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Your Soul Was Made for Mine[KINDLE] ❦ Your Soul Was Made for Mine ➚ C.L. Hunter – Looking for a new shade of grey In her romantic erotic fantasy Your Soul Was Made for Mine author C L Hunter magnificently weaves a tale of loss pain romance and electrifying thrills that will keep yo Looking for a new shade of Was Made Epub Ü grey In her romantic erotic fantasy Your Soul Was Made for Mine author C L Hunter magnificently weaves a tale of loss pain romance and electrifying thrills that will keep you captivated until the very end When their lives converge in Ireland Nolan and Emmalyn will never be the same as dangers appear from Nolan's past and the lovers unravel astonishing secrets together With their union guided by an angel Your Soul PDF/EPUB or each new discovery takes them to places events and ecstasies they could have never imagined possible. 3 12 but I'll round up to four because it surprised me “Looking for another shade of grey?” asks the blurb but I’m not sure why I always assumed that there hinted at “grey” book was wall to wall sex but maybe I’m wrong seeing as I’ve never read it and I was nearly halfway through this one before the sexy times began Your Soul Was Made for Mine is a bit than a sex fest If you’re looking for some Alexa Riley type action straight away you will need some patience This is a story about over coming grief building a friendship through pages and pages of handwritten letters and yeah it’s also about a super rich handsome man who knows what he wants when he sees it and sets out to make it hisAfter a deathbed encounter Nolan believes in fate angels and souls that were meant to be together for eternity He also thinks nothing of spending 40000 on a bottle of bubbly in order to woo his soul mate Emmalyn who cannot resist his lusty ways once they meet in the flesh and really why would you want to? This was an interesting blend of fantasy and romance and wasn’t at all what I was expecting after reading a snippet of the blurb It’s of an old fashioned love story the kind that takes its time getting to know the characters and building their relationship as well as creating the world in which they live When the two come together it’s explicit but there’s here than the sexy times and that’s not a complaint The couple travel he is a bazillionare from Ireland after all and the customs and landscapes are beautifully weaved into their love storyI found the story a wee bit hard to get into truth be told and no it’s not because the sexy times were delayed I like sexless books too It's because the dialogue felt a little formal and unnatural and continually threw me out of things I thought it was an aspect of the letter writing telling the tale for the first half but it pretty much continued as the story went along I did get used to it but it took me awhile I enjoyed the characters and thought they came across as real people meant for each other I’d recommend this to someone looking for a meaty slower burn of a romance with a lovely side of erotic sexThe FTC makes me declare that I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange for my honest thoughtsSee this and the rest of the crap I write at my blog The death of one man was felt on both sides of the Atlantic His widow is in America his friend is in Ireland where an accident took Thomas’ life It was in those last moments of Thomas’ life that Nolan saw a vision of a woman perhaps an angel and received a cryptic message from Thomas but what did it mean? Emmalyn Thomas’ widow is floundering in her loss unable to achieve closure until once again the angel intervenes and encourages Nolan to write to Emmalyn Little did they know those simple letters would become the rebirth of the joy Emmalyn once felt and the emotional stirrings of a once confirmed bachelor who may just have found his perfect woman Is this part of the angel’s plan? Will the growing passion between these two finally release Thomas’ soul to his eternal rest?Follow Nolan and Emmalyn as they ride the emotional rollercoaster of new feelings and second chances at love while facing dangers from the past Was it Divine intervention that brought them together in their darkest times? Was it the depth of their feelings that freed them to explore the intensity of their sexual desires with someone they have learned to love and trust? Everyone deserves a happy ending perhaps Thomas Emmalyn and Nolan have found theirsCL Hunter’s Your Soul Was Made for Mine is a beautiful yet vividly steamy tale of loss acceptance second chances and letting go to find a new path to the future Her characters are believable her angels are delightful and her writing is a strong statement to her ability to weave a tale together into a tapestry of possibilities of the heart I received this copy from the author in exchange for my honest reviewMy Rating 45 starsPublisher Winding Road Publishing LLC Publication Date September 14 2015ISBN 13 9780996674508Genre Contemporary Erotic Paranormal RomancePrint Length 336 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews More Have you ever loved someone and you knew in your heart that you were meant for each other? Or that your relationship had been ordained before you both walked this earth? This is a really wonderful book I enjoyed every bit of it Nolan and Emmalyn's soul was indeed made for each other Enjoy the read I was told this was the new Fifty Shades; in my opinion Fifty Shades would be lucky to be included in the same league as Your Soul Was Made for Mine I loved the supernatural aspect of it The intimacy between Nolan and Emmalyn was magical; metaphorically as well as literally I appreciated how Hunter created their relationship to be built on an emotionally deep level than just the physical The sexual aspects of the book meant