Fairy Houses All Year

Fairy Houses All Year➿ [Download] ➽ Fairy Houses All Year By Liza Gardner Walsh ➵ – Oaklandjobs.co.uk Fairy Houses All Year celebrates the year round pleasures of fairy house building Through the use of seasonal varieties kids and families can engage in this natural and creative endeavor through all s Fairy Houses All Year celebrates the year round pleasures of fairy house building Through the use of seasonal varieties kids and families can engage in this natural and creative endeavor through all seasons Activities and materials found in each season are highlighted throughout the book For Fairy Houses PDF \ example fall fairy houses feature vibrant colored leaves pumpkins and late blooming flowers Winter fairy houses are built using snow ice old birds nests or the dried husks of milkweed and seed pods In spring fairy houses become abundant with early blooms bare branches and lots of mud Summer fairy houses are perhaps the most decorative because choices for the summer fairy house are boundless Filled with color photos snippets of fairy lore helpful advice and instructions and lots of information about nature. I was given a copy of this book by netgalley for an honest review3 12 StarsFairy Houses All Year is a book for children with information about fairies and how to build houses for them throughout the four seasons It was pretty well written though maybe a little too mature for the target audience of 4 9 year olds Though some of the activities would reuire adult supervision so it should be easy enough for the child to ask for clarification I personally would have liked to have seen ideas for fairy houses as that there were only 10 15 throughout the whole book which is about 120 pages longThere were a few recipes for food like fairies would eat and even a Bird Seed Cookies recipe for birds and small animals which was really cute It did seem to me that the ideas for things to do around the fairy houses and for furniture for the houses relied heavily on beach items such as sea shells and sea glass In the winter section snow is mentioned in almost every scenario even though not everyone gets snow in the winter or if they do it might only be once during the whole season or never enough to build an igloo with Though I do mention several things that I didn't care for I did enjoy this book overall I would recommend it to anyone looking for ideas on how to make all natural fairy houses and looking for a way to introduce taking care of the planet to a child These are values that are stressed throughout the book If you've got a little one that is interested in fairies this might be a way to get them started on helping the fairies and the planet at the same time In our busy schedules it seems that they never have enough time with nature So I love when a book encourages kids in activities that take them outside and also encourages them to do things that get their creative juices flowingFor the full review Great book to introduce young children to building fairy houses Kind of like finding a fun thing for the kids to do when you want them off the computers and outside for some sun and fresh air Loads of great ideas Fairy Houses All Year A Four Season Handbook by Liza Gardner Walsh was not at all what I was expecting This is not a bad thing; in fact it came as a wonderful surprise Filled with fairy lore along with poetry it gives freedom to a child’s imagination After reading the digital version provided by the publisher I purchased a print copy It is a wonderful addition to the family libraryThis book with it delightful illustrations of examples encourages children to look around them for the supplies to build the fairy homes While I would run to the craft store now many years ago as a child I would have scavenged the nearby woods and backyard for the materials It made me put down the car keys and take a walk in the woods instead seeing the possibilities all around then on to making up a few fairy cakesChildren of all ages would find delightful ideas in this book I have a preschool grandson who after seeing his mother’s fairy garden insisted that the fairies could use a farm Right now his dream career is to be a farmer so he wanted to build a farm for the fairies Perhaps older boys would not be as interested in this as older girls would be but anyone could explore this concept The publisher through Net Galley provided a copy Fairies can pop up anywhere but they'll be likely to stay if they have a house Learn how to build a house for fairies what fairies like and where you might find them in this fun book for dreamers of all ages Fairy Houses All Year written by Liza Gardner Walsh is a fabulous book of make believe Encouraging girls to explore the great outdoors or even just their backyard in search of fairies and materials to build fairy houses Detailed instructions for materials and how to build houses are sure to spark the imagination of children of all ages Photographs of fairy houses andfacts about fairies bring authenticity to the text Perfect for grandmas to enjoy with granddaughters this book is sure to bring out the child in everyone Thank you to Net Galley and Down East Books for a reading copy of this book in exchange for my honest review This was an adorable book I have been reading about fairy gardens for a project I am working on and this was a good source for ideas with beautiful photographs I do wish there would have been ideas for affordable projectsThis review was made possible through an advance copy I received through Netgalley This children's non fiction how to is cute and fun I love how it weaves the magic of fairies into the narrative of how to build fairy houses I appreciated the do's and don'ts because children don't always know not to pick others' flowers or rip bark off a tree The color photos make the book engaging and eye catching This book is an excellent resource and addition to a library collection

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  • Hardcover
  • 120 pages
  • Fairy Houses All Year
  • Liza Gardner Walsh
  • 21 February 2014
  • 9781608935802