The Huntress And The Sphinx Xena Warrior Princess Ser

The Huntress And The Sphinx Xena Warrior Princess Ser❴EPUB❵ ✹ The Huntress And The Sphinx Xena Warrior Princess Ser Author Ru Emerson – When Xena and Gabrielle are asked to rescue a group of kidnapped children the legendary huntress Atalanta is the first to volunteer After all she believes herself to be the only one with the strength When Xena and Gabrielle are asked And The PDF/EPUB ç to rescue a group of kidnapped children the legendary huntress Atalanta is the first to The Huntress PDF or volunteer After all she believes herself to be the only one with the strength to succeed But when they find the kidnapper Huntress And The PDF Ë Xena realizes that no one is strong enough to defeat it For who can challenge the deadly riddles of the legendary sphinx. Being a fan of the old Xena Warrior Princess TV series 1995 2001 when I stumbled on it on BookMooch I snagged a copy of this original spin off novel based on the series Published in 1997 it reflects the first couple of seasons Wanting a light short book to fit in between other reads I recently started it without ultra high expectations; I expected it to be passable entertainment that I'd rate at three stars If I could give half stars I'd probably give it three and a half; but I rounded up due to some unexpected positivesThough lifted from the back cover copy the Goodreads description oversimplifies the premise here but it's basically accurate Xena and sidekick Gabrielle who here actually comes into her own as pretty much an eual partner in the adventure do get drawn into a rescue mission for some kidnapped preteen girls and the Sphinx from Greek mythology is involved But Emerson has worked other strands of classical mythology into her tale as well the titular huntress is the legendary Atalanta and both Nausicaa and skilled weaver Arachne play roles in the story The author's use of these elements is deft staying faithful to the characterizations and back stories of these figures while at the same time fleshing them out and giving them believable personalities She's also faithful to the portrayals of Xena and Gabrielle and another series regular who makes a cameo Mannius; their character and the ualities of their relationship are brought to life faultlessly Some mention is made here and there of incidents that happened in series episodes; but while series fans are the primary intended audience prior knowledge of it isn't really necessary Readers who never watched it or who like me can't remember all of the first two season's episodes can still enjoy the book easilyA weakness of the series was that the writers never anchored it at any point in ancient history; persons and events from across two millenia and were just thrown together in an anachronistic jumble We have a bit of that here too In this novel soldiers who fought in the recent Trojan War waged a bit before 1200 BC are still drifting back home but the poet Homer who actually lived a few centuries later appears here as a young student bard You can't take this as historically grounded fiction; it's better to view the setting as a fantasy world that happens to have jumbled parallels to history If the reader can do that the book has a number of pluses Emerson approaches her tale seriously; there's a touch of dry humor in places but not the often juvenile humor and double entendres that series fans will recall perhaps with rolled eyes Although the Sphinx is an obviously fabulous monster as is a cyclops who makes a cameo appearance magic and the doings of gods and goddesses don't play a role here otherwise; we're mostly in the realm of natural human behavior The emotionally evocative situation and the interactions of the characters have some genuine depth with serious moralpsychological life lessons in view Our characters and the reader will be surprised by a couple of plot twists and the whole is woven into a fabric that would do Arachne credit There's no sex in this novel and bad language is minor and rare any religious profanity is confined to pagan deities Xena of course is her tough as nails self with a gentler side that she likes to conceal and with Atalanta along we have another combat capable lady in the mix; but the violence here is mostly non lethal and the rescue of the girls will reuire as much brains as brawn to pull off CAN our heroines pull it off? Well you have to read the book to find out One uibble I'd express is that anorexia which in our terminology is clearly what one character has doesn't yield as readily to common sense persuasion as Emerson imagines it would The term wasn't used in antiuity although it's Greek and it's not used here; the characters' speaking styles are rendered into a collouial modern English that we understand as translating an eually collouial Greek or Mycenaean dialect but obvious anachronisms are avoided But that wasn't a big problem for me In the main I thought this was a pretty well crafted read of its typeEmerson is a professional writer who's authored or contributed to at least 30 books mostly of the fantasy adventure sort going back to the 80s This is one of a number of Xena spin offs that she wrote; and based on this one I'd be willing to try out some of the others Emerson is clearly a Xenite but not someone who was given any special access or insight into the writer’s room This book again has a number of anachronisms with the TV series Characters like Atalanta Meleager and Arachne are presented here uite differently than they were on TV This was a bit like reading early fan fiction Emerson connects this in detail to her last novel creating her own continuity Maybe one could imagine the novels taking place in an alternate universe or somethingThe story actually focuses on Gabrielle than Xena The only parts where I thought Emerson really got Gabby’s voice correct were the scenes when she and the Sphinx were talking Otherwise all the dialogue was a bit off for meI enjoyed seeing Xena and Gabrielle against a mythical creature We didn’t get that very often in the series I also enjoyed what happens in the epilogue between Gabrielle and Homer That did a nice job of tying up something that the show left open The thing I really liked about this book was that it stayed true to the characters For the most part Xena stayed Xena and Gabrielle stayed Gabrielle At times the dialog got a little awkward overuse of I mean or lengthy explanations but I think a lot of that had to do with crossing from TV to print Xena's tone of voice and Gabrielle's timing from the show do not translate to print so I think that accounts for some of the clunky dialog Further the fight scenes feel a little dry and vague but again this is probably due to the barrier of turning TV into a book So while watching Xena's chakram bounce from to tree to tree to henchman in the TV show is thrilling it's a little dull to read aboutThe book was a little slow to start and heavy of the descriptions but overall I enjoyed it Emerson did well despite the challenge of turning TV show characters into book characters The story once it got going was interesting and stayed true to the kind of Xena story that would take place in the show I think this story is the best representation of a Xena story yet from the series and probably a better indication of Ru Emerson's strength as a writer when given time to produce a branded novelThat said the story does not have a strong opening The book devotes 60 pages of setup introducing us to characters like such as legendary Huntress Atalanta the poet Homer and some young foot racers that Gabrielle takes an interest in It's a preamble to the novel's main plot that's too chatty and too long to accomplish what it needs to do This is also a story that puts Gabrielle forward as the main protagonist a test of her skills as a bard And it is interesting But for those who read Xena novels looking for a story in which Xena displays flashes of furious inventive fighting skills every other chapter this book isn't it There is precious little for Xena to do except prove a counterweight to Atalanta I should know better than to read a book based on a TV show; somehow the TV show is always done better than the book Xena is no different Years ago I really enjoyed Xena and watched darn near every episode However I found both Xena and Gabrielle to be rather annoying which wasn't in the show All in all I wouldn't read another book in this series as it would just be torturous

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