The Jazz Files (Poppy Denby Investigates #1)

The Jazz Files (Poppy Denby Investigates #1)❴Epub❵ ❦ The Jazz Files (Poppy Denby Investigates #1) Author Fiona Veitch Smith – “It stands for Jazz Files” said Rollo “It’s what we call any story that has a whiff of high society scandal but can’t yet be proven you never know when a skeleton in the closet might prove u “It stands for Jazz Files” said Rollo “It’s what we call any story that has a whiff of high society scandal but can’t yet be proven you never know when a skeleton in the closet might prove useful” Set in The Jazz Files introduces aspiring journalist Poppy Denby who arrives in London to look after her ailing Aunt Dot an infamous suffragette Dot encourages The Jazz PDF/EPUB ² Poppy to apply for a job at The Daily Globe but on her first day a senior reporter is killed and Poppy is tasked with finishing his story It involves the mysterious death of a suffragette seven years earlier about which some powerful people would prefer that nothing be saidThrough her friend Delilah Marconi Poppy is introduced to the giddy world of London in the Roaring Twenties with its flappers jazz clubs and romance Will she make it as an investigative journalist in this fast paced new city And will she be able to unearth the truth before people die. It’s the summer of 1920 Charlie Chaplin is in London promoting ‘The Kid’ The Jazz Age is just picking up the tempo of its swing So put on your shift dress and get ready to do the ‘swirly armed’ dance technically not as the author explains with a satisfying knowledge of historical detail the Charleston It was the year that Agatha Christie’s first published novel ‘The Mysterious Affair at Styles’ introduced readers to Poirot Japp and Hastings Read by the character Poppy in ‘The Jazz Files’ it is an important reference point for period and genre and we are similarly introduced to some of the cast of this series which continues with the recently published ‘The Kill Fee’ Poppy Denby arrives from the lesser known location of Morpeth to England’s capital to stay with her aunt Dot and companion Grace in some ways the ‘Hinge and Bracket’ of the era’s feminist movement and apparently friends of Dot’s namesake Having a journalist protagonist was a winner for me and we begin to see how this Methodist lass works out the ethical challenges of her profession in the grey zones of investigative reporting There follows a classic puzzle of working out just who did what to whom and why and it unfolds intriguingly as in any Poirot TV episode my wife is guessing correctly fifteen minutes in whilst I am still floundering half an hour after the closing credits Only in Paris for personal reasons did I feel I wanted of a sense of place nevertheless the enjoyment for me was a tour through the social history of the period that was stodge free and fun What emerges is a heart felt homage to pioneers of women’s liberation It is a work written amongst other reasons to till the soil in the mainstream where the use of the occasional ‘b’ word will be of less concern to the average MM Murder Mystery reader than the average MU Mothers' Union member though indeed there may be considerable overlap Tight writing dialogue that drives the plot forward and some ‘delicious’ writerly phrases take me back to the larger than life aunt Dot She is described as looking like ‘marshmallows on layers of meringue clothed in voluminous peach silk sueezed into a wicker basket chair on wheels’ Very entertaining By this reviewer This is the first in a new series and it left me wanting to read the next as soon as possible It is 1920 and Poppy Denby is leaving Nortumbria for London where she is planning to act as companion to her invalided aunt – former actress and militant suffragette – Dot Denby However when she arrives Dot informs her that her friend Grace is all she needs and that it was in fact a ruse She intends Poppy to have a career and so with great excitement Poppy decides to take advantage of the new age for women and try her luck in employmentBefore long Poppy has secured a post at The Daily Globe where she is hired as an assistant to Rollo Rolandson and meets attractive photographer Daniel Rokeby As if becoming employed was not exciting enough a tragedy occurs when journalist Bert Isaacs falls to his death Soon Poppy is embroiled in an exciting case which links up to her aunt’s former life as a suffragetteThis story ties in to Elizabeth Dorchester who was one of a group of women that protested along with Dot Denby and who is being held against her will in a healthcare facility for people of a ‘fragile mental disposition’ Was Bert trying to help her and are Elizabeth’s father and brother involved in his death? The novel returns to events in 1913 and weaves a fascinating tale and a great mystery with excellent characters I look forward to reading of Polly’s adventures and think this promises to be a very good series Lastly I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley for review Poppy Denby is an aspiring journalist She arrives in London supposedly to care for her Aunt Dot a once famous actress and suffragette who has been for some years in a wheelchair But her aunt already has a carer in Grace Instead Aunt Dot has other ideas for Poppy She sends Poppy out looking for a job Poppy scores a job on The Daily Globe as an editorial assistant which is something of an office assistant and tidy upper to Rollo Rolandson But when on her first day in the job Bert Isaacs a senior reporter dies unexpectedly Poppy is given the task of finishing the story he was working on a story that involves the death of a suffragette seven years earlier But there are influential people who do not want this story to come to light Poppy begins to wonder if Bert’s death was an accident or something sinister Poppy a minister’s daughter is introduced to Delilah Marconi an actress and they uickly become friends Delilah introduces Poppy to London of the Roaring Twenties with its flappers and jazz clubs As Poppy delves further into Bert’s case she is embroiled in a mystery that covers incidents from years ago that may not be uite as they seemed It also involves a young woman who has been held prisoner in a mental asylum Can Poppy uncover the links between all these events before people die?Initially not knowing it was art of a series I had read book 4 The Cairo Brief which I enjoyed So it was a no brainer to go back to the beginning of the series and follow the journey through with Poppy I really like her