Kubernetes[Read] ➫ Kubernetes Author Kelsey Hightower – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Legend has it that Google deploys over two billion application containers a week How's that possible Google revealed the secret through a project called Kubernetes an open source cluster orchestrator Legend has it that Google deploys over two billion application containers a week How's that possible Google revealed the secret through a project called Kubernetes an open source cluster orchestrator based on its internal Borg system that radically simplifies the task of building deploying and maintaining scalable distributed systems in the cloud This practical guide shows you how Kubernetes and container technology can help you achieve new levels of velocity agility reliability and efficiencyAuthors Kelsey Hightower Brendan Burns and Joe Beda who've worked on Kubernetes at Google explain how this system fits into the lifecycle of a distributed application You will learn how to use tools and APIs to automate scalable distributed systems whether it is for online services machine learning applications or a cluster of Raspberry Pi computersExplore the distributed system challenges that Kubernetes addressesDive into containerized application development using containers such as DockerCreate and run containers on Kubernetes using Docker's Image format and container runtimeExplore specialized objects essential for running applications in productionReliably roll out new software versions without downtime or errorsGet examples of how to develop and deploy real world applications in Kubernetes. You cannot make a book about 'death by yaml' any interesting Anyone who had any contact with K8s knows that there's no one better ualified to create a book about it than K Hightower So when I've started reading I've already new that it will be either good or very good nothing less Apparently I was right it's a solid 45 it may get even better in a printed version I've read an unreleased version with all the chapters but before the final editing wo some diagrams etcGood stuff? It's definitely successful in introducing the reader into the tech Clear proper pace gets to a sufficient level of detail at least IMHO So basically it meets its primary goal Drawbacks? There was definitely the need for good diagrams not present in my version hopefully they will be there in the printed one I also believe that providing some context eg by comparing K8s to alternative solutions like Docker Swarm Mesos or Nomad could really help in building the big picture of what kind of needs K8s can fulfil where it would be a good fit where not soAnyway it is definitely the best available resource on Kubernetes so if you're interested in learning a bit about it this book is a safe bet I'm really happy that this was first book about k8s that i've read It's really good introduction into the topic with some background why things are done this way and not the other way round I would say its solid 4 I'm giving 5 as this book helped me a lot with understanding what is what and how this all parts work together to create something bigger If i would not have a need to that knowledge i would go with 4 starsThat one missing star The only thing I was missing was 3 4 words dictionary of all keywords used in book Instead i was forced to jump between chapters just to understand what he is writing about A great introduction to main kubernetes core conceptsIt's a beginners book but is very easy to read This is a review of the Early Release editionTo be concise the Early Release edition contains typos a few technical errors and a host of incomplete sections even within the available chapters The total length is about 90 pages and the list price at the time of writing this review was about 40 This may be a good book eventually but it is far too early unpolished and incomplete a draft to be ready for sale even as an Early ReleasePerhaps when the full edition is available this book will be worth the timemoney The topic and technology are certainly worth reading about At the moment though I would say this book was released before it was ready for sale As promised this is a nice uick bare bones intro to Kubernetes You'll deploy some Docker containers in Pods create Services work with ReplicaSets DaemonSets and StatefulSets run a few Jobs and learn how to manage configs secrets and deployments The Kubernetes project is moving so uickly that just 2 years later a little bit of the content feels dated but overall the book holds up well It is an okay book but there’s nothing inside that you can’t find in documentation around the web Instead the authors could start from real world example and try to solve it with kubernetes infrastructure This way they could delve deeper into the philosophy of orchestration of containers and why you need scaling in your environment I would recommend people to buy an online course instead of this book And also minus star for reuirement for a commercial service for a kubernetes cluster Very good technical book about deployment scaling and management of containerized applications written by some of the engineers who originally developed Kubernetes at Google This is a new software architecture paradigm that will change how we build deploy and maintain services in the cloud and will make virtual machine hosted servers obsolete Good introduction to Kubernetes but I would not rush it to production after reading only this book I had high expectations for this books due to the high profiles of the authors The book is very ordinary It just introduces what various concepts are like replicasets deployments daemonsets etc at a very beginner level one per chapter Nothing is mentioned about how to deploy kubernetes apps in a public cloud probably as each of the authors work in different competing companies Zero information about internals of kubernetes either The book is neither for beginners nor for advanced users It just lingers somewhere in between with no justice to either sideInstead of wasting money and importantly time on this book you will get far better knowledge if you spend some time on youtube videos where all these stuff are explained much clearly with live examples If it were possible to get a refund I would have asked for it The book costed a lot for me because it was an imported copy and no low price edition available in India which annoyed me when the book uality was so shallow

Paperback  Ù Kubernetes Kindle ¼
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  • English
  • 10 April 2016
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