My Grape Year

My Grape Year➻ [Reading] ➽ My Grape Year By Laura Bradbury ➰ – My Grape Year takes fans of Laura Bradbury’s ‘Grape’ series back to where it all began In a last minute twist of fate Laura is sent to Burgundy France for a year on an exchange She arrives knowi My Grape Year takes fans of Laura Bradbury’s ‘Grape’ series back to where it all began In a last minute twist of fate Laura is sent to Burgundy France for a year on an exchange She arrives knowing only a smattering of French and with no idea what to expect in her first foray out of North America With a head full of dreams and a powerful desire to please Laura adapts to Burgundian life learning crucial skills such as the fine art of winetasting and how to savor snails However her inability to resist the My Grape PDF or charming young men of the region means that Laura soon runs afoul of the rules particularly the ‘no dating’ edict Romantic afternoons in Dijon early morning pain au chocolat runs and long walks in the vineyards are wondrous but also present Laura with a conundrum – how does she keep her hosts happy while still managing to follow her heart. An absolute delightFrom Vancouver Canada Laura went on her exchange year abroad in 1990 She was 17 and would be graduating soon Her first choice of country for the exchange had been Switzerland She ends up going to France a year in Burgundy All the students were presented with a list of 'Don'ts' Would she keep to it or would she break it?This series of books came highly recommended to me many of my friends have read and loved them and I can see why A lovely warm read right from the outset Laura writes about discovering the wonderful foods And wine The foods are so gorgeously described A great read and a way to totally immerse yourself in France This book is an absolute delight and a feast of foods This memoir is Laura’s third book about her love of France and life in the winemaking region of Burgundy in the east of France This book goes back to the beginning to tell the story of how Laura a 17 yr old from Canada who spoke very little French came to be on a year long exchange in Burgundy living with four separate host families attending French lycée and promising not to drive take drugs drink alcohol or date boys during the year Being sent to the heart of wine making country where one of her first encounters with one of the families was helping with the backbreaking grape harvest the alcohol rule was looked on with than a little flexibility from the start the other rules however were not there to be ignoredFrom the first chapter of her first memoir I have enjoyed Laura’s writing style which is open as well as entertaining and was delighted to get the chance to read about her time spent in France It is obvious from the beginning she is a hopeless romantic who as well as wanting to succeed in mastering French and being the best student ambassador she can be one of her reasons for leaving behind the familiar was the possibility that somewhere else in the world the right man was just waiting for her to walk into his life She casts her apprising eye over her host brothers her new school friends and the other people of her own age whom she meets through her new network of friends but as the months tick by she sadly feels there isn’t actually that much difference between French boys and Canadian boysLaura describes the difficulties she encounters settling into her host families the new foods she tries the new school she must attend and how she copes in this new life with a language she struggles with There is honesty but humour and love for all things French too Not all the families are easy to live with but there are some who she develops a very special relationship with Then things change when she meets someone very special someone who feels like the ‘one’ and promises he will never hurt her Life would be just perfect if it weren’t for that pesky little ‘no dating’ rule and the fact that very soon Laura will have to pack her bags and return to Canada If you haven't yet read any of Laura's books I would recommend starting with My Grape Year A heartfelt and realistic story – highly recommendedA 17 year old leaves Canada and lands in France on an exchange year abroad Travelling to live with four different host families the book tells the story of her year abroad Full of charm and beautiful descriptions this is a tale of growing up learning French adapting to new customs and ways and falling in love But somehow this is than just a story told of a gap year The writing is exuisite the food and wine described make your mouth water and the heartfelt angst of being 17 and wondering if you are ever going to ‘fit in’ and find someone special make this book so special The homes she stayed in the wine she tasted and the everyday school experiences she encountered bring her journey to life and you are left with a sense that you have really got to know the author I am eagerly beginning book 2 and can’t wait to see what happened next My only warning is – don’t read this book if you are hungry – the food descriptions are that good I really enjoyed reading this 1st book in series A Canadian high school student goes to France as an exchange student She stays with 4 different familes while there each very different Laura immerses herself in the culture and experiences amazing food and wine I surprised I didn't gain 5 pounds just reading this book while gaining a better grasp of the language and making friends during her year there I loved this book It really resonated with me and my own experiences of going into a foreign country to teach ESL It brought back so many memories and emotions I don't agree with all of Laura's decisions but it was definitely a fun and engaging read It is written in a way that really captures the imagination and takes you on your own journey to France If you enjoy Bradbury's Grape series this book provides some great insight into how it all began how the author fell in love with France and her future husband in the same yearWhile enjoyable this was my least favourite of the series only because so much of it focused on how unfulfilled and hollow the then eighteen year old author felt without a man in her life Sometimes it read like the overblown romantic poetry of a teenager But she was writing about a teenager so perhaps that was her intentAt the same time I applauded her bravery for leaving everything she knew behind to live in France for a year even though she barely spoke a word of the language Her account of her experiences and the various host families she lived with are extremely entertainingI just could have done with less of the 'someday my prince will come' stuff Still a very solid bookAs mentioned in other reviews though there are way too many typos in the ebook edition It does detract from the story after a while I read this book last of all in the seriesif I had read it first I would not have read the othershowever by a lucky accident I did read the rest of them and they are way betterthis one was too juvenile for wordsI could not believe she was eighteen as it read like a book for 12 year oldsDon’t let it put you off as the remaining books are wonderful although I can’t wrap my head around just how much they drink I have read other books about exchange students in France so I was very happy that this was to my pace of life No drugs involved in this memoir but an awful lot of drinking Laura was only 17 when she arrived as an exchange student and luckily picked up French uick enough She was lucky to stay with a lovely family for the first few months and their daughter had just exchanged to the states She was totally involved in French life and the school adds a lot of amusement to the book The second family had kids that weren't very nice but she soldiered thru it and the last family they could barely care if she was there and was happy when she could spend the weekends with friends as they liked to go away on trips At 18 her hormones were raging but she signed a document before going that said she wouldn't date soooooo what on earth could she do? I don't want to give too much away as I really enjoyed this book and if you like France this is a great read This isn’t the type of book I’d normally read or admit reading but I was looking for something easy that I didn’t have to think too hard aboutThe first half of the book is great the food drink and scenery descriptions are brilliant They really do transport you to Burgundy every time I put this book down I felt like I’d just returned from holiday The book was comforting and an escapeI would have given this a higher rating but I didn’t care much for the romance I found it tedious and it took up far too much of the book I know it’s a memoir so I can understand why the author wanted to include it but I don’t think she should have made it such a focus point It’s hardly the world’s most epic love story Love love loveLaura Bradbury you put into words the feeling I felt all through my teenage years Even though I'm much much older I recognized what I never was able to express so elouently I have so enjoyed your journey I have been fortunate enough to have visited Paris Beaune and areas of the Languedoc and have busted Victoria as well but even if I never had your descriptions bring it all to life Thank you so much for sharing such an amazing life and even your amazing love story Deidre