The Vampires Shared Bride

The Vampires Shared Bride❰Download❯ ➶ The Vampires Shared Bride Author Bonnie Burrows – A #1 Bestseller In Vampire Menage Romance THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL NO CLIFFHANGERS Vampires Valad and Michael control the town and every ten years they pick a fertile woman from the village to be wedd A Bestseller In Vampire Menage Romance THIS IS A COMPLETE NOVEL NO CLIFFHANGERS Vampires Valad and Michael control the town and every ten years they pick a fertile woman from the village to be wedded to them as part of a tradition that dates back to over a century No one knows what happens to the women once they are chosen and uite frankly no one wants to know The simple fact is they are never seen again When curvy Siona discovers that her newly engaged best friend is the next girl to have been selected she The Vampires PDF/EPUB or does what no woman has ever done before Siona volunteers herself to be chosen and to take her friends place Now she is about to enter the unknown with no idea if she will ever return When Siona volunteered to become the Vampire's shared bride she had absolutely no idea of what was to happen And there is nothing in this world that could have prepared her for what actually DID happen. I was on board with the story during the choosing of the bride the whole ceremony even when Kayla stepped up and took the place of her friend I was even interested when it took a 'for science' route instead of the sexy menage route that I wanted but when it went straight into left field with a vampires protecting the humans by fighting a war with the dragons it lost me I made it to 57% I kept hoping things would be explained but I'm just getting uestions Everything was just way to insta for me Insta lust insta love no explanation of why I need the why's answered Oh well Moving on to the next book on my kindle I truly liked where this story started and where it was headed However I found that at times important details were skipped to fit into a desired book length for sales I was a bit irritated by that Then finally at the climax NOTHING NO DETAILS WHATSOEVER The potential for this book to do well was completely tossed out Story line a bit rushedBit disappointed with ending very rushed story with not enough detail to understand people's characters or motives What happened with the dragons at the end? Ending was such a let down I'm certain there will be folks out there who love this book Sadly I wasn't one of them I listened to the audiobook Regardless read it or listen to it My opinion isn't the be all end all of book reviewsThis book was given to me for free at my reuest and I provided this voluntary review Leaves just the right markExcellent book not too long but the story is still full and complete I wish other characters had been developed and better explanation regarding the supporting characters but even without those this story makes a great short beach read I enjoyed this story very much I love how Valad was a sexy playboy Michael was so dark moody Siona was the perfect center for them The story line was gr8 too Gr8 read This was a pretty decent read I really think this would have been a 5 star if all the gaps were filled What was with the dragons? What are gatekeepers? Why was Marcus such an evil jerk? Also the fight at the end what the heck happened? One thing the evil dragon is in front of her and then nothing and it was all over? Uh how did he die? What about those premonitionsvisions she had? Since she's half vampire now does that mean she is immortal? Also from what I understand the whole reason they take a woman from the village is to have sex and possibly see if the woman a candidate for a child? Those who aren't the one who can conceive are paid after so long and move away? In exchange they protect the town I cant understand why that would be a huge secret the town wouldnt know? Doesnt seem to be a big deal to me Why make the town think those women died? So as far as characters go they seemed decent Now I have to say I wish their relationships was in depth Michael was kinda out of it mostly though Valad was an ok character but I felt I really didn't know him or Michael very well They seemed to keep Siona in the dark a lot which she should have demanded knowledge of stuff Sexual chemistry was off the charts Emotional connections were there for the most part I think this story and characters needed a little background for it to work well Its not a bad story and I did enjoy it but I did have uestions and I was confused a lot Siona seemed to accept things awful uickly without many uestions or concerns Especially the pregnancy I think with so much going on in this story it was too short for what needed to be developed to make sense This so didn't feel like 196 pages but maybe it was This is as good as the title implies It's not the least bit fleshed out There are some glaring errors but than that are the plot holes The big conflict is barely even an issue I gave it three stars because it was mildly entertaining but I have no desire to read any by the author This was a very intriguing and fascinating story to read which I enjoyed immensely The story begins in 1882 and then moves to the present day Mysteries and danger surround the town and Valad and Michael two vampires have been protecting it for centuries – but from what and in return every ten years the town has to offer up a woman to the vampires; was this a death sentence? Kayla and Siona have been soul mates since they were six so when Kayla’s name is drawn Siona immediately volunteers in her stead knowing Kayla is in love and has a future waiting for her Siona believes this is her purpose in life and uickly forms an attachment to the vampires Siona and Valad have a common interest in art while Michael a Doctor is happy that he can further his medical knowledge Siona’s blood begins to change when she becomes pregnant; though it is unclear what this means Siona has a sixth sense and has visions that feel both real and confusing However the humans are in danger and Valad and Michael have to take steps to protect both Siona and the town even themselves from a deadly foe who is intent on gaining access to the human world This was an extremely well written and exciting story to read which I would have no hesitation in recommending I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review