The Persuasion of Molly OFlaherty The London Lovers #1

The Persuasion of Molly OFlaherty The London Lovers #1✅ The Persuasion of Molly OFlaherty The London Lovers #1 PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Sierra Simone – One playboy billionaire One heartbroken heiress One sham marriage What could go wrong That’s what notorious playboy Silas Cecil Coke thinks as he returns to England to persuade Molly O’Flaherty to One playboy billionaire One heartbroken heiress One sham of Molly ePUB ✓ marriage What could go wrong That’s what notorious playboy Silas Cecil Coke thinks as he returns to England to persuade Molly O’Flaherty to marry him Certainly their brief fling last year ended in heartbreak and a black eye but matters are different now Molly must marry to save her company and if she must Silas is determined that he’ll be the man she chooses But between the bitter memories and the competing suitors Silas discovers that wooing a bride is no easy task unless of The Persuasion PDF/EPUB ² course he decides to stop playing fair The Persuasion of Molly O’Flaherty is a word novella and is the first of the London Lovers duet It is not necessary to read The Seduction of Molly O’Flaherty first It is intended for mature audiences only. Available now US UK A Romantic Historical with Lashings of EROTICAThe Persuasion of Molly O'Flaherty is about a billionaire an heiress and a sham marriage set against a historical backdrop and a dash of intrigue It's about control hope trust fear and love with relationships steeped in kink and elements of BDSM The protagonists Molly and Silas long ago planned to live and love freely to have fun with who they want whenever they fancy It captured both my attention and heart from the beginning to the very end and has left me eager for the second and final part of The London Lovers Duet series Silas and Molly have known each other for ten years ensuring that the story is shrouded in their shared history entwining their life friends and dalliances enhancing the feel and depth of the story Silas made me laugh and I so enjoyed their easy banter together born of years of sincere friendship Molly is honest intelligent strong determined and vulnerable with life experiences that have shaped her relationships with men and made her crave control in all areas of her life Loving and trusting are not easy feelings for her to command I initially met Molly and Silas as secondary characters in The Markham Hall Series and was absolutely delighted when I heard the author was giving them their own story I highly recommend reading Markham Hall first as it's one of my favourite reads of the year but it's not essential as The London Lovers Series stands on its own The antagonist is perfectly evil and one hopes to witness his downfall He’s the catalyst for Molly's inner feelings concerning negative experiences and thoughts As the story progresses we discover of her hurtful past and the true significance of her relationship with Silas I adore the way this story is set up for intrigue and heartache from the very beginning The premise of the protagonists past relationship a moment in time between them that changed things and then the way Sierra Simone continues to embellish Molly's history revealing nuances and imparting information all the way through There are times that I felt a little frustrated with the heroine and found her to be a little capricious in her thoughts and actions having said that I eually acknowledge and understand her reasoning and motivation so maybe my frustrations are unjustified Certainly during the second half of this story my heart was completely in her hands as the story arc began to attack my emotions I felt the anguish of the protagonists and as the plot thickened it left me longing for the next part in this duet series and happiness for Molly The nature of Sierra Simone's Historical stories are sensual passionate and HIGHLY EROTIC suiting my fictional reading tastes very nicely The proclivities of the protagonists and their friends are highly lovely the way they’re expressed creatively crafted and lived out in this fictional world is divine Historical erotic romance that's lusciously heavy on the erotica without compromising the strength of the story A series I highly recommend to all lovers of erotic romance the historical aspect is a gorgeous bonus Warning An open fictional reading mind reuired for the HIGHLY erotic and kinky scenes★★★The Persuasion of Molly O’Flaherty is a 40000 word novella and is the first of the London Lovers duet It is not necessary to read The Seduction of Molly O’Flaherty firstAdvanced copy received for my honest review thoughts 45 “Don’t Pretend Please” Stars Sensual Erotic EmotionalThis book is packed with a whole lot of sexiness Set in the 1800's it's a historical of love and second chances It's highly erotic and extremely deep in emotion Mary Margaret Molly O’Flaherty is a strong dominant take charge kind of woman who loves to have sex Silas Cecil Coke is sexy carefree man of the world who loves to have sex as well Molly and Silas have been friends and lovers for uite a while they run in the same circle and had an encounter where they both confessed their lovebut it wasn't a HEA Fast forward a year and Silas returns for Molly but does he return for his heart or for convenience? Silas broke Molly and she has vowed to never let that happen again no matter what her heart and inner desire says Silas must do his best as winning her back even if it means not playing fair What they truly feel and desire for one another may not be enough in the end and Molly’s fate with Hugh may not be able to be untiedSilas is uite the exuisite lover and he is exuisite when he is in love It’s intense it’s passionate and it’s sinfully sexy I will say