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The Sam Gunn Omnibus❮Reading❯ ➸ The Sam Gunn Omnibus Author Ben Bova – THE IRREPRESSIBLE SAM GUNN A hero without peer or scruples Sam Gunn has a nose for trouble money and women though not necessarily in that order  A man with the ego and stature of a Napoleon the busi THE IRREPRESSIBLE SAM GUNN A hero without peer or scruples Sam Gunn has a nose for trouble money and women though not necessarily in that order  A man with the ego and stature of a Napoleon the business acumen of a P T Barnum and the raging hormones of a teenage boy Sam is the finest astronaut NASA ever trainedand dumped  But than money than women Sam Gunn loves justice  And he really does love money and women  Whether he's suing the Pope helping twin sisters entangled in the virtual sex The Sam eBook â trade or on trial for his life on charges of interplanetary genocide you can be sure of one thing this is one space jockey who'll meet every challenge with a smile on his lips an ace up his sleeveand a weapon in his pocket Now for the first time between covers Hugo winner Ben Bova presents all the tales of Sam Gunn to date including three never before collected in book form  Here is the entire chronicle of Sam Gunn trailblazer and scoundrel as he scams his way from one end of the Solar System to the other giving bold new meaning to the term venture capitalist. This was fun but I appreciated the stories when I'd run across them occasionally Altogether they got a bit repetitive Sam Gunn was an extraordinary character who was well used to show a lot of Bova's ideas on how human nature economics could follow us into space Just because the circumstances were uniue doesn't mean that people changed they simply adaptedThe stories were well strung together by a budding reporter tracking down Gunn's stories to make her name I didn't care much for the voice that narrated those sections when she did male voices but otherwise it was good Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcentercom I am the original author of this essay as well as the owner of CCLaP; it is not being reprinted here illegallyFans know that within any literary genre there consists a handful of top tier breakout stars people like Stephen King in horror or Tom Clancy in military thrillers but that the vast majority of books published in any given genre are instead churned out by a series of lesser known mid tier authors the kind who make modest livings by basically becoming one person book factories pumping out a whole series of titles that deliver exactly what hardcore fans of that genre expect from such books but not an ounce Science fiction for example is particularly notorious at this with a good example of such journeymen being Ben Bova a veteran author who has been cranking out titles for decades now and has won several hundred industry awards over the course of his career but who nonetheless is barely known by anyone outside of diehard SF conventioneers a big way that such mid tier authors even have careers to begin with by attending convention after convention themselves and literally building their readership one Buffy fan at a time But whatever you think of such authors it does leave them with just a wealth of original intellectual property stuff that can not only be reissued every ten years until the end of time but constantly repackaged in inventive ways too; and that leads us to the brand new Sam Gunn Omnibus a whopping 700 page tome collecting up for the very first time all the 50 odd stories Bova has written over the last half century concerning the eponymous antihero along with almost 40 linking passages two and three page micro stories to help create a consistent narrative and timeline to it all but with some problems inherent in this process as well as Bova himself admits in the introductionAnd it's collections like these that are a perfect example of why Bova has never become a breakout star himself and why his stories are destined to be loved only by the most diehard SF fans out there because to tell the truth as one of these diehard fans I found the stories on display here not bad at all tight and funny little space operas that as an extra bonus adhere closely to the bigger Galaxy storyline Bova has been creating in a series of bigger novels over the last thirty years a very rational step by step look at just how our solar system might someday be colonized by humans one planet at a time with our swaggering con man and galactic explorer always seemingly in the middle of every new development along the way But Lord if you're not a diehard SF fan it's hard to like these thoroughly middlebrow genre exercises; they're not only eye rollingly goofy most of the time with plot points that fairly telegraph themselves from the first page but are really really sexist too in about the most immature sense of the term the kind of boobies in space tripe that used to be rampant back when this genre's fanbase mostly consisted of pimply antisocial Comic Book Guys the exact type of borderline misogynist silliness that many contemporary female SF authors claim that they got involved in the industry themselves precisely to combat It makes it a hard book to love but one that some of you will anyway harmless fun or outdated trash depending on who you are; I myself neither particularly loved nor hated it which is why it's getting the middle of the road score today that it isOut of 10 75 VERY LIKE THIS BOOK Got a hankering for that old time science fiction? You know where men are men and they chase skirts usually inhabited by blonde bombshells after performing death defying feats of derring do? Oh and though they bend the rules sometimes they always wind up doing good in the end and the only people who don’t like them are bloated bureaucrats or pasty faced lawyers who wouldn’t know their asteroid from a hot rock? And though the women are tough and smart their goal in life is to get that MRS degree even if they’re high powered lawmakers with brains aplenty?If so run right out and buy “The Sam Gunn Omnibus” Tor 1995 704 pages by Ben Bova The 77 year old can’t really be expected to be name checking L’il Wayne though actually the stories aren’t uite as 1950s as I made them sound In fact Sam Gunn is a pretty likable hero – not handsome not big not really strong but very smart and very tough The Omnibus is a collection of a bunch of short stories about Sam Gunn strung together through a reasonable narrative deviceThere’s nothing really serious going on here as Gunn works his way from astronaut to interplanetary entrepreneur but Bova enjoys his hero and as a result so do we No it’s not the bloody dark and gloomy world of most modern antiheroes and it’s definitely not 21st century cool but “The Sam Gunn Omnibus” is pleasant positive and fun – and there’s a lot to be said for those three attributes even if they are a bit passé The Sam Gunn stories are now published in one omnibus edition They really bring out the best in Bova His hero Sam Gunn is a sort of space entrepreneuradventurer presumably inspired by explorers from human history such as Columbus and Shackleton I also believe that Sam Gunn is Ben Bova’s alter ego or the man he wishes he was Lighthearted and thoroughly enjoyable I recommend Sam Gunn to any fan of near future stories and space explorationhttpwwwbooksrosbochnet?p477 The Sam Gunn Omnibus is a HUGE Volume of short stories featuring astronaut entrepreneur rogue explorer etc Sam Gunn He is a legend a hero to many while a crook to others What isn't ever though is boring Though this is really short stories the author ties it altogether neatly with a nice reason for them being together A young woman named Jade finds herself intrigued by his story goes to journalism school and lands a job with a news service Then she sets out to investigate the man and separate fact from fiction This one clever mechanism converts this from a series of seemingly endless short stories into what stands pretty much as a novel So much of the story is built on Jade obtaining interviews and getting people to tell Sam Gunn stories that it almost makes another complete story It's classic Science Fiction during the early days of Earth's foray into the realms of space and Sam Gunn's chicanery always keeps his enemies annoyed and his friends amused He is a comical character not especially good looking but uite capable with the ladies He manages to find loopholes to Nasa regulations and laws He makes and loses fortune after fortune It's really a hoot The only drawback to the entire novel is that all of the women except one are stunningly beautiful and not just because the guy has been in space for a long time The conclusion is a bit clumsy the reader sees the story arc heading that way This is a HUGE volume but well worth the time to read What a great series of stories Sam Gunn is such an interesting character that Ben has brought to life This omnibus was my first introduction to the character and what a ride it has been Alas it is now over unless there are some other stories floating around out therewill have to begin the search This is a really fun compilation of short stories Some are better than others but on the whole the story arc is good A lot of the characters are stereotypes but the author does that in a fun way that didn't make it obnoxious for me I'm surprised this was never turned into a TV series A fun romp A series of short stories about Sam Gunn long but worth the read

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