brother banished Keeper of the sick is dying On the shore the air is grey the sand bitterly cold and the tainted ocean unduly warm. Set in the near future this takes place on a continent whose population and climate have been ravaged by disease and genetic mutationIt all began innocently enough Many years before a cargo ship full of genetic material sank off the coast Over 600 migrants were hired to clean up the mess It took years for their offspring to develop what became known as Bruster’s Syndrome but once they did the government panicked The diseased and their relatives were kept in uarantined camps Those frightened citizens who could leave the continent have certainly done so Houses for the diseased who are called desgastas are set up In a way Bruster’s is like AIDS in that a person can live a normal life with the disease But once it takes hold the end is slow painful disgusting and assuredJesse is a celebrity in Carpenteria one of the last safe cities on the continent but the scientific mistakes in his past have caught up with him His latest experiment has failed dashing any hope of a future for his people Beckoned by Harold his brother and the last Keeper of the sick Jesse travels to the shore and sees the ruined climate for himselfHarold’s last ward is a young girl named Robin who may be the savior of humanity She is born desgastas and has spent her whole life in exile Jesse takes her to the city to give her something of a normal life Robin volunteers in a makeshift hospital helping those dying of Bruster’s Eventually she contracts full blown Bruster’s for lack of a better term and amazingly she survives She has long since run away from the city and returned to the house at the shore where Jesse takes several samples of her blood and returns to the city to turn them into a serum Meantime the desgastas suatting outside the city have entered the city and taken over Now they are dying faster than anyone can keep up with themThis is a rather slow novel but a really good novel Stick with it for the story is very much worth reading I don't usually read science fiction but the author of this book is a friend of a friend's and I received it as a gift I enjoyed the book and the story although at times I found it a little far fetched I really enjoyed the beginning but after that it started to drag a littleIt's a story set in the near future 2068 after genetic material is spilled off the coast The conseuences leave the descentants of the people who cleaned up the spill with a genetic mutation that destined them to a certain miserable death It also had severe environmental conseuences completely changing the land Its the struggle between the city born people without the genetic mutation and the outcast people with the mutation If you like science fiction that isn't too out there off the planet you might really enjoy it Many of the people in the world are dying The is some kind of virus or pathogen loose that harms some people causing mutations that eventually leads to death Some people live where they first lived others have moved to a City where the mutated degastas live with the un mutated but the pathogen has evolved and become dangerous Enter Jesse Grange who meets a ward of his brother Robin who may be the answer to the plague Not a pleasant read Takes too long to get going It's far in the future and man has destroyed the land and sea Long involved story with characters who aren't very likeable Genetic alteration in one young woman may enable humanity to survivebut who cares A compelling story with rich description and characters overshadowed by a wholy unlikeable protagonist

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  • Keeper's Child
  • Leslie Davis
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  • 09 April 2014
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