that the ending wasWe got to meet these two in The Markham Hall Series That series is one of my very favorites Seeing that Molly and Silas we're getting their own series made me jump for joy The writing of Sierra Simone uietly takes you to 1800's England where you are uickly absorbed into prim and proper England but with a side of erotic sprinklings that leaves you hot and bothered I can't wait for The Wedding of Molly O'Flaherty I feel like there will be heartbreak before a HEA comes both their ways but never the less I'm sure the steam factor will still be high Arc graciously provided by Sassy Savvy Fabulous PR in exchange for an honest review 4 Tomorrow StarsTo read my FULL REVIEW of the whole The London Lovers series CLICK HERE CHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE Silas Cecil Coke was not ready for a serious relationship After that passionate weekend that he spent with Mollie he did not hesitate to betray her with one of her best friends Ashamed and confused with what he did he run away to France and spend one year there with his brother’s family But he never forgot MollieBetrayed and hurt Mollie tried unsuccessfully to forget Silas On top of that she is told that she has to get married if she wants to keep her company The husband to be is already chosen but Mollie is too independent and a free spiritSilas will run to England and he will try to convince her to choose him He will try every innocent and every dirty trick to persuade her that he will never betray her again Mollie is in turmoil and she knows that the decision is not in her handsThe Persuasion of Molly O'Flaherty is another highly erotic book of the series Full of sensual and decadent sex scenes The chemistry between Silas and Mollie is off the charts The backbone story is strong and it has substance however the salt and pepper of this book is definitely the intimate moments between the two main characters 425 “Don’t say Clare” StarsMolly O’Flaherty is a feisty independent woman who is never intimidated by anyone For years she developed her father’s small shipping business into a worldwide enterprise In Molly’s personal life she enjoys her circle of friends who share the same sexual cravings and aren’t afraid to indulge in pleasures of the fleshSilas Cecil Coke is a gentleman solicitor and well known playboy in London Silas and Molly have been close friends for many years and have shared numerous kinky times Silas is such a charmer with his dark wavy hair blue eyes tall and fit frame and an infamous dimpled grin He definitely makes me weak in the kneesWhile Molly has been able to run her company for years as she saw fit there is now a shift of power on the board of directors and they are exerting certain control by issuing an ultimatum that is a lose lose for her Molly must decide to marry a “board approved” suitor or lose her precious company As Molly tries to find a solution Silas learns of her dilemma and is determined to help What complicates Silas’ offer is that Molly and Silas are than just ménage buddies they have true affection for one another but Molly is too stubborn to admit it As Silas tries to persuade Molly what ensues is hot hot and hot Silas is incredibly sexy and the chemistry between them is explosive “How many times did you let me come in your ass Mary Margaret O’Flaherty? And how many times on you face? How many times did you let me spank you until you were begging for ? Begging for me to ram my” “I would fist her hair and press my crown against her mouth and make her lap up my cum as I pulsed onto her lips” In this book I thoroughly enjoyed getting reunited with Molly and Silas as their characters continue to develop we learn about her past and his need for a different future I also liked reading about the Baron and of course Julian and Ivy Sierra’s writing has a contemporary feel although the setting is London in the 1880’s and I especially like how the women are portrayed as strong and confident characters despite social expectations of the time With alternating POV’s from Molly and Silas I devoured each page and simply could not get enough The reason for not giving a full five star rating was because I felt like I was chasing the next step until the very end and I wanted a bit resolution than what was offered To enjoy the London Lovers series you don’t necessarily need to read the Markham Hall series but if you do at some point it will only add to your experience of this series Note Thanks for the FBR Miss Myla ;D Earlier this year I read and fell in love with Sierra Simone's Markham Hall Series Needless to say I was super excited when she decided to do a spin off series and give us Molly Silas' story so when an opportunity to read and review the first book in The London Lovers series presented itself I jumped at the chance I can't say this enough but Sierra's writing is something one must experience If I was to describe it in two words it would be 'effortless' 'exuisite' Not to mention the woman knows how to write some scorching sexWhen going into this andor Markham Hall series don't dissect it or look to it for historical facts You'll enjoy it so much if you take it for what it is exceptionally well written erotica that is set in 1800s EnglandCheers The Persuasion of Molly O'Flaherty The London Lovers Book 1 on ARC via author in exchange for an honest review 45 Decadent Erotic Emotionally Charged StarsWowza this was one sexy read I have no words for Sierra Simone Her writing never ceases to amaze me I do love historical and pairing it with the Sierra Simone kind of eroticism makes me one happy woman If you've read the Ivy Leavold series then you're familiar with Molly and Silas Molly is being forced to marry to save her company but theres only one man that she wantsbillionaire