so much this way No sluts in this book; finallyI really liked Emmalyn; I love that she was an independent and educated woman from the start I was getting tired of the Naïve and sexually immature women in most books I loved ALL the characters in this book even the bad guys I felt sorry for them Overall; this was a uick and smooth read very well written I absolutely loved this book and rate it 5 boundless starsBethhttpwwwboundlessbookreviewscomhttpswwwfacebookcomBBReviews This book was so captivating that only when my vision became blarred that I set the book down CL Hunter's book is an engaging well written book that introduces us to a story of true love Only when Emmalyn's husband passes away does she meet her forever in Nolan The author provides us with a book that is completeromance passion drama happiness and of course my favourite the Happy Ever After It truly is a uniue read and fully deserves the full 5 stars This novel is one that will capture your heart a very romantic story with steamy erotic scenes that are powerful and tender There is such a lot going off in this story all set around true love and soul mates I felt that the fantasy side of this story was truly as moving as the romantic happenings on Earth Billionaire Nolan O'Neill and recently bereaved Emmalyn are brought together by outside influences in the form of divine interventionI really loved how CL Hunter's main characters were that little bit older too with Nolan in his forties and Emmalyn soon to be 40 with a grown up son The erotic scenes were very well described Nolan having than his fair share of experience while Emmalyn had tried so little before It was all made much realistic with Emmalyn's reaction to some things C L Hunter is a true romantic writer that delivers a lovely tender and timeless romantic love story with erotic scenes that are described in beautiful sensual language that is pure classI received a copy of this novel from the author in exchange for an honest review Your Soul Was Made For MineCL Hunter4 starsNolan O'Neil is to look over his friends wife Emmalyn His best friends accident and sudden death has bound him to a woman and to care for her heart in honor of Thomas Nolan does not know his best friends wife but Thomas needed him to promise he would not leave her in the wind Nolan and Emmalyn begin talking and writing which leads to meeting each other Now here is where this gets tricky There is someone else in the mix here Along with the two main characters heading out into a journey of love and beauty together there is danger lurking You wouldn't believe it if I told you I don't read this type of genre so this was new for me and I really did like it It wasn't so far fetched that I had to put it down as I do others The plot and story line kept me turning the pages This is a very beautifully written book that takes you on a journey through some magnificent places I do think that kept me turning the pages as well The other character in this story that makes this interesting is a character who is a fairy Now I love me some Tinkerbell but this is not her If you believe in fate or serendipity then this is your read I really enjoyed the book Thank you CL for the chance to read Seriously this is not my cup of tea and I turned those pages like no other Review to post to Ramblings From Beneath The Sheets Your Soul was Made for Mine is hopefully the first of a series written by C L Hunter I received a copy of this book in return for my Honest ReviewSo this review is way behind schedule because every time I sit down to write I just can't seem to get the words together to truly do this story justice But i've decided that doing something backwards might really help so here goes Let Start with when it all endedI've read many books in my time although it only be 19 years LOL and all the best ones have affected me in someway after i've finished reading them BUT as far as i can recall this book did something newnever before have i been so emotionally turmoiled seriously to the point of calling my friend on Skype in the middle of the night bawling my eyes out like a child who's puppy ran away I can honestly say i scared the crap out of my friend they thought something terrible had happened to me and when i tried to explain that something had and that something was the loss of an amazing story that had become part of my heart that something was the love of Nolan Emmalyn a love that will linger with me for what i will imagine will be the rest of my life because their story is one riddled with the facet of FATE and SOUL CONNECTIONS as well as TRUE LOVE a thing i'm one of the biggest believers in I'm pretty sure my friend wanted to come all the way from Texas to England just to mock me So yes I can imagine that many of you reading this may or mayn't be thinking 'Dam that was a bit overacted' but I can assure you thats the least dramatic part to this little story Have any of your ever read watched or heard something that made you stop completely and just look at your self your life and all you've achieved? I did with Your Soul Was Made For Mine I stopped and I looked deep so deep inside myself I wasn't sure I want to look at myself ever again I don't like the word 'depression' but after reading this book and having that self reflection I had a 'dark time' for the next 2 daysNow I know this review may seem dark so far and you may think that because of this it means I didn't enjoy the book But I can assure you I loved this story and I strongly recommend it to ALL true romantics and to anyone everyone that believes inthinks the following thingsi'll never find lovei'll be alone foreveri don't need loveI'm giving up on loveI think you get the drift of things LOLI hate to give out spoilers so i'm not going to go on for much longer because i can already feel the urge for