A Kiss From a Rose (Kearton Bay, #2)

A Kiss From a Rose (Kearton Bay, #2)❮PDF❯ ✎ A Kiss From a Rose (Kearton Bay, #2) Author Sharon Booth – Oaklandjobs.co.uk In spite of managing to get a black eye at her best friend’s wedding Rose MacLean knows she’s never had it so good As a partner in a thriving business her financial problems are easing and her eld In spite of managing to get a black From a Kindle Ø eye at her best friend’s wedding Rose MacLean knows she’s never had it so good As a partner in a thriving business her financial problems are easing and her eldest daughter has finally found employment while her youngest is doing well at school But Rose’s life never seems to run smoothly for long and sure enough her eldest daughter has soon walked out of her job while her youngest appears to have had a personality transplant To make matters worse A Kiss PDF \ her mother is back on the scene and she seems to be reliving her misspent youth with her oily haired horse faced ex Alec Thoroughgood With her best friend preoccupied with the arduous task of baby making Rose finds herself relying and on the uiet Flynn Pennington Rhys who seems to be everyone’s hero But Flynn has his own problems and as events take an unexpected turn Rose realises that she may not always be able to rely on him Will the uiet man come through for her Will Kiss From a Kindle Ò her daughters ever sort themselves out And will Rose ever get her bedroom back from her mother or is she destined for a life on the sofa. Oh I absolutely loved this book and was gutted when it finished I read the first one in the series when I was on holiday in the North east further up than the setting but I felt like I was there This second instalment I was so glad to see the characters again especially as I was grateful for reading after a bad back incident Romance at age 37 for Rose the main character than a romance this book gave much than chick lit dealt with grown up daughter issues very relatable and serious baby issues a real tear jerker but it was ok because the characters were already my friends New character Rose's mum provides some great Northern humour I am in Lancashire and I love a daft apeth myself I think Sharon Booth's books are going to be one of my new favourites that I save for times in life that I need a gorgeous read We met Rose Maclean in the first book of the Kearton Bay series when she became partners with Eliza the heroine of There Must Be an Angel Her story start's at Eliza and Gabriel's wedding when she's knocked out in the scrum for the bridal bouuet Dr Flynn Pennington Rhys ends up attending to her resultant black eye This is an opposites attract story Rose is brash sometimes crude ashamed of her background but with a heart of gold and a pink streak in her hair Flynn is an introvert rarely participating in social events in the village and devoted to his work Rose is a single mother of two moody teenage girls crammed into a tiny flat with her even off color mother moving in after being mugged at her own apartment Flynn is well to do and hiding a tragic secret Yet these two opposites find something in each other; Rose wants to mend Flynn's loneliness and Flynn wants to take care of RoseBesides the romance this is a wonderful story about family the good and the bad and how members care for each other despite all Ms Booth's writing is excellent and the reader wants to make all the characters their friends I'm reading her books much too uickly but I can already tell they are books I will go back to With a condescending mother a sullen teenager and a knack for kissing the local doctor every time she has a drink Rose isn’t having the best year The worst thing is it’s about to snowball out of control and there isn’t a thing she can do to stop it Lucky for her she has a few good friends and a charming streak of pink in her hairRose is the kind of character you can’t help but love even when you're screaming inside your head for her to stop She’s flawed she’s uick to jump to conclusions and she has the mother from hell but her heart is big enough to keep her goingThis romance has all kinds of conflict and that’s what a good romance is about The Yorkshire scenery and the jarring down to earth ness of the characters makes this uaint story just a little uirky and sucks you in so that when Rose takes a fall so does the reader Have the tissues at the ready because this is a tearjerker Wonderful I've spent the last couple of days thoroughly engrossed in the first and second books I'm just coming up for air to write how much these books mean to me Beautiful writing warm and witty and I really care about all the characters Onwards now to part 3 I can't wait but also feel a little sad as I don't want this to end Bravo Sharon I had high expectations for this novel having loved 'There Must Be An Angel' and I absolutely wasn't disappointed We were introduced to the heroine Rose during Angel when she became friends with the heroine Eliza and I was already drawn to her straight talking character so I was really pleased to see she was the main focus for the seuel 'Kiss' is a story with real heart and Rose is an amazing character with a great family cast who bring laughs and problems into her life I absolutely love the portrayal of an extremely believable and challenging relationship with her motherWe get to hear from Eliza and how her life has changed since the end of 'Angel' plus other villagers who featured in the first novel which is lovely It's like catching up with old friendsThere's a lot of humour in 'Kiss' but there's tears too I don't want to give away any spoilers but there's some unexpected revelations as the story progresses showing that this is no typical romcom; it's a wonderfully emotional story with depths and characters you want to hear about Roll on book 3 This is without doubt the best romance I've read in ages Most of that is down to Rose who jumps off the page from the very beginning She's a wonderful warm character with a slightly unfortunate tendency to speak before she thinks Life has been hard for her but she's not one to give up or to feel sorry for herself Not even when her mother moves in and Rose ends up sleeping on the sofa in her tiny flat Her teenage daughters are giving her hassle and then there's the mysterious Flynn who is developing an alarming tendency to always be there when she needs him Not that she's interested in him no not at all Fortunately even Rose realises that she likes him in the end and then the sparks really start to fly I really enjoyed this novel I loved Sharon's first Kearton Bay novel and couldn't wait to read the second I wasn't disappointed Although it took me a little while to get used to the rather outspoken and loud heroine she uickly won me over I could definitely relate to the day to day issues Rose had to contend with as a single mother struggling to raise a family Sharon Booth hsd a gift for giving her characters such a realistic back story As for Flynn well I really fell for him such a lovely lonely man Can't wait for the next instalment of Kearton Bay I fell in love with Kearton Bay and its residents reading Sharon's début novel There Must Be An Angel and was so glad when the second book came outAs with the first one I was hooked It was great to catch up with Eliza and Gabriel and see the lovely Rose's life and her family's taking a most important turnCan't wait for number three and see what Lexie is up to