Huntress[PDF] ✈ Huntress Author Julie Hall – No one’s afterlife is as dispiriting as Audrey’s―at least that’s what she believes after waking up dead without her memories and being promptly assigned to hunt demons for the rest of eternity No one’s afterlife is as dispiriting as Audrey’s―at least that’s what she believes after waking up dead without her memories and being promptly assigned to hunt demons for the rest of eternity She’s convinced God’s made a cosmic mistake; after all she’d rather discuss the color of her nails than break them on angelic weaponsIt doesn’t help that her trainer Logan is as infuriating as he is attractive And just when Audrey and Logan appear close to developing an amicable relationship a decision made under duress pushes their hearts in a direction neither of them saw comingDespite her sub par fighting abilities an ancient weapon of unparalleled power chooses Audrey as its wielder attracting the cautious gazes of her fellow hunters and the attention of Satan himself With Satan’s eyes now fixed on Audrey a battle for the safety of the living looms in the shadows. Overall I enjoyed Huntress book one in the LIFE AFTER series by Julie Hall I went into it determined to take it lightly And I did really liking it as a uniue speculative fiction read It was intriguing fun mysterious adventurous and thought provoking The interesting things the author came up with were really fantastical and kept you wanting to read I liked the characters for the most part and felt each had their own voice and personality The action packed ending was fabulous Angels and demons fighting Intense spiritual war going on It was both dark and hopeful Breathless and intriguingThat all being said there were still some things that niggled at me as theologically incorrect This book is the first book I've read that the character dies in the beginning and we proceed to discover her afterlife Huntress isn't fantasy but speculative fiction set in our contemporary world Our main characters encounters demons and Satan who comes disguised as beauty and light She also seeks God in her afterlife having believed in Him before she diedBut there were things like tears romance doubt anger and fighting in this afterlife People were waiting for their spouse to join them from earth Things like that I don't believe that's exactly how it's going to be in heaven Granted this is an in between place while everyone whose died waits for the end of time and the making new of all thingsAnyway it was interesting action filled and fun but I couldn't take it too seriously because of those things Regardless that it did have some epic spiritual warfare and heartfelt moments of encountering God surrendering to Him and realizing His deep loveBut it did make me think for certain And ponder the new heaven and new earth and what God has planned for us there I hope to continue with book two Warfare and see where this series goes I received a copy of Huntress from the author after winning a giveaway of the paperback Reread December 2018 Such an amazing story Still just as powerful and thought provoking as the first time reading itSo I thought I knew what I was getting into when reading HUNTRESS but I was uite wrong in my expectations The author literally created a world like I have never read I'm not uite sure how to put it into words because it was so utterly creative I immensely enjoyed learning about the place Audrey lived in with the same awe and wonder as herLogan was something else I was able to interview him recently on my blog HOPE through the Pages and was SO intrigued about him afterwards that I desperately wanted to read I was not disappointed Him and Audrey have a very lively relationship that than once caused me to laugh or giggle but that ending broke a chunk of my heart So thankful to know book two is releasing soonMy favorite chapter was God In no way does the author put the idea of God in a box She brought Him to “life” in a beautiful way and was so strongly touched by this chapter that I am unsure if I fully comprehended everything One of the best parts of this book for sureThe only reason I am giving this book four stars is because I was unsure for much of the beginning if the concept of this story was Biblical or not However once I let that go and just enjoyed the story WITH powerful Biblical truths woven throughout I immensely did very happily if I might addOverall this was a very good read that had me entranced as I attempted to read it in a day The wonder of Audrey's surroundings soaked into me and the reminder of God's powerful love for His children despite what our circumstances seem to tell us otherwise did as well Side note before the reviewSo I'm doing this review a little differently I'm trying to figure out how I want to do my reviews So sorry it's a little short but hopefully I will figure out how I want to do my reviews from now on and get better at them hugsyou may read the review now hahaThe WritingWas wonderful The story flowed very nicely and it was very fast