Yellowstone - A Fall From Grace

Yellowstone - A Fall From Grace❰KINDLE❯ ✽ Yellowstone - A Fall From Grace Author Bill Wetterman – The Yellowstone volcano erupts every 600000 years The time is now past due Our American Government hasn’t prepared for the aftermath When an ash layer from 100 foot to 10 foot deep spreads up to 100 A Fall PDF ☆ The Yellowstone volcano erupts every years The time is now past due Our American Government hasn’t prepared for the aftermath When an ash layer from foot to foot deep spreads up to miles from the source leaving two thirds of the country completely uninhabitable only those with resources on hand will survive Mary Kenton an American Indian and her survivalist husband BK flee with their friends to their encampment Yellowstone - PDF/EPUB ² euipped to wait out the carnage They emerge to help restore what is left of Tulsa Oklahoma and the Southern States of America The danger they face comes from former neighbors looters rapists and migrants fleeing starvation America’s enemies launch terrorist attacks and form mobs bent on taking control of what’s left of the United States the world’s largest nuclear power Impossible Think again We are not prepared for this or any other catastrophe - A Fall MOBI ò It’s not if It’s when. Breathtaking Straight from the beginning Bill Wetterman brings you on a survival mode following the catastrophic eruption of Yellowstone's ''dormant'' volcano Using all his military experience BK and his wife Mary will deploy all efforts to bring a group of friends to the shelter designed to survive the aftermath of ashes loss of communication sunlight food The face of the United States is forever altered A realistic thriller finely weaved to demonstrate how civilians would react under such conditions I thoroughly enjoyed this apocalyptic story At once realistic Interesting sad and hopeful Review of ‘Yellowstone A Fall From Grace’ by Bill WettermanBK and his wife Mary are keeping an eye on earthuakes happening in their area BK a former military man who served in Afghanistan is a survivalist convinced a major disaster will strike soon He and other survivalists have been preparing for this event for yearsMary is less certain believing God will take care of them but at BK’s urging she learns martial arts and how to use weaponsThen one day the super volcano at Yellowstone blows covering Colorado Wyoming North and South Dakota and western Nebraska and Kansas with up to 100 feet of ash Millions of Americans die as a resultBK and his friends spring into action Fifteen Survival Camps are scattered through the south providing food shelter and safety for those fortunate enough to have preparedBefore long the fifteen camps become the base for the new Southern States of America a new government comprising what was once largely the Confederate States of America It’s a whole new world – a very dangerous and deadly world People adapt uickly to their new circumstances – or die Life is challenging and uncertain Life is hardIs there any chance for BK and Mary? What about the other members of their Survival Camp 12? What about their new country? And what about the rest of America?This is not a book for the faint hearted But at the same time if you think about it the post volcanic world in these pages is very much what you’d think it would be based on life and politics today It’s a real eye opener I’d recommend this book to anyone who enjoys any of the genres and will definitely read it again I give this book 5 starsI was provided a free e book in exchange for an honest reviewBy Author Dayna Leigh Cheser Very strange take on lifeI gave it 3 because it was interesting in places but Wow Post apocalyptic with religious warrior woman degrading heroes??In this bunker if your Husbandspiritual leader dies you must marry whoever is given to you by the leader dictator just saying