as a main character She is easy to relate to I also liked the editor Rollo who is interesting as is the very spirited and unconventional Delilah Of course there is also a romantic interest working at the daily Globe called Daniel But will that romance go anywhere or are there reasons against that happening? The story contains a number of real historical people including Marie Curie Lilian Baylis Robert Atkins and Charlie Chapin To make it all clear the real people and their jobs are listed along with fictional chracters at the front of the bookThere is a lot going on in this entertaining mystery a great deal of conspiracy and people with secrets they do not want uncovered I found it an excellent read that kept my interest throughout I will look forward now to some of the other books that feature Poppy Although a little naïve at times she is thoughtful clever determined and a delight A highly recommended cosy mystery that kept me turning the pages Title The Jazz Files Poppy Denby Investigates #1Author Fiona Veitch SmithPages 319Year 2015Publisher Lion FictionPoppy Denby has received a letter from her disabled aunt asking her to come live with her in London as a paid companion Upon her arrival Poppy learns that her aunt has no need for a companion but wrote that letter just to appease Poppy’s father Her real motive was to get Poppy to the big city of London to give her the opportunity for a career which she knows her father would never agree to She has an interview at a newspaper gets a job as an editorial assistant and is sent out to confirm some facts on a story after the untimely death of another reporterAs Poppy follows up with her sources she uncovers and information relating to her story as well as several other possible supporting stories However her uestions gain the attention of an unwanted assailant putting Poppy’s life in danger Poppy refuses to give up on her story continuing to dig deeper and deeper What she uncovers causes her to wonder if she really knows her auntI just couldn’t believe that her first day on the job Poppy is sent out on a story She was hired as an editor’s assistant not a reporter This young woman from the British countryside with no training then proceeds to interview people follow up on clues and go undercover to get a story It just wasn’t realistic to me How would she even know how to begin? Poppy also is seduced by the world somewhat as she lies and breaks the law going against her upbringing She learns to drink champagne dress provocatively and gets a bit of an attitude I just couldn’t see a naïve Methodist minister’s daughter acting the way she did during the course of her reporting or doing some of the things she did There were also two females in the story who are portrayed as having feelings of than friendship for one another This is the second book in two weeks from this publisher that has had homosexuality in it which I don’t want to read about I will not be reading any books in this seriesMy rating is 2 starsDisclosure of Material Connection I received one or of the products or services mentioned above for free in the hope that I would mention it on my blog Regardless I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 255 “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising” Poppy Denby has travelled to London to make a new life for herself staying with her Aunt Dot and her friend Grace They were both Suffragettes and Poppy in spite of her conventional upbringing wants a career Poppy worries that she has deceived her parents with her Aunt's help as they think she is going to be a companion to Dot Poppy responds to an advertisement for an assistant to the editor of the Globe newspaper and gets the job She is actually being employed to sort out all the editor's files but she uickly finds herself writing her first storyWhat follows is a fast paced story with plenty of period detail and some marvellous characters The year is 1920 and the country is still reeling from the effects of World War I This is an era when women don't have the vote and just aren't wanted in most jobs It is acceptable for husbands to beat their wives and children and women can find themselves in asylums for just daring to uestion the status uo Elizabeth Dorchester finds herself in this situation and Poppy finds herself involved with Elizabeth and her plightI really enjoyed this well written historical crime mystery and I loved Poppy and I'm looking forward to reading books featuring her and the various characters at the Globe especially Daniel the photographer and Rollo the editor I received a free copy of this book from NetGalley for review Reviewed at The Power of Words Jazz Files a delightful historical mystery set in London during the early 1920s simply sparkles Fiona Veitch Smith has done a wonderful job blending characters setting and plot together in a way that pulls you into the story The mystery is well crafted and I enjoyed the historical element as well – politics dress styles and what the world was like for women at the time I haven’t read a lot of fiction set during the Roaring Twenties and wasn’t even sure I would even like this era but I was hooked from the first page I do want to point out however that this is Christian fiction published in England which is not as conservative as what American readers are used to Poppy daughter of a Methodist minister in Northumbria is an engaging and refreshing new character in the world of amateur detectives and her job at The Daily Globe in London gives credence to her investigating The title alone hints at an intriguing story for in the newspaper world jazz file is a descriptive term applied to “any story that has a whiff of high society scandal but can’t yet be proven” Powerful men in the House of Lords police corruption a vigilante group within the suffragette movement and unexplained events going back seven years are woven together in this fascinating story Supporting characters are unusual and likeable making me want to spend time in Poppy’s world She is a woman of faith and I found it interesting how the uestion of ethics came into play in the same way that it does today Whenever the need for deceit and untruth arose in her investigations Poppy wrestled with how far to go in order to achieve the greater good – and there are no easy answers then or now I thoroughly enjoyed The Jazz Files and look forward to Poppy’s next caseRecommendedThank you to Kregel for providing a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review 35 