pacedThe 'World'I loved it I love how Julie describes everything I can't wait to see of it DThe CharactersAudrey She's such a strong character true she has her doubts but she keeps fightingmost of the time lol ;Logan 3 he's amazingRomona Is such a great friend3Kaitlin Still not uite sure how I feel about herI guess we shall see what she does in the next book ;Alrik I want backstory on him and it confirmed he is a vikingKevin Is also a amazing friend3The SpoilersPROCEED AT YOUR OWN RISKview spoilerI loved every scene with Logan and Audrey3 XD all the feels the beach scene when they think they are 'bonded' when Audrey asks for a new trainerthose were not good feels and so many I just knew Romona had to be related to Audrey though I wasn't expecting grandmother X lolWhen Audrey got her memories back and she saw her little brother and she remembered how she died and just so many feelsThe chapter 'God'yeah there were many feels and me close to tears lolAUDREY ALSO GOT HER DOG BACK clears throat I was very happy about this I love dogs lolI'm also very intrigued by this new trainer guy she has shall be very interesting in the next book hide spoiler Genuinely confused on how this has so many good ratings Rating 35Thank you to the author Julie Hall for sending me an audio book copy of this book for an honest review as well as partnering with her on a book tour for this seriesThis is the first in Julie's Life After series which follows the lifeerrafterlife of Audrey who has found herself dead with no memory and forced to hunt demons for all eternitySince she is bargain hunter than demon hunter she feels God has made a huge cosmic error And Logan her trainer isn't too thrilled with her either But when a powerful weapon chooses Audrey as its weilder much to her dismay she attracts the attention of Satan herself Now Audrey finds herself in a battle for the souls of the living Can she save them?Okay Starting with my constructive criticism 1 This book definitely falls victim to many common YA tropes The main character lets out a breath she didn't know she was holding at least twice which earned as many eye rolls from me She also spends countless times describing the color and effect of Logan's blue eyes which is something commonly found in YA literature She also uses the let's get lost in the crowd by kissing each other move to escape some demons on Earth So yes tropes and cliches abound in this novel2 There was a lot of set up in this book Part of me appreciated that because we really got to know the characters understand the world in which Audrey was living and get a strong base for what's to come But that also means that if you are at all curious you have to continue with the series in order to get to the meat of series 3 There was some preachiness This is a Christina Fiction novel Which on its own I certainly don't consider an issue However there were certain portions of this book primarily a lengthy chapter near the end that were written as though trying to provide a lesson on God and Faith to young teenagers It was all about accepting God's love and trusting in him fully with no doubt Now in my opinion if you hope to reach a wide teen audience and especially reach those who many be agnostic or even downright hostile about religion you will not attract them with this type of material It felt like a Sunday School less thrown into an otherwise decent YA Fantasy Now onto the positives 1 Audrey has no memory of her life on Earth after she dies Because of this she is not distracted by her past life and in turn neither is the reader We can focus on the present as she acclimates herself to the after life without wondering about those details because we know it will be revealed later in the story2 Julie added a lot of fun and creative nuances to the world that I had never seen before She created an empathy link that occurs when people touch or a bond that forms between someone with just one kiss There were a lot of little fun details like that I enjoyed learning 3 I appreciated how even though we are basically in Heaven everyone is still flawed with their own personalities They are not perfect They still have toxic emotions or negative thoughts That was really good to see 4 The slight bit of angst between her and Logan Honestly that is the main reason I want to continue with this series I want to know what happens between themSo all in all I felt this was actually a decent story I enjoyed the characters and the world and I am invested enough to find out what happens next I've read a lot of Christian Fiction but I've never read anything like Huntress I would say the closest author I've read would be somewhere along the lines of Frank Peretti or Ted Dekker but still completely different I found myself engulfed in the world Julie Hall created and I was not disappointed I loved every minute of it I found myself relating so much to Audrey with her doubts and uestions and the fear of not knowing what's going on or if you are doing what you are supposed to be doing I think