Crumbs to Caviar The Beach and Beyond Series book 1

Crumbs to Caviar The Beach and Beyond Series book 1➹ [Read] ➵ Crumbs to Caviar The Beach and Beyond Series book 1 By Rochelle Carlton ➼ – Behind which smile lurks a monster It was Christmas Eve and Shona McGuire’s ordinary life was about to become front page news A beautiful wife and mother trapped in a wrecked car and scarred for lif Behind which smile lurks a Caviar The eBook ¸ monster It was Christmas Eve and Shona McGuire’s ordinary life was about to become front page news A beautiful wife and mother trapped in a wrecked car and scarred for life Now Shona faces the future as a Crumbs to Epub / single parent with a 'for sale' sign outside her home a secretive best friend controlling ex husband and a man that wants than she has to give When Shona is offered the chance to launch her dream career she begins a journey that brings to Caviar The PDF/EPUB ê handsome and ruthless businessman Blake Coleman into her life He has a reputation as a womaniser and is about to tear Shona’s world apart but someone else is watching her every move Shona finds herself fighting to prove she is a fit mother fighting to Caviar The Beach and MOBI :¼ to save her little piece of paradise and fighting to save her family's lives They say you can never go back That the things you have left behind are best not revisited But they never told her to go back would be the biggest mistake of her life Book one of the “Beach and Beyond” series can be read as to Caviar The Beach and MOBI :¼ a stand alone novel Or sign up to receive updates for the continuing story of Shona’s McGuire’s new life. This story was so so for me It wasn't terrible but didn't flow very well The reader is constantly thrown from head to head location to location and back again A shame really as I'd hoped to devour a series set in New Zealand they are so few and far between I'm pleased this story is part of a series although it is a stand alone book also it doesn't leave you hanging And I can I look forward to seeing where the characters go from hereI read The uilt by Rochelle and enjoyed that journey immensely; she has a real knack for transporting you to New Zealand The first in the series Crumbs to Caviar is a suspenseful romance I could feel and understand the characters motives the ones that didn’t have ulterior motives that is – and they were not the ones I suspected Lately it’s not been often that I have looked forward to settling down in the evening with a book so much This is an easy read and a page turner; you are compelled to keep going and find out what will happen next so I was engaged with the characters and where their lives were heading I loved the glossary it’s wonderful to read some background on New Zealand’s culture and the language – I’d like to add my thanks for that It was a treat that few authors think about providing And it proves that this author is passionate about her home which comes across in her beautiful prose describing the land If you enjoy stories about people wrestling with their hearts and heads relationships family matters mystery adventure passion and a good twist this book is for you Loved itI feel as if I've taken a trip to a new country and was hosted by a local family I was entertained and educated about New Zealand a country I knew nothing about Thanks for the trip of a lifetime Now I must know what happens next This is the second book I have read by this author and I was not disappointedCrumbs to Caviar is a romantic suspense that keeps you guessing and keeps you turning the pages in anticipation I particularly enjoyed the complex relationships and it was great to read a book that was not typical or predictableAs with the previous book the vivid imagery really brought New Zealand to life There is something in this book for everyone and people will easily be able to identify with one of the themes of love and attraction family life and the complex relationships between parents and children conflict brought about by divorce friendships that are thrown on different paths and ultimately separated by their circumstances And even better was the dangerous twist I didn’t see comingIf you enjoy reading about complex characters life like struggles relationships and choices then have a look at this book You won’t be disappointed A good readThis book is a good read A love story like out of a dream With twist and turns that keep your mind wondering what's on the next page ExcitingMy only regret was that I finished it so uickly It was a page Turner The writing was excellent the characters drew me in from page one and the storyline took twists and turns that left me wondering what would happen next I cannot wait for the next one to come out This story was great Life happens and you have to deal with it mistakes and all Bravo Rochelle Carlton Not much depthThe story has a good plot but the writing rushes the events and glosses over details It doesn't allow for a good connection to the story or characters At times it can be hard to follow due to the uick transitions with lack of detail Could be a really great book Nice storylineThis book was hard to put down Easy to follow kept me engrossed an excellent book I would recommend it Love storyFor me this book dragged for me It was the original love story almost like any other love story predictable A roller coaster of a romance I don’t normally read romance but having read and enjoyed Carlton’s The uilt I felt compelled to pick up this book I was not disappointed For one thing I liked going back to her richly described New Zealand where the first book was set and for another I really liked her main character Shona McGuire After a car accident leaves her with a jagged two inch scar on her hairline she finds that her husband has been seeing another woman On her own and with a young son to support she needs to find work When a friend offers her a position with a news organization Shona takes it Soon she meets Blake Coleman a wealthy businessman from Los Angeles And so sets the stage for a roller coaster of a romance complicated enough to hold my interest until the end I have to give this book a good grade and look forward to the next