stars “It’s what we call any story that has a whiff of high society scandal but can’t yet be proven you never know when a skeleton in the closet might prove useful to a story we’re working on now”The Jazz Files is a British historical mystery with a uniue setting and a uniue cast of characters Poppy Denby is a very likable heroine a young woman from a sheltered background navigating her way through London at the height of the Roaring 20s You can almost hear jazz playing as a soundtrack of sorts to her adventures so vivid is the setting and moodThe other characters are just as vibrant Rollo – her boss at The Daily Globe a small American with a large personality Poppy’s Aunt Dot – still a bit of a diva in her own right Delilah – Poppy’s best friend an actress modern and feisty but still vulnerable And a hodgepodge of other colorful people we meet along the wayAs far as mysteries go this one was full of suffragette history which added another layer of intrigue if you’re a history geek like I am The pacing lagged a bit at times but overall this was well plotted and well played Reading about the struggles that Aunt Dot and her suffragette friends faced in the past and the battles any woman trying to break out of the traditional mold still faced made me proud to be female and grateful for those who paved the way for the freedoms I take for granted todayBottom Line Poppy Denby is a refreshing face in the historical mystery genre She’s strong but feminine and she’s easy for any one to relate to no matter your background or walk of life Her newspaper job her forays into the jazz scene her aunt’s suffragette friends – all of these add further dimension to Poppy’s character and make the read that much layered Some of the history overpowers the plot in some instances but overall it adds to it The mystery including the occasional switch to Elizabeth’s perspective is typically British and while slow in parts it remains intriguing throughoutReviewer’s Note As this book is written by a British author it contains some words and themes which American readers may not be used to seeing in Christian fictionI voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this bookfirst seen at Reading Is My SuperPower An excellent mystery capturing the feeling of the time period Only thing I didn't like about it was all the feministic stuff which unfortunately formed the basis for the story However the main characters were good for the most part This book left me wishing to read the seuel Being interested in women’s rights throughout history this book which harks back to the 1920s and features Poppy Denby who works for The Daily Globe initially as an office assistant this book caught my eye Unsurprisingly as it has a beautiful coverPoppy Denby moves from the north of England to stay with her aunt in London a militant suffragette and gets a job working at The Daily Globe She has only just started when one of the other reporters dies in mysterious circumstances With the other reporters following their own stories Poppy starts to investigate the story he was working on and to the archives to unearth the treasures in the jazz files“It’s what we call any story that has a whiff of high society scandal but can’t yet be proven you never know when a skeleton in the closet might prove useful”The leads see Poppy visiting an asylum meeting a despicable Lord and his son and a information about her aunt and her fellow militant suffragettes back when the campaigning done was at its fiercestThere is lots to love about this book despite it being crime fiction and detailing what the suffragettes went through in order to get the vote it also has uite a light feel to it – Poppy following the leads to write her first piece of journalism felt like a romp mirroring the mood of the day in 1920s London There is also a small bit of a frothy romance to ensure that the storyline doesn’t get too moroseIt is great to read a book where the majority of the major characters are women who for the most part are supportive of each other devoid of jealousy or malice As well as her aunt Poppy makes friends with an actress Delilah who introduces Poppy to the jazz clubs and the latest fashions As well as a bunch of great characters this book is also solidly based on research although the author does point out at the end where she has taken a rare liberty with time lines or real people and why she has done so I certainly got the feeling that I had been transported back in time where horses still featured on the roads often than cars and where men dismissed women’s abilities to work make decisions or in fact much at all At the same time we have Poppy who although not political realises that there is to life than working at the Methodist mission as she did while living with her parents Although of course that work didn’t put her life in danger the way her investigation doesI’d like to thank the publishers Lion Hudson PLC for allowing me to read a copy of this book When Poppy Denby takes on her next investigation I will be there This book brings us to a time just after the first World War and people or rather woman fighting for some rights and the men who a really oppose and want women put in there place at any cost The main character is Poppy Denby who has come to stay with her Aunt Dot in London having led a sheltered life up to now as the daughter of a Methodist minister what a new life she is about to haveWe follow Poppy and it seems like there is never a dull moment from the time she arrives until the end of the book We think we know most of the answers but in reality we do not We find that there is a lot of evil out there and Aunt Dot is in a wheelchair because of it Another friend was murdered and when an employee of the Globe where Poppy has just secured her first job falls to his death because of her connections through Aunt Dot she is give a special assignmentWe get to travel to Paris and danger follows Poppy but she does secure facts but really wants answers and to find a way to get Aunt Dot’s friend Elizabeth out of the insane asylum where her dear father has committed her because of her viewsWith this read we get it all we tour London we revisit history and we travel with a fast pace mystery We even get to lay in a window washers wagon along with trains and ships and a shadow seems to follow be careful you never know when you heart will move into your throat EnjoyI received this book through Kregel Publishing Blogger Program and was not reuired to give a positive review