Stay With Me

Stay With Me➼ [Reading] ➾ Stay With Me By Carolyn Astfalk ➱ – With her sister Abby’s encouragement Rebecca has moved out of their overbearing father’s home When a chance encounter with Chris ends with an invitation Rebecca says yes The authentic way Chris li With her sister Abby’s encouragement Rebecca has moved out of their overbearing father’s home When a chance encounter with Chris ends Stay With PDF or with an invitation Rebecca says yes The authentic way Chris lives his life attracts Rebecca and garners her affection Chris loves Rebecca and her innocence but he’s confounded by the emotional scars she bears from her parents and an attempted assault Her father’s disdain for Chris’s faith and career only make matters worse With the counsel of their friend Father John can Rebecca and Chris overcome every obstacle and bridge the deepening gulf between them and her dad Or will a crucial lapse in judgment and its repercussion end their relationship Reviews This is a warning the book you hold in your hand is compelling and well written and you may find it as I did impossible to put down It's a romance that's not trashy in any way one that illustrates what a novel of this sort should inspire in its reader When you're finished you'll be a better person And probably a very tired one because you'll have stayed up all night to finish it You'll also be sharing this book with every woman you know Sarah Reinhard author and blogger at SnoringScholarcom. Carolyn Astfalk's novel combines engaging characters with a plausible plot The reader is drawn in immediately by Rebecca who is blundering through the grocery store with her young niece and nephew in tow You can't help rooting for this innocent young woman and hoping she'll hit it off with the courteous guy she meets in the storeThis novel is a great blend of romance and faith witness and comes complete with a great set of supporting characters like Abby Rebecca's boisterous sister Father John who's connected to both Rebecca and her love interest and Rebecca's overbearing fatherIt's a nice thick read at over 300 pages and I'd have been happy for My review is based on an advance reader copy of this book which will be released October 1 2015 Disclaimer I am acuainted with this author via social media through mutual membership in a large online writing group This in no way detracts from the honesty of my reviewStay With Me stayed in my to be read pile for uite a while before I finally got around to reading it I don't usually read straight romance or inspirational fiction But I grew to admire Ms Astfalk's online presence both on her blogwebsite and through conversations in our online writing group so I finally bit the bullet and started in on her debut novel I wish I hadn't put it off so long This book has almost everything I'm looking for in a romance Chris and Rebecca are well rounded characters who have flaws but work past those flaws in order to love each other What begins as a simple love story transpires into a complex tapestry about the human experience Ms Astfalk manages to tackle big topics like propriety communication theology sex love family relations marriage and the nature of sin all within the context of this deceptively light book Surprisingly thanks to the author's deft and talented hand none of this comes across as heavy handed or preachy which has largely been my experience in faith based fictionThe ways that Chris and Rebecca mess up might have some ardent readers of this genre raising their eyebrows but I loved it because it was relatable and real She handles the subject of repentance and grace so so much better than other well known Christian authors does I wish this book had been around when I was twenty and I recommend it to all unmarried Christian couples who find themselves struggling with temptationThe only thing I wish was present in this book was details about Chris and Rebecca's courtship early in their story While we are told they bond uickly over great conversation the reader is left largely out of the loop when it comes to those conversations I would have loved to have insight into those long talks Other than that this book was an absolute joy to read Ms Astfalk is supremely talented in her use of emotional language I think I went through my entire range of feelings in this relatively short read and I know you will too Whenever I find myself in need of a good healthy cry I know this is the book I'll turn to I LOVED this book A full review on my blog coming soonUPDATE—Oct 7 2015 Today I am honored to be part of the blog tour that is launching Stay With Me the debut novel by Carolyn Astfalk Stay With Me is a contemporary realistic and heart warming romance that is filled with authentic characters picturesue scenery and deep dialogue It is the next book for your book club and certainly the one you will want to share with friendsIt begins in a grocery store Rebecca is shopping with her niece and nephew and Chris is stocking shelves Their encounter leads to a first date and a delightful courtship As they get to know one another they realize they come from vastly different backgrounds Chris is a convert to Catholicism and comes from an intact loving family Rebecca is an innocent young woman who is on her own and away from her overbearing father for the first time While they clearly care for one another can they come together on matters of trust and faith? Can their true love for each other sustain them through mistakes and misgivings?Stay With Me is a fun enjoyable read that has you rooting for Chris and Rebecca all the way until you read the last page However Stay With Me is also so much It is an honest look at dating courtship human sexuality and marriage It draws the reader to a deeper desire to understand self giving love and the joyful challenges that come with it Stay With Me puts names faces and emotions to the Catholic Church’s teaching on human sexuality that St John Paul II coined as “Theology of the Body”A must read Highly recommended This was the fifth novel by Carolyn Astfalk that I have read I have also read her short story in the collections Secrets Visible Invisible 7 Amazing Stories and Gifts Visible Invisible 8 Christmas Stories for Teens I read book 2 Come Back to Me prior to reading this volume It was such an excellent read it took everything I had to not read this book immediately But my commitment to alternate fiction and non fiction held out And even with the wait this was an excellent story This book sat in my ‘to be read’ pile for over 30 months That was my loss It is an excellent Christian fiction story And Catholic literature novel I wish there had been books like this when I was a teen and young adult I am certain reading stories like this I would have hurt less people and been hurt less myself No as a 50 year old man I might not be the target audience for