we all struggle with these uestions from time to time and it was a great reminded that God hasn't left us nor has he forsaken us His hand is in all things and we need to trust him Thank you Julie for creating a story that reminded me that God is Love I can't wait for book 2 to find out what happens next Also I heart Logan 😊 I loved so much about this book It was a super uick read and hard to put down It's in the Christian Fantasy Fiction genre but when reading it I would not look at is a solid theological or doctrinal book It is purely fiction with a beautiful story that highlights what I value in my faith which is hope love redemption and salvation by grace through faith and not works All of these themes are explored in the story but not in a preachy way It is a lovely entertaining escape The emotional tension throughout the story has a lovely ebb and flow as well I'm looking forward to I'd recommend this book for teen and above HUNTRESS By Julie HallI have never read one of Ms Hall’s book’s before and in all honesty don’t usually read Christian related book’s for the simple reason I often feel as though I am being preached to This certainly had the Christian undercurrent but in an unusual way so much so that I found the book to be very refreshing with the unusual view’s Ms Hall bring’s to us regarding the after world The main character ‘Audrey’ find’s herself suddenly in the situation no one wants to has to deal with being dead That’s bad enough but find’s she is meant to stick to a certain way of doing thing’s which to this young lady is something she never does Well that doesn’t sit well with her especially when her trainer is far attractive that she really wants so she fights what she is asked to do every step of the way Audrey goes through huge personal self discovery throughout the book dealing with character traits that don’t sit well with her But every character in this storyline seems to be going through an enormous change of some sort so Audreys problem’s are really not looked on as being particularly difficult As the main character Audrey is someone most people could relate to very likeable she’s a rather determined person who believes that there has definitely been a huge mistake made regarding her placement in the afterlife and spends a lot of time complaining about it She believes that absolutely no way would God leave her to deal with this whole situation the way he has so she finds her trust dealing with it and Gods so called plans for her are way beyond what she will believe She shows no faith or trust in his choicesThroughout this terrific storyline there are continually different entertaining twist’s and turn’s that we are never made aware are coming Audrey has a huge responsibility placed on her shoulder’s and even though her trainer ‘Logan’ is really the only one she can rely on he’s the last person she want’s As in most romantic interludes their immediate reaction’s appear as if being within any distance of each other really is unpleasant But the two of them have a chemistry that cannot be denied or ignored Even as their emotional development is occurring Audrey is determined to do things her own way but their direct chemistry neither one can ignoreJulie Hall’s creativity and descriptive style leaves you with a beautiful idea of what the afterlife could be like It’s certainly not like anything else I have ever had described to me Ms Hall’s narration leaves you with very vivid images of each character and their world giving us a genuine understanding of how deeply the event’s involves each person both the dead and the living creatively entwining the plot with twist’s that cannot be interpreted in any way leaving you guessingWithout giving anything away re; the plot and outcome as much as God is mentioned Satan has to be involved in this storyline to keep some type of balance and believe me as usual satan likes to take centre stage in certain cases The HUNTRESS is all round a superb read if you enjoy secrets action and never ending clues about what is on its way then this is something you will have trouble putting down In fact I had a similar problem once I started putting this book down was hardThere is an undercurrent of certain ideals the Author is giving the reader but they are so well concealed its up to the reader if they wanted to look into it All in all this is a well written book with heaps of fun action emotional involvement that’s easily felt and a plot that keeps you guessing If you expect a romance that’s going to be concluded with perfection then you are going to need to grab bk 2 in the series But for a Christian based world with Paranormal twist this was extremely entertaining and I am going to order book 2 asap I really wanted to love this book and it was okay However I'm borderline atheist and all the stuff about God and believing in him and etc was a bit much for me See my review for the whole series under Dominion because I read the Omnibus 800 pages ☺

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