a fan girl rant moment LOLBut i can share with you some of the wonderful things you'd be in store for if you decide to pick this book up which i'm STRONGLY suggestingFirstly this book is beautifully written you'll got so lost in the old Irish language not to mention all the beautifully poetic history — from American Cilvil History Ghost Stories to the beautifully painted swirling plains of Ireland its numerous folk lores chanties Every scene is set so wonderfully you forget your not actually there — even with the chapters where its nothing but letters between Nolan Emmalyn you'll find yourself transfixed at the sight of how their love growsI've honestly Enjoyed this book and i'm so thrilled I was picked out by GE Johnson Founder of Book Promotions International and of course the amazing author C L Hunter Big hopes that you guys read this book and if you do please come back here and share your thought with meLesley AcfordCreator CEO of Honestly Simple Reviews This is a romance with Divine Interventions One of the main characters is Irish and the other is American There are some vivid descriptions of the beautiful Irish countryside its history and customs There are some interesting and fascinating information about France America and the Seychelles It's also about pre destined soul mates Nolan is a very successful Irish business man He is a sworn batchlor as some of the horrible and sad events which took place when he was a young lad left him feeling not worthy of love Thomas is his lawyer and friend and during one of his visits from America to Ireland finds himself in a terrible accident When Nolan goes to visit he can't believe what he is seeing and becomes very distraught He has a vision of what looks to be an angel by the name of Calista At the same time Thomas wakes up to give Nolan a cryptic message Nolan doesn't know uite what to make out of this and the first thing that comes to mind is financial security Emmalyn is Thomas' wife The fact that her husband's accident takes place in a foreign country hits her really hard She finds herself unable to stop mourning In the meantime Calista keeps giving Nolan messages about what he should be doing to help Thomas come out of oblivion Nolan starts writing to Emmalyn and they find themselves in a comfortable penfrienship They both come to rely on these letters When Nolan takes the opportunity to visit America he is instantly drawn to Emmalyn and Emmalyn herself is uite fascinated by him Nolan receives some unpleasant news from Ireland and Emmalyn decides to accompany him Here begins their rollercoaster of a journey There is a lot of travelling as well as some loving and passionate moments Nolan and Emmalyn fall head over heels for each other but whenever everything seems to be running smoothly something drastic happens Nolan's past comes to haunt him and Emmalyn finds herself in danger There are also some good and some nasty surprises This novel is about second chances new beginnings believing in fate and miracles There are some extensive and explicit sexual scenes I found Nolan to be a gentle giant and Emmalyn very loving daring kind and compassionate Kate Emmalyn's best friend could not be any supportive even when she carries her own baggages Deacon Nolan's best friend and colleague is very lovable It's a very well written novel and I would recommend romance lovers I received a complimentary ecopy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review Your Soul was Made for Mine the incredible debut novel and the first of a series written by C L HunterBillionaire Nolan O'Neil is devastated by the sudden accidental death of friend and attorney Thomas Stone He committed to Thomas on his deathbed to look out over his wife Emmalyn who Nolan did not even know at the time Calista the fairy has been waiting for this day for over 40 years; the day when she and Thomas would be reunited Nolan and Emmalyn begin corresponding and eventually end up meeting and this is when the story really becomes interesting Their highly romantic and erotic romance is depicted in every detail as Hunter does with skillfulness and class She describes everything perfectly from the beautiful iconic and sometimes exotic places they visit to the luxury lifestyle they enjoy to of course their steamy love makingThe setting of their romance is in between the resort town of Hilton Head South Carolina and the ravishing rocky coast of IrelandThe author outdid herself with historical research and Irish translations throughout the book and her descriptions of Ireland and the other places they visit really make you feel like you are thereI have to admit I was a little hesitant about reading a fantasy romance which included fairies and so on but was drawn right away into the compelling story of Nolan and Emmalyn´s correspondance acuaintance and very heated and detailed romanceI really enjoyed the flow of the story and the way that there are different narrators throughout the book Most of it is Emmalyn or Nolan speaking but you do get a glimpse into the fairy world by Calista Some chapters are very short but this just urges me on to continue reading to see what excitement is going to happen nextThis is a truly a beautiful story of fate love and passion and it has plenty of action suspense dark secrets and sexso definitely something for everyone but also definitely a fairy tale for adults only While being compared to 50 shades of Grey I personally prefer Your Soul was made for MineWhen finishing the book I found myself wondering what I shall read next? So I am definitely looking forward to the seuel and anything else that CL Hunter writes in the future She is truly a gifted story teller and author with a highly vivid imagination and the clever capacity to bring it all to life

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