this sort of novel But I really enjoyed it And how to reread it with both my girls and my son MY oldest daughter is ready for this story The other are too young still But I want stories like this to help shape and form them Some would classify this as a romance novel But I would say it is a novel about relationships About healing And about learning to see and follow God in all things The story revolves around Rebecca and Chris and their friend Father John Chris is a convert to Catholicism And He feels a prompting to ask Rebecca out Rebecca was raised in an unassociated church and raised with emotional and spiritual abuse at the hands of her father The novel follows the dating relationship breakup and reunion of the two They do have premarital sex in a moment of weakness but both regret it and strive to overcome it Fair waring this is a page turner Once you start reading you will not want to stop The writing is excellent And the characters wonderfully written Chris and Father John seem like the type of men I would want in my life Reading this story I thought that this story could be about my own brothers guys I grew up with or even friends now It is very real And at times it is very raw But also open an honest The characters are exceptionally well written The writing reminds me of some of Madeleine L’Engle’s mature Chronos stories or her adult fiction and adult non fiction Overall the story was a great surprise I do not even remember why I picked it up originally But like all of Astfalk’s books I have read I have been blessed and challenged by reading this novel It is fiction that will inspire and support faith Another excellent read from Full uiver Publishing and from Carolyn Astfalk’s masterful penRead the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by Carolyn Note This book is part of a series of reviews 2020 Catholic Reading Plan uality Romance for the Romance shyChris the kind yet imperfect guy Rebecca the heroine brave enough to step over her own fences—not so some guy can complete her but so she with God’s help can be made new Of course these two are going to get together but what will they do about everything –and everyone—trying to break them apart? They way Chris and Rebecca fight not just for each other but for the Truth will win your heart These characters are types we rarely see in fiction these days but were delivered in such believable ways that their struggles failures and triumphs always make sense but never fail to surprise Set in South Central PENNSYLVANIA not LA—it’s a romance not a novel about gang violence Astfalk imbues all her scenes with sharp detail whether in a lush vista or the commonplace dairy aisle The tone is never sappy Can I say that it’s not even sweet? Because it’s not even sweet It’s SAVORY That’s what it is Stay With Me is SAVORY Granted I can’t say that I actually savored my first read because I plowed through it in less than 24 hours missing much valued sleep to do so It’s a romance that’s clean for sure but it has a certain spice rarely found in the genre If you’re romance shy get over it Get your copy of STAY WITH ME today I was privileged to receive an advance copy of Stay With Me This book is an outstanding example of the exemplary fiction being written by contemporary Catholic authors who are willing to take on the pressing social and moral issues of our time and doing so constructively and interestingly with realistic and uick paced story lines You will have no problem recognizing yourself family and friends through the voices of Chris Rebecca and her sister Abby Their powerful personalities will jump off the pages of this bookThis is an exceptionally well written and realistic novel I found it difficult to put it down In fact I read it in two days – choosing not to do other things on my agenda I do not regret doing soThis novel addresses practical issues in the lives of all unmarried couples who struggle with the Catholic Church’s teachings on chastity and premarital sex give no consideration to them reject them outright or mistakenly believe it is impossible to live out those truths Carolyn Astfalk does this seamlessly realistically and compellinglyYou will be surprised You will be moved You will be pleased you took the time to read Stay With Me And I have no doubt you will be recommending it to everyone you know As Rebecca and Chris's relationship progresses from dating to engagement a number of issues reuire sorting through Rebecca examines her Christian upbringing – denomination not clear and compares it to Chris's experience of having become a Catholic The differences between denominations are not often aired in Inspirational Fiction probably from fear of offending a reader The author isn't frightened to do this and attempts to portray insight into the impact of this decision on lifestyle choices – family planning abstaining from meat and reactions from extended family The other area commonly taboo within this genre are descriptions of physical intimacy The author describes how in our current world of co habitation being the norm the pressures of maintaining abstinence can be almost impossible to achieve It's a very real story and I think it was a brave decision to write such vivid scenes For young adults coping with similar decisions the story could make an informative and supportive read The older reader may wonder if they ever faced those situations at all The story may sharpen some memories I debated 3 or 4 stars for this but right now it seems to be a solid Like Contemporary romance is still not my thing steamy or otherwiseTo my surprise I identified pretty strongly with Rebecca except for the daddy issues thing my parents are pretty awesome and even her awkwardness with different Catholic rituals was familiar to me from the days before my conversion Very realistic I also appreciated all the Theology of the Body weaved in through the story The steam level pretty much hit my sweet spot neither too sweet nor too steamy and I'd definitely describe it as edgy Christian romance Yes other reviewers CATHOLICS ARE CHRISTIANSA note to the publisher though this book deserves a MUCH better and professional looking cover Please make it happen or consider paying the cover attention in future books The honest romance book that needed to be writtenStay With Me is so much than a romance It tackles the heady ethereal subject of why men and women were created to fall in love in the first place I loved that this couple made mistakes sought forgiveness and grew closer in grace I loved that the conflicts especially with narcissistic abusive fathers were realistic Mrs Astfalk's lovely debut should me a must read for any young couple serious about their faith and their love for each other Catholic emphasis sex scenes abuse foul languageAnd this is listed under religious and inspirationalYeahnot my cup of teaDeleted