Girls Who Choose God

Girls Who Choose God❰Read❯ ➯ Girls Who Choose God Author McArthur Krishna – Shining light on strong women from the Book of Mormon this groundbreaking book shares well known stories alongside others that may be less familiar Come to better know and love Sariah the heroic daugh Shining light on strong women from the Book of Mormon this groundbreaking book shares well known stories alongside others that may be less familiar Come to better know and love Sariah the heroic daughters from the land Zeniff Nephi's wife the maidservant spy and other women from the Book of Mormon who chose God with all their might These faith filled women defended their families protected their husbands and risked their lives for others—providing powerful role models for us allWith stunning illustrations ten compelling narratives and thought provoking family discussion Girls Who PDF/EPUB ² uestions this volume will give you a new perspective on the Book of Mormon Reading and reflecting on these brave women's stories girls and boys will learn that they too can be strong and choose God. So many complicated thoughts 1 women's stories need to be told and honored You can't be what you can't see #RepresentationMatters2 when we tell women's stories separately people think they are only applicable to girlswomen Boysmen don't need this stuff Why should they read about girls? amirite So ideally there needs to be a Heroes from the BoM and alongside Moroni Nephi are Abish Sariah Otherwise MN are heroes for everyone and AS are heroes for girls3 All of the Mormon women of color whom I know and have talked to do not like how white people have represented Native Americans in the book There's always a difference when people tell their own stories and when people tell other people's storiesSo is the good the enemy of the perfect? I'm not going to write a full review of this book because it is a continuation of the story of women in Scripture This is the second book of this series Girls Who Choose Godand I did a thorough review of the first Needless to say I love this format and what these books have to say This is a beautiful book full of stories of women from the Book of Mormon This would be the perfect baptism book for a young LDS girl and really should be in every LDS home to highlight the women in the scriptures I didn't love the artwork but I liked the facts and uestions about heroic women in the Book of Women It's a good teaching tool for children Wonderful treatment of women included in the Book of Mormon as a picture book aimed for children but to be enjoyed by any age reader Well written with great illustrations I loved the first book in this series which focused on women in the Bible The format for this one is the same Each story is briefly summarized and ends with a choice You turn the page to find out what the woman or women chose and how it affected her life Then there is a uestion to ponder and discuss and additional scripture references I also like how they included Family Discussion uestions at the very end which go a little deeper into each section and will help keep the conversation goingThe illustrations are authentic and add to the message in the book Sariah and Abish are the only women that are actually named The rest are Nephi's wife; the sisters of Nephi Laman and Lemuel; women who listened to Alma; daughters from the land of Zeniff; Lamanite ueen Lamoni's wife; Morianton's maidservant; mothers of the Stripling Warriors and girls and boys blessed by Jesus There is much we can learn from each of their lives and this book highlights the individuals and groups well This is a book I will read and refer to oftenI received a copy of this book to review My opinion is 100% my ownMel's Shelves This picture book is beautifully done The illustrations are interesting and depict the stories The part of the book that I appreciated the most is that it made me take a look at stories in the Book of Mormon differently than I had before The story of the daughters from the Land of Zeniff was a good example of this The father's asked their daughters to plead for mercy from their attackers I never considered this an act of courage It was pointed out that the daughters wanted to save their families They listened to their fathers instead of running away The uestion is then asked When have you placed the needs of your family above your own?I love that the book points out women with values from the scriptures and tells their stories Each story illustrates the choices presented and how the women acted with strength and courage At the end of the story a uestion is asked about times when the children have made similar decisions I love how this brings the scriptures closer to the reader and makes them relevant to the readers lifeThis would be a great nighttime story or uiet book to take to Sacrament Meeting This book tells the stories of the many unnamed women in the Book of Mormon highlighting the righteous choices they made These women made faithful choices to love unconditionally to break from false tradition and follow God to stand up for their beliefs to put their families first and to keep promises they made with GodThe pictures are done with the same rich color and gorgeous style as the first book about Bible women Each choice these women faced is relatable to kids and adults today References can be found on the bottom of the pages for readers to look up which will enrich the storytelling and help get kids interact with Scriptural text In addition to the uestions posed within each page in the back of the book there is a set of uestions for parents to start conversations with their children to help them reflect on their own lives It's a beautiful book which encourages children to do good and choose God in their daily lives I loved the first book in this series Girls Who Choose God Stories of Courageous Women from the Bible I loved the idea of stories of strong women who love and choose to serve God This book was especially wonderful as it is stories from the Book of Mormon From Sariah to the mothers of the stripling warriors The illustrations are beautiful and perfectly describe the story from the Book of Mormon it is telling As with the first book I love the uestions at the end of each story and appreciate the scriptures references given too Received hardcover copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review My sister in law recommended this book thanks PamI LOVE this book I love learning about women in the Book of Mormon So many wonderful encouraging and uplifting stories to help us remember that we can also choose God Plus the artwork is beautifulMy favorite stories are Sisters at a Crossroads The Heroic Daughters The Maidservant Spy and Girls and Boys Blessed By JesusI also LOVE the family discussion uestions at the back So many good things to think about It helps me to look critically at my daily actions and ask myself 'Am I choosing God today? How do my actions show that?'

Girls Who Choose God PDF/EPUB ¶ Girls Who  PDF/EPUB
  • Hardcover
  • 48 pages
  • Girls Who Choose God
  • McArthur Krishna
  • English
  • 15 May 2016
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