Of Communion with God the Father Son and Holy Ghost

Of Communion with God the Father Son and Holy Ghost[Read] ➵ Of Communion with God the Father Son and Holy Ghost ➼ John Owen – Oaklandjobs.co.uk John Owen believed that communion with God lies at the heart of the Christian life With Paul he recognized that through the Son we have access by the Spirit to the Father He never lost the sense of am John Owen believed that communion with God PDF/EPUB æ with God lies at the heart of the Christian life With Paul he recognized that through the Son we have access by the Spirit to the Father He never lost the sense of amazement expressed by John 'Our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ' In this outstanding book he explains Of Communion eBook î the nature of this communion and describes the many privileges it brings 'Communion with God' was written in a day like our own when the doctrine of the Trinity was under attack and the Christian faith was being reduced either to rationalism on the one hand or mysticism on the other His exposition shows that nothing is vital to spiritual well Communion with God MOBI · being than a practical knowledge of what this doctrine means. Wow This book left me undone in the presence and goodness of God and gave me new perspectives and a deeper understanding of the essence and beating heart of the Christian life Communion with GodI re read each chapter several times one I even read six times just to soak in the truth I wept for joy and wept for repentance to realize my blessings and misappropriation of the blessedness of communion with the Holy TrinityI have never read a book so full of references to the scripture and to think that this was written 400 years earlier this man lived and breathed knowledge of the word of God This book is rich and decadent in the descriptions of the lavish blessings of participating in a love relationship with the most high It also has much related doctrinal truths and insightsThis is not a light book full of empty calories but is so rich and dense with truth that is meat to the hungry soulThis truly is a must read for all believers This is such a worthy truth to grasp to sit and soak in the truth of the most important gift that God has given us the ability to commune with the Father Son and Holy Spirit Outstanding One of the best devotional type books you can read This Puritan Paperback is an Abridged and Made Easy to Read version and an excellent starting point for reading John Owen Highly Recommend I'm going to reread this book every couple years it's that good It seems like one of those books that is so rich you lean something new every time you read it Excellent This book will inform your mind and warm your heart with the knowledge of our Triune God Maybe the very best book I've read so far If you're reading this you should probably go buy a copy right now Owen is a master He lays out the full truth of God's Word with authority and without hesitationBut take note this is the abridged version All those in the Puritan Paperbacks collection are abridgedI've read this book a couple times now with great benefit And I plan to read it again soon but this time I will attempt to tackle the unabridged version What can you say? It's John Owen a giant among Puritan theologians All of his books are packed with doctrine and application and this one is no exception Not a book you can read once; you should read it several times A classic and a masterpiece esp the last part on the Holy Spirit Owen gives us a dense thorough yet manageable snapshot not only of Reformed prolegomena but of Trinitarian piety as well Given the current if overblown popularity of the YRR crowd who know not Turretin nor his principia yet strangely seek Owen Owen can give them a taste of proper Reformed theologomena In many ways this can function as a primer to systematic theology So here it goesBasic definitionscommunion A mutual communication of such good things grounded upon some union Owen II8 The person of Christ as head of the Church communicates grace to us via his Holy Spirit to the members of his body Our communion with God is his communication of himself to us flowing from our union which we have in Christ Our union with Christ is mystical and spiritual not hypostatic 313 He is the Head we the members and he freely communicates “grace righteousness and salvation in the several and distinct ways whereby we are capable to receive them from him”Sealing the UnionAny act of sealing always imparts the character of the seal to the thing 242 Owen is clear The Spirit really communicates the image of God unto us “To have the stamp of the Holy Ghostis to be sealed in the Spirit”This isn’t the most concise treatment of the issues but Owen is uite fine in his own way His writing is only difficult when he gets off topic Packer and Piper make it seem like Owen is borderline incomprehensible He isn’t Incredible and thorough insight into the relationship the triune God has initiated with His creation man in particular and especially His people Owen is clear thinking and undistracted or at least if he goes on a tangent he lets you know The language of his arguments is precise and scholarly He is uite redundant which can be both a good and a bad thing Most of the book is a highly exposited outline while some sections are clearly areas he is comfortable with and seem to be better edited namely when he is explaining inter trinitarian relationship substitutionary atonement and limited atonement Those sections tackle deep theological terrain but somehow are less laborious to read due to I presume his comfortability with the subject matter This version of the work has been edited to update some of the language for modern readers The numbered outline which is visible throughout the original work has been ripped from the original work and put into another section so you can see the whole thing plainly At times this was very helpful At others it was incredibly unhelpful Often in order to track with Owen's points sub points sub sub points and sub sub sub sub sub sub points I found myself flipping back and forth like a madman trying to keep up It would have been best to keep the outline points in the book while also providing the section where you can read through his entire outline One of my regrets in reading this book vol 2 of his works is that I did not read it sooner – especially the first half of the book the latter is a defence of the first part against some who were obviously disputing against it There is great insight and depth in Owen’s teaching – but most of all there is this wonderful meditation on the love of Christ I have written a fuller review with extensive uotations here