playboy Silas Cecil Coke Their chemistry is undeniably off the charts I could almost feel it coming off the pages in this bookThis was such an emotionally charged read It made me angry but at the same time it filled me with so much pleasure This was so emotional that when the sexy times came it was powerful and beyond explosive At one point I wasn't sure if I would be able to handle it all Simone always manages to get me out of my comfort zone There definitely an element of surprise for me at some parts of the story but I'm not complaining because I loved it all The dialogue was perfect and the writing was superb as alwaysWhat can I saythis book rocked my world 5 Decadent Stars I am a big fan of the Markham Hall series and this was a great addition to the books' universe This is the story of Molly and Silas They were friends before they became lovers But when Silas betrays Molly's trust they are torn apart Molly is a strong woman and the owner of a big company But in order to keep her company she must marry; and fast Silas finds out but will he be the one to get her out of her tricky situation?I liked the story It was fast paced and passionate Molly is a very strong woman for her time and society She is brave and doesn't depend on anyone Silas is a downright playboy and he enjoys sex too much to be tied down but Molly brings out a different side of his personalityThe book was easy to read I seriously cannot wait to read about this couple Great job If you enjoy historical romance with just a bit spice then do not miss this ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review Ohhh Miss Simone How is it possible that I can fall in love with you every single time I finish one of your books?? Because you deliver masterpieces each and every time And I have fallen under the spell of Silas And your writing Your thoughts mind words EVERYTHING We first met Molly O'Flaherty from The Markham Hall series If you have not read about Ivy Leavold then you need to get on that Because HOLY FUCKING HOTNESS Who knew historical romance could be so naughty Not this gal When I first met Miss Molly I had conflicted feelings towards her I liked her Then I didn't Then I did Then I wasn't sure But once getting her full story I LOVE HER She is one strong bad ass of a lady And there's Silas Ahhhh Sexy sweet dirty and Ohhh so perfect Silas These two have had a history For 10 years They have been friends And have played together throughout the years But what happens when friendship turns into ? What happens when one is betrayed? And what happens when one is faced with an ultimatum? This book is filled with passion angst jealousy choices heartbreak and of course the hottest of the hottest sexy times ever Sierra Simone never fails me Each book she writes just gets better and hotter and dirtier and kinkier I thought the infamous parlor scene and then the hotel scene was HAF but oh no Wait Til you guys read one of the most erotic scenes I've ever read Sierra has a way with words Her writing is timeless It's like you almost forget what era you're reading about The writing is that powerful that you forget everything else and it's like you become part of the story And then when you finish and blink and come to you are left with a feeling that's indescribable Sierra hit it out of the ballpark with this story and I'm frantically refreshing my kindle checking to see if the next installment magically pops up If you haven't 1 clicked this yet DO IT NOW 5 Sexy and Emotional starsWhen The Awakening of Ivy Leavold book 1 of The Markham Hall series came out it was recommended to me over and over Unfortunately for one reason or another I didn’t get to it right away Man that was a big mistake That series was so addicting that once I picked it up I couldn’t put it down So when I heard the author was doing a spin off I couldn’t wait to get my hands on it In The Markham Hall series Molly comes off as a very hedonistic and unconventional woman At times she seems fun loving and carefree at others she seems jaded and hard In the preuel to this book The Seduction of Molly O’Flaherty OMG you have to read it we get to see what it is that has shaped Molly into who she is and how she lives her life As well as the “event” between her and Silas that shook her to her very foundation Silas wants nothing than a wife and children a family to love him unconditionally but he doesn’t believe he deserves it after the way he’s lived his life He does some truly disgusting things in an effort to convince himself he doesn’t have feelings for Molly Things that break Molly’s heart and her hopes for any sort of real future for herself Yet despite all of his mistakes I couldn’t help but love Silas Watching him muddle through his true emotions endeared me to himAs for Molly she’s a fighter Competitive to her core she will endure anything to keep her company By holding on to O’Flaherty Shipping Lines in her mind she is winning a war against a man who has tormented her since she was 14 And you can’t help but want to shake her for being willing to sacrifice anything and everything to win while at the same time wanting to hug her for what she has enduredI loved everything about their story their chemistry and emotional intensity was off the charts But let me tell you it’s not just an emotional read It’s an insanely hot read too Hot and kinky You may want to turn a fan on ; Yes it’s that hot Overall The Persuasion of Molly O’Flaherty is as emotional as it is sexy Sierra Simone is my new addictionWarning You’ll need an open mind and an open heart going into this one Especially for one scene in particular that might be difficult for some Their love affair isn’t all candy and roses Don’t say I didn’t warn you ARC generously given by the author